30 Best Places for Bungee Jumping in the World

A game not for the weak heart, a bungee jump will leave you both elated and terrified simultaneously! Bouncing up and down with a seemingly negligible cord holding onto your legs, you start feeling lost and then free like never before. For those who have tasted the thrill of a bungee jump for once, they will definitely come back for more!

The 5-10 seconds of free fall is an experience that is worth your spirit and thankfully the sport is gaining wide popularity across the globe. So, leave behind your apprehensions and experience a few seconds of your life on the edge. Depending on where you are going, here are some of the best places of bungee jumping scattered across the globe.

1. Niouc Bridge, Switzerland

Source : Wikimedia Commons

Switzerland is known for its awe inspiring landscapes. A popular honeymoon destination, it’s also a popular haunt of all kinds of adventure seekers. At Niouc Bridge, you will be strapped to your legs to take a plunge of 623 feet over the Navizence River. The Niouc Bridge is also famed to be the highest suspension bridge in the world! First it would be a shaky experience across the bridge and consequently, the jump will be the most exciting thing you would have done in your life! The jump will take place in the midst of the panoramic Val d’Annivers valley, surrounded by mountains as high as 4000 meters and with Mt. Matterhorn framing the perfect adventure canvas.

Height: 623 ft

Location: Niouc Bridge can be reached via the A9 Exit Motorway at Sierre East to reach the Niouc Village.

Price: The basic bungee jump starts at 210.00 CHF

2. Macau Tower, Macau, China

The Macau Tower, also known as the AJ Hackett is one of the highest bungee jump in the world. The jump lets you take a fall from a bewildering 764 feet and you’re the bungee rope wouldn’t jerk until you are just 98 feet from the ground! It’s a junkie’s dream and your jump would last beyond 17 thrilling seconds.

Height: 764 ft

Location: the Macau Tower is one of the most important landmarks in the Macau City and both buses and taxis frequently fleet from the airport and other terminals.

Price: The full package including the Jump, the jump certificate, t-shirt, video, photos, tower ticket and a membership card would cost you $3,988.

3. Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland

The land of the Alps, Switzerland offers several thrilling sites for a bungee jump. The Verzasca Dam jump is one of the most popular bungee jump destinations in the world, not just for the height and the view but also because the site finds mention in the opening sequence of the 1995 James Bond film, “Goldeneye”! It’s a 720 feet arch dam and offers you a classic bungee experience. An add-on to the jump is the jump can be done after sundown when it gets really dark!

Height: 720 ft

Location: The nearest landmark to the Verzasca Dam is the Locarno City that is connected regularly by Swiss trains. You can also get there by buses or drive through the A2 Basel-Chiasso Highway, but a train is the most convenient way to get there.

Price: The basic jump during day starts at 195.00 CHF and a night jump would cost you a base price of 255.00 CHF.

4. Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa

Whether or not you have already caught the bungee jumping bug, the Bloukrans Bridge is a place you can’t just miss. The highest single span arch bridge and also among the most popular bungee jumping destinations in the world, the site offers for a 790 feet free fall! More than the height, it’s the jungle vistas that would leave you spellbound and your heart pounding with excitement.

Height: 790 ft

Location: Bloukrans Bridge is well connected from Cape Town by a range of bus services. You might even want to take the special Bungee Bus to share a ride with similar enthusiasts!

Price: The base price for a jump is R 950 and includes free photos.

5. Europabrüke Bridge, Innsbruck, Austria

Source : Wikimedia Commons

If you have been looking to make your Europe vacation a little more adventurous and are around Austria, the Europabrüke Bridge would be a death-defying experience. The bridge stands at 630 foot amidst the picturesque Wipp Valley. Dive while you see the panoramic view of the Alps and the cold wind instilling a new life into you!

Height: 630 ft

Location: Europabrüke Bridge is well connected from Innsbruck and you can both take a bus or a taxi to reach the bungee jumping site.

Price: The Basic price for a jump starts at 169 €.

6. Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA

Take a plunge over the River Arkansas; the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is a favorite among bungee enthusiasts across the globe. Hanging at 955 foot above ground level, you would be diving into a gorge with steep rock mountains by the side and the breathtaking waters down below. This is also the highest bridge in the United States.

Height: 955 ft

Location: the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is a popular tourist destination near the Canon City, Colorado. Buses, private taxis are easily available.

