30 Romantic Places Around Bangalore to Surprise Your Valentine

Whisk your beloved away to breathtaking locations and sweet embraces of nature to tell them just how much you love them. These are not only resorts and places but unbridled experiences that will be etched in your memory forever. From dining in the jungle to soaking up in an open air Jacuzzi and spending quality time over the bonfire.

Here are romantic places around Bangalore to surprise your valentine:

1. Candlelight Dinner at Taj Westend

When it comes to romance, clichés never fail. In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it is indeed hard to catch that one moment where you can reconnoiter the romance with your significant other. Surprise your loved one with a candlelight dinner experience at Taj Westend and revel in the romantic ambience as your taste-buds are treated to amazing and delectable cuisine of the Blue Ginger Hotel. Your dining area overlooks a beautiful and dreamy tulip flower bed that looks like it has jumped straight out of a fairy tale, this is why this place is known as most romantic place in Bangalore.

Feel like royalty as your enjoy the fantastic ambience that includes a private space enclosed by curtains and lit up by a cheery candlelight. You will also have the never before experience of having a private butler who will wait on you, hand and foot. Catch up on memories and share an experience as you relish a delicious 4 course meal prepared exclusively for you.

Packages: Romantic Candle light dinner at Taj Westend

2. Couples Cooking Session

Are you planning to give the biggest surprise to your beloved on her birthday? Like, surprise she would not be imagining about? Then stop thinking and bring her to Golden Palms Resort in Bangalore, a luxury property brings forth the subtle mix of romantic ambiance and an extension of overwhelming activities and lip-smacking delicacies. A day out at this resort can be effervescence in your beloved’s entire life; nevertheless, the joyful moments you will get to share with her are unpredictable. Make use of this dramatic chance where you will get to unwind the bundle of pure happiness and incomparable sweet surprises that will keep your hurries away and let you thoroughly enjoy each second on your loved one’s big day.

Packages: Couples cooking session at Golden Palms.

3. Dinner Under The Stars at Taj Westend

Source : Tripadvisor

The romance of a starlit sky has been extolled enough in our beloved Bollywood songs, so you know it has the magical ability to revive a lost relationship. Give yourself the much-needed pampering and joy of togetherness with a romantic experience of dinner under the stars at Taj Westend. The inky blue sky plays the job of being an ideal marquee to your shared happiness. Whisper sweet nothings or reaffirm your vows of love as you munch on a specially prepared by a chef who will visit you at the table. You will also have a butler right by your side to give you a feel of royalty in this most romantic places around Bangalore.

Packages: Dinner at Taj Westend.

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4. Rooftop Dining at Jade 735

Source : Tripadvisor

Take a time out and explore the happiness of just being with your partner in a specially tailored rooftop dining experience which will be unforgettable for you.  This unbeatable dinner experience will take you on a dreamlike setting on the rooftop of a gorgeous resort called Jade 735.

The lunch will be served to you on a shaded rooftop on a palanquin that has been especially set up for this experience. Relax in these best places to visit in Bangalore for couples as the stars sparkle on your amorous encounter. The dinner will be customized for you and your partner and is sure to keep your spirits up for days to come!

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5. Dining alongside Jacuzzi

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A never-before experience awaits you as you arrive at Jade 735 for a rare experience of dining beside a Jacuzzi on an open rooftop. At the Suite-Ra Lounge in the resort, you can dine beside a plush Jacuzzi in an ambience done up tastefully with curtains, ambient lighting, curtains and candle; if that is not a recipe for a romantic dining experience, then what is!

While on this experience you can enjoy a relaxing Jacuzzi bath with your partner and thereafter enjoy a delicious and customized dinner spread. You can bite into the in-house delicacies and relax in the massage chairs too! This Suite-Ra Lounge dining with Jacuzzi experience is one of its kind!

6. Night stay at Silverwood Resorts

Source : Tripadvisor

Wayanad’s proper beauty can be identified while you spend a single day at Silverwoods Resort. Nestled amidst the most scenic location that you can ever find, this resort possesses a large number of rooms providing the breathtaking river view. From a distance, it is only the white colour dotted in between pure green can be seen ultimately ending up in exposing the vivid beauty of the resort and its environment. Any couple can make their wonderful honeymoon or special moments speechless. Emperador villas, Royale villas, Sky Romantic villas, Romantico villas, Primero villas, Prestigio villas  Espacio Libre and Natural are the categories of rooms differentiated according to the presence of luxury and number of amenities.

