(Last Updated On: July 13, 2018)

When adventure is at its peak all you can think of is to fins your solace at a different part of the world. There is no denying the fact that the best adventures of your life can be experienced while you are young. Each and every moment of your trips