Price: Bungee Jumping from Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is strictly by invitation and happens every year during a three-day period in the Go Fast Games event.

7. Ponte Colossus, Italy

Source : Wikimedia Commons

It’s an average 4.5 seconds of fall but the 100 kmph vertical velocity of wind gushing against you is an experience that cannot be missed. Located at the heart of Biellese Alps, the 350-meter bridge is certainly an intoxicating site for all kinds of adventurer and did we say that you need to have nerves of steel to offer yourselves to the wind! Along with being one of the best places for bungee jumping, the view around is lush green and breathtaking too.

Height: 170 ft

Location: Take the A4 motorway from Milano or Torino and follow the road to Vallemosso. It will be a 40 kilometre drive through the scenic Italian landscape.

Price: The base price for the jump is 91.00 €

8. The Pipeline Bungee, New Zealand

New Zealand is another heaven for bungee jumping enthusiasts and all kinds of adventure seekers, the Pipeline Bungee offers a fall over the gorging Shotover River. It’s the longest single span suspension bridge in New Zealand. The best thing is that you get to touch the foam from the water by plummeting the whole 102 meter decent! Be ready to have your heart skip a beat or two!

Height: 335 ft

Location: The Pipeline Bungee is located near Queenstown and will be easy to reach using bus. However, it will be a fuller experience if you drive your own vehicle.

Price: The base price for the jump is NZ$ 150.00.

9. Colorado River, Costa Rica

A popular haunt of waves of anger from across the globe, the Colorado River Bridge also offers an exciting opportunity to take a leap down to the river. A diverse range of bungee experiences are offered at the site and it will be highly recommended for all kinds of enthusiasts. The height of the jump is 85 meters but it is always worth an experience.

Height: 279 ft

Location: Located in the Barra Del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, it will be an easy reach as several tourist buses and taxis play regularly from the Colorado City.

Price: The Bungee Jumping is priced at $99 excluding taxes.

10. Nevis Highwire Bungee , Queenstown , New Zealand

Source : Wikimedia Commons

Your jump pod at Nevis Highwire Bungee overlooks the gushing Nevis River and it would be an incredible 8.5 seconds of freefall. The height of the jump is an incredible 440 ft and your glass panelled pod adds to the unforgettable experience.

Height: 440 ft

Location: The Nevis River flows through Queenstown and the best way to get to the jump site is taking the 4WD buses that depart from the Station Building.

Price: The Basic Bungee jumps costs you about NZ$ 275.00. You might also want to opt for the bungee and swing combo at NZ$ 375.00.

11. Pont de Ponsonnas, France

Source : Wikimedia Commons

Suspension bridges have always been a favored place to take a leap but the Pont de Ponsonnas adds to the thrill of the experience. It had been a 200-year-old historical but dilapidated structure that was no longer in used till a few years back. Today, the bridge has been reworked to offer a safe pod and become one of the best places for bungee jumping in France. Again, it’s nature at its best with virgin and lush landscapes all around. Your panoramic plunge will be of 338 ft! It’s the highest you will get in France.

Height: 338 ft

Location: Get to the N85 Route and head towards Gap after which you take the D526 route. The best way to travel will be in a taxi or a private vehicle.

Price: You pay about $99.00 for the jump.

12. Perrine Bridge, USA

The Perrine Bridge connects the Twin Falls and the Jerome County Area. Under your bungee pod would be flowing the mighty and alluring Snake River and on the sides would be the wildest looking canyons you would have ever seen! The bridge is 1,500 m long and offers a 486 ft fall to touch the waters. For those who have experienced the jump, they call it the Mecca for BASE jumping!

Height: 486 ft

Location: The Perrine Bridge is easily accessible from Idaho country and regular tourist buses ply to the base jumping site.

Price: You will pay $250 for every jump.

13. The Last Resort, Nepal

Source : Tripadvisor

It couldn’t get any better when you have the mighty Himalayas in the backdrop of your jump pod! The Last Resort offers you the opportunity to take a leap from the longest suspension bridge and it’s a must do activity in Nepal. You will be diving down towards the gorging Bhote Kosi River and with a scary gorge pushing up your adrenaline levels. The jump will be an exhilarating 525 ft and is one of the best places for bungee jumping in Asia.