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7. Poolside Dining at Jade 735

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Appreciate an unparalleled poolside dinner sojourn as you delight in a romantic visit with your loved one. Relish a delectable candlelight dinner by the pool, with a menu that has been personalized as per your needs. Delight on the wonderful poolside dining area, where you will get a private space all to yourself! Reinvigorate your relationship and sentiment with this experience that will without a doubt be one of its kind. This special poolside supper experience is done among the most excellent environs that incorporate a 10ft waterfall and a cheerful candlelight that will cast its shine in your eyes.

8. Submerged Pool Dining at Jade 735

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If just candlelight, romance and dinner is not enough for you, then embark on this once in a lifetime opportunity to dine in a pool with 2ft of water lapping at your toes. This submerged pool dining experience treats couples with an unparalleled charm of dining in a way that is unheard of. The dining area is built especially for you amid a gorgeous expanse of natural beauty that is replete with a 10ft waterfall. Enjoy dining in a private nook that has been made just you and your partner. The dinner experience and meal choice can be customized to suit your tastes, choices and preferences. The meal includes a welcome drink and your own dinner; a-la-carte!

Packages: Submerged pool dining at Jade 735.

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9. Dinner in a Gazebo with a Movie

If a movie date is your idea of a perfect romantic sojourn, then this experience is just for you. Combining the best of both worlds the getaway offers you the option to dine in a beautifully decorated gazebo seating. The dinner consists of a personalized menu that you can choose according to your tastes and preferences. The added advantage is that in this experience you can watch a movie of your choice on the rooftop in the open air and under the inky blue sky.

Packages: Dinner in a Gazebo with a movie.

10. Relaxing Milk Bath For Couples

How would you like to revel in a lush sense of joy and happiness as you get pampered from head to toe! This is the exact experience that is waiting for you if you decide to opt for the rejuvenating milk bath for couples at Golden Palms Resort and Spa. You can revel in an experience very much like Cleopatra’s Milk Bath, which consists of a bath tub filled with milk, honey and rose petals that will nourish and replenish your skins while giving you the joy of being in the company of your most dearly loved.

This experience is especially for you if you desire decadence and luxury in life. The offbeat and memorable session commences as you arrive at the resort and are greeted with a welcome drink and and a dinner at Café Solaire, after which the bath session begins. Enjoy this incredible experience of decadence and luxury.

Packages: Rejuvenating Milk bath at the Golden Palms.

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11. Stay at Tata Coffee Plantation Trails, Coorg

Yet another treasure hidden in the city of Coorg is the property owned by Tata, cuddled by the umpteen numbers of coffee plants, the tiny dew is finding happiness on each leaf, as a whole a postcard kind picture will be given. This is the major reason why romantic couples have Tata Coffee Plantation in their mind while they plan a getaway trip to down south of India. The muddy trails around the plantation are firm but for a jeep safari and an elaborate walk. It exceeds the expectation of everyone with arraying the most beautiful cottage rooms and heritage room with all modern amenities capable of fighting any international style of facilities. Moreover, the pristine location will definitely turn the photographer in you on.

12. Kabini River Lodge

Source : Tripadvisor

A picture more beautiful than the silently flowing river Kabini with its rich environment filled with different flora and fauna will be in dreams. The stay combined with some throbbing activities is the pro forma for the guests are being satisfied thoroughly. It is splendid if you get a chance to mingle with the wildest animals closely, share your happiness with the ripples of Kabini and whisper along with the wind roaming around the wilderness. Thus, it still persists as a dreamlike stop for every honeymoon couple and lovers as the nature in its utmost purity blesses them abundantly, no doubt. Boating, wildlife safari, visit the nearby wildlife parks and what not; all set to let your eyes widen.

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13. 5 Course Dinner Under a Helipad

Source : Xoxoday

If you want to put a fresh twist of experiences on your romance, then the best way to do it is to engage in experiences that are far cry from the ordinary! You can munch on a world class culinary fare at a romantic location that is unlike any other, A HELIPAD! The dinner consists of a massive 5 course meal that will be served by you by a butler who is at your service throughout the experience. Marvel at the gorgeous view of the city from the heights of a helipad which will fill you with wonder and awe! There will also be soft music playing to set the mood of the activity. Sip on a refreshing glass of wine as you indulge in a heart to heart conversation about life and love.

Packages: Romantic Dinner under Helipad.

14. Orange County, Coorg

Source : Tripadvisor

Coorg replenishes the ecstatic sights of green nature magnified by the therapeutic aroma of coffee.  Orange County is a mind blowing resort in Coorg brings in the vibes of natural serenity heightened by the presence of river Cauvery in the surrounding. An amicable location attracting any type of guests is the pinnacle point to be noted. Kids will love the atmosphere and it is a perfect destination for romantic holidays as well. A plantation walk around the property discloses multiple numbers of rare birds, unseen bliss from coracle ride on the river will be approaching you eventually and a tribe village visit will let you enthuse to knowing more about their culture. All the proper modern amenities with swimming pool and multi cuisine restaurant ultimately take you to the point of complete joy.