Height: 525 ft

Location: The Last Resort is 100 kilometers from Kathmandu and you will have to book a private taxi to get to the site. However, bookings need to be done at the Kathmandu office, near the famous Kathmandu Guest House in Sagarmatha Bazar, Thamel.

Price: The cost of a jump is NPR 2300 per person.

14. Longqing Gorge Bungee, China

It’s the most exotic bungee jump site you will ever get to. Green mountains all around, crystal clear water and caves all around, it cannot get more adventurous and fun. A popular natural spot for trekking, you can make a jump of 164 ft into the Longqing Gorge and have a story of a lifetime to tell!

Height: 164 ft

Location: The Longqing Gorge is located near Beijing, northeast to the Yanquig Country. It will be an 85 kilometer ride and you can hire a private taxi to reach the spot. Several buses also ply between Beijing and Longqing Gorge from the Deshengmen Station in Beijing.

Price: The Bungee jumping is priced at CNY 150.

15. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zimbabwe

Located over the majestic Zambezi River, the Victoria Falls Bungee offers a unique experience for jumpers. As you plummet the 364 ft of the falls, water from the falls will spray all over and keep you mad! It’s a close but safe brush that any bungee jumping enthusiast should do!

Height: 364 ft

Location: the Victoria Falls Bridge is accessible from both Zimbabwe and Zambia as it connects the two countries. Hiring a cab is the best and fastest way to reach your site. However, you can also take the public buses from terminal stations.

Price: The basic jump will cost you US$ 160.00.

16. Extremo Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica

This is Latin America’s highest bungee jumping point at 143 meters. What makes it even more unique is that your plunge takes place from a tram suspended by a cable over the Central American cloud Forests. It’s easy to get lost here but you will definitely find a new you! Jumping over the canopy of the virgin forest in the most thrilling wind and wet conditions is something you can’t miss while in Costa Rica.

Height: 470 ft

Location: You will get a private or shared shuttle service from San Jose to Montverde and the Extremo Park is easy to locate.

Price: A single jump costs you £38.00.

17. Rio Grande Bridge, Taos, New Mexico

Offering a jump of 680 ft, this would certainly be one of the best places for bungee jumping in the world. However, the bridge is only jumped once every year, generally in the falls, and you will need to book your tickets and itinerary likewise. The combination of the high gorge and the roaring river below makes an unforgettable experience.

Height: 680 ft

Location: The Rio Grande Bridge is just about 10 miles from the Taos Regional Airport. The nearest towns are Santa Fe and Albuquerque and you can hire a taxi to get to the bridge.

Price: The jump will cost you about $350 per jumper.

18. Altopiano di Asiago, Vicenza, Italy

Now, this is the perfect opportunity to take the leap with your partner Altopiano di Asiago is a popular destination among couples who are looking to take the ride of a lifetime together, 175 m of it and in the foothills of the Alps! If your partner is ready to take the plunge from one of the highest bungee cranes in the world, this should be a must-do in your list of adventures.

Height: 574 ft

Location: Altopiano di Asiago is located in northeastern Italy in the Veneto region. The region is well connected via buses and Vaporatti services from Venice.

Price: US$80.00 for a couple’s jump!

19. Kolnbrein Dam, Carinthia, Austria

An easier but nonetheless scary alternative to Europabrüke, the Kolnbrein Bridge offers a 169 m leap from one of the highest bungee jumping sites in the world. What’s more exhilarating about the experience is the views that surround your jump – the dam and the forests!

Height: 554 ft

Location: Located at the confluence of river Malta and Lieser, you will get frequent and easy transport from Carinthia Station. Both buses and private taxis operate between the spots.

Price: $205 for a single jump.

20. Kaivopuisto (Sky Breakers), Helsinki, Finland

Source : Wikimedia Commons

The Finnish people are known for their daredevil courage and the Kaivopuisto bungee site just proves the point. It’s a 150 meters fall that can be done between July-end to mid-August and is certainly insane!

Height: 492 ft

Location: Located near Espoo, and in the Gulf of Finland, Kaivopuisto is connected via metro, bus and taxi services from Helsinki.

Price: You pay €100.00 for the jump.

21. Vidraru Dam, Curtea de Arges, Romania

Source : Wikimedia commons

At 545 ft, the jump offers a great view of the valley around and of course the fun of the cold wind gushing all over you! It is, however, necessary that you check with the operator before planning a bungee trip to the place. Though one of the best places for bungee jumping in this part of the world, it’s not active all round the year.