15. Wayanad Tea Plantation

It is not new information for travellers that Wayanad in Kerala is a perfect place to spend a vacation or a short stint of holidays; focus shifts to romantic couples as usual. The alluring nature is the predominant factor leading Wayanad to head the list of the most beautiful places to visit. The chilled weather present always will let you get intimated to your love every time. Wayanad Tea Plantation Stay experience seems like a pseudo paradise with its unbeatable greenish trails producing the fragrance of nature in each of its tea leaves. Hold your beloved’s hand and walk through the natural paths in the plantation to feel the quietness shared by the trees and plants around you. That quietness will suit to your never ending love.

Packages: Wayanad Tea Plantation

16. Vythiri Village Resort, Wayanad

Source : Tripadvisor

Escape to the hills of Malabar region in Wayanad with your beloved. The Vythiri Village Resort in here is the ideal amalgamation of relaxation, rejuvenation and romance.

For it is in this place you and your partner will get to experience harmony with nature with wafting spicy fragrances, relaxing vibe of the streams and splendid sights of the mountain peaks. Have a riveting time and head back home with a new lease of life.

Packages: Stay at Vythiri Village in Wayanad.

17. Camping Experience at Sakleshpur

You and your better half may be seeking for a dramatic spot to stay, in silence undisturbed by any humdrum of city life or daily routines. Such a spot is recommended here; Riverside Camping in Sakleshpur. As it names, the alluring presence of River Cauvery is the highlight here. Boating and coracle ride on the river will light up the entire holiday mood of yours.

To add high energy and enthusiasm, zip lining and swimming can also be done at your own leisure here. Quite a wide wilderness is an icing on the cake, turning the faded colors to be obvious.

Packages: Riverside Camping in Sakleshpur.

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18. Stay at Coorg Cliffs Resort

Source : Tripadvisor

Coorg Cliffs Resort will embrace you with the ideal blend of luxury and comfort at its best. A jovial atmosphere, especially transforming the couple’s days to be authentically romantic is the attractive feature of this resort. What you can see around the resort is the wide sets of coffee trees emerging the pleasant aroma of the virgin coffee beans. 

There is no doubt in one thing that the facilities at the resort are more than enough to leave you marveled and it is proven that each couple staying here experience the highest point of bliss and happiness incomparable to any resort in the vicinity. Multi cuisine restaurant, large banquet hall, swimming pool, provision to indulge in plantation walk and cycling are the well-acclaimed identities of the resort.

Packages: Stay at Coorg Cliffs Resort.

19. Cottage stay at Madikeri

Source : Tripadvisor

Overlooking the Cauvery River and plenty of green valleys, Cottage Stay in Madikeri exchanges a mystical ambiance to the guests. Surely, it is an abode of honeymoon couples and romantic birds looking for a silent space to be themselves for a while forgetting all the troubles in their work life and city life. The traditional architectural style portrayed on the walls and furniture in the cottage will dramatically lift up the essence of the whole place. Being romanticized can be the ultimate aura the cottage puts forth just to make you and your love feel the most awesome days spent together.

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20. Coorg Jungle Camp Resort

Source : Tripadvisor

Regardless of the age group you belong to, Coorg Jungle Camp resort is a perfect staycation choice. Nevertheless, it is a flamboyant amalgamation of nature in every aspect of defining it. Hence, usually, it is the first choice of romantic couples who seek for a distinct experience with getting close to nature. You will understand the reason for it being enhanced as a couple’s sanctuary as it gives a huge space to its guests with decorating the entire place with honeymoon cottages, deluxe balcony room, jungle studio, the nest and the standard room. Marvelous will not exactly share the beauty this resort occupies as it is accustomed to letting the guests go speechless.

Packages: Stay at Coorg Jungle Camp Resort.

21. Stay at Romantic Retreat, Coorg

Source : Tripadvisor

Immaculate greenery perched in each nook and corner of this property of Kadkani, showers a plenty of visitors, predominantly, romantic couples. You will be made perfectly happy with the opportunity to mingle with nature more closely than you can expect, nature-based activities are provided as a pack here. For the reason River Cauvery is flowing in the vicinity, boating is a highly recommended activity you can indulge in. Furthermore, the whole building is boasting of the traditional Chettinad, Kodagu style of architecture which gently takes you to the feeling prevailed in the old village of Kodagu. You can surprise your valentine completely if you take her to this property that denies words of appreciation.

Packages: Romantic Retreat in Coorg.