Height: 545 ft

Location: Located on the way to Transfagarasan, you will need to take your own vehicle or hire one to get to the place. No public transport is available.

Price: Contact operator.

22. Danube Tower, Vienna, Austria

At 498 ft, it is the second highest tower jump after Macau Tower in China, it’s a unique way to experience the Vienna skyline while roaring down the wind.

Height: 498 ft

Location: Situated on the left bank of the Danube, it has no direct tram or metro connection. However, you can break your journey using the U1 and U6 trains to reach the Neue Donau station, a 15-minute walk from the tower.

Price: €159.00 for a single jump.

23. Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh, India

One of the best places for bungee jumping in India, you will be jumping down to the Himalayan valleys for a full 83 meters of it. Under you would be the raging Ganges, one of the widest rivers in the world, in its full flow!

Height: 272 ft

Location: Located in the state of Uttarakhand, Mohan Chatti is 15 kilometres from Rishikesh and connected well via public transport – buses and taxis.

Price: INR 3,500 per jump

24. Power Play Football Stadium, Dubai, UAE

Source : Wikimedia Commons

If you are visiting Dubai and wanted to do something really adventurous, a bungee experience at the Power Play Football Stadium will be worth the experience. It’s a 50 meter jump and offers a great way to check the Dubai skyline.

Height: 164 ft

Location: Located on the Sheik Zayed Road, the Power Play Football Stadium is in the heart of the city and has easy and cheap connectivity.

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Price: Each leap will cost you AED 290.00.

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25. Volcano Bungee, Pucon, Chile

Now, this will be something really different and cool! At Pucon, you will be flown 10,000 feet up in the sky and you get to jump towards the melting lava for 375 ft! At the end, you will be hanging just about 700 ft from the volcano! It’s truly one of the scariest bungee jump destinations in the world!

Height: 375 ft

Location: The best way to reach Pucon will be to take a flight from San Tiago International Airport to Temuku and then book your helicopter.

Price: The 6 day package will cost you $9,995

26. Bridge to Nowhere, El Segundo, California

Source : Wikimedia Commons

An absolute stunner and a favorite among adventure seekers in Southern California, the Bridge to Nowhere lies in a lonely forest patch amidst the Sheep Mountain Wilderness. You will be pushed down 100 ft towards the roaring water of the San Gabriel River!

Height: 100 ft

Location: The best way to reach is taking a private vehicle to the San Gabriel Valley, north of Azusa, California.

Price: US$ 109.00 for every jump.

27. Redwood Forests Trees, Humboldt, California

Another unique bungee opportunity in California, you will first have to climb the huge redwoods and then fall 150 ft into the forests! It can’t get scarier but it will be the best combination of nature and adventure.

Height: 150 ft

Location: Operated by Bungee Adventures, Humboldt is well connected by road and rail from Sacramento. Reserve your tickets beforehand for a comfortable ride.

Price: Check with operator.

28. Crooked River Bridge, Boise, Idaho

In here, you will need to make an extreme jump into the dark and deep Crooked River Gorge and dangle at 300 ft above the canyon. The jump itself is of 300 ft.

Height: 300 ft

Location: the bungee jump site is located near the Smith Rock Climbing Area and is accessible from Bend, Oregon.

Price: first jump for $99 and subsequent jumps for $49.

29. Taupo, New Zealand

The Taupo bungee jumping site in New Zealand is ranked third in the country for the highest water touch bungee. You will fall over the Waikato River Valley from a platform on the cliff top. The view is just incredible.

Height: 154 ft

Location: centrally located in the North Island, NZ, it’s a 5-hour drive from Wellington and a 4-hour drive from Auckland.

Price: NZ$169 for single jump per person.

30. Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

The smallest free fall in the country, it’s one of the best places for bungee jumping, especially for first timers. The 35-meter jump will, however, be a revelation as you jump over the Ferry Bridge towards the emerald green waters of Hanmer Spring.

Height: 114 ft

Location: Get to Ferry Bridge from Christchurch using public transportation. You can also ride your own bike or car to get to the place. It’s scenic.

Price: NZ$169.00 for every jump.

Hope this list engages you on your world tour and thirst for adventures for a long time to come!

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