22. Stay at Banasura Hill Resort, Wayanad

Source : Tripadvisor by Babish Photography

Along with your beloved, bask in the warm embrace of Mother Earth at Banasura Hill Resort, Wayanad. The natural and refreshing aura is sure to melt away any tiffs and create a strong bond.

Spread over 35 verdant acres, where the fresh fragrance of coffee, spices and tea comes wafting through, this place lends a surreal experience. The rustic stays made out of mud are perpetually pleasant. Let the love blossom over these pristine surroundings.

Packages: Stay at the Banasura Hill Resorts.

23. Stay at Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges

Source : Tripadvisor

Escape with your loved one to the heart of untamed nature where myriad marvels abound in one place. Be it delightful brooks, bountiful forest or serene river, the destination of Bheemeshwari has it all.

Seamlessly matching the wilderness surroundings are the Jungle Lodges here. Together, unravel the rustic delights or add the dose of adventure with the multitude of activities such as trekking, coracle ride, rafting, bird watching, mountain biking, zip-lining, kayaking and rope walk. Rest assured there will never be a dull moment this Valentine’s Day.

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24. Stay at River Tern Lodge

Source : Tripadvisor

Have you ever experienced the thrill depicted by a location brimming with natural miracles to the highest before? If not, this is the time. Exactly on the banks of a river, the cottages blanketed by thick green woods, in turn, provide you with chilled ambience. However, it must be quite hard to imagine the ripples playing music along with the whispers produced inside the woods and you reluctantly sinking into the upheld voyage of sleep. An intricate nature walk, jungle safari, and water based activities together execute a celebration kind of set here just to reveal how much you can be happy during your getaway experience.

Packages: Night stay at River Tern Lodge.

25. Stay at Windflower Resort, Coorg

Source : Tripadvisor

Spread over 25 delightful acres of verdant coffee plantation, Windflower Resort in Coorg is an experience in itself. It is here you and your partner can spend cherishing moments. Wake up to the soft rays of sun penetrating through the huge bay window and take in the unrestrained sight of greenery in front of you.

Enhance the whole experience by soaking up in the open air Jacuzzi that looks up to cotton candy clouds. You can even treat yourself and your partner to a hot oil massage that will relieve all the stresses away.

26. Stay at Bison River Resort, Dandeli

A home with wide garden in the front, a home nestled amidst huge green trees; be it fruit trees or normal ones, a home where you can listen to the pleasant chirping of birds, ethereal music of the wind fluttering inside the woods. Such a home is the Bison River Resort, a very romantic framework suiting honeymoon couples ultimately. 

Source : Tripadvisor

No hustles and bustles of the city will follow you here, that silent is the location lifted up with greenery alone. A slight portion of paradise has fallen and it turned to look like this property at the end; the serenity pretends to show likewise.

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27. Stay at Premium Bungalow, Coorg

Source : Tripadvisor

Pink bougainvillea glitters everywhere in the premises of Premium Bungalow in Coorg, overlooking the Cauvery River and a touch of the ancientness is vividly seen on the walls. This grey coloured building occupies a structureless structure combining everything couples or families need.  

Besides, while you stay here, a thrilling jeep safari will take you through the untamed trails around, leading to behold the cumbersome beautiful images of nature collided with pristine man-made wonders as well. You and your partner can be confined to both of your together, for the minutest disturbance will not be on your way here; no tension, no worries.

28. Stay at Seagot Banasura, Wayanad

Rekindle the romance with your partner with a luxury camping experience amidst breathtaking nature. Seagot Banasura in Wayanad offers a one of a kind experience.

Source : Tripadvisor

Wake up together to the sound of chirping birds and make merry by the music and bonfire. You can also take the experience up a notch by going trekking, boating or getting an Ayurveda treatment together.

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29. Stay at SwaSwara, Gokarna

Along with you loved one; attain nirvana at the SwaSara in laid back Gokarna. Attain harmony of the mind and soul together with the nurturing strokes of nature.

Source : Tripadvisor

The entire ambience of the place is such that you feel one with Mother Earth as it beautifully lies amongst verdant hills and swaying coconut palm trees. Meditate together on the hilltop amidst clusters of trees and indulge in flavourful Ayurveda food to be in the pink of health.

30. Stay at The Tamara Resort, Coorg

Source : Tripadvisor

Resembling the international style of resorts or hotels, Tamara in Coorg is being recommended as a must visit a location. The luxurious property perched on greenery satiate any nature lover or offbeat stay seekers. Also, why the resort is famous is because of the limitless portrayals of natural beauty that may exceed to the zenith probably. Nourishing features lying on each part of the resort can be taken to surprise your beloved, a perfect stop for honeymoon couples. Though, the luxury and comfort will soothe your stay, the additional charm of nature will result in you rescheduling the holidays further.

Packages: Stay at the Tamara Resort.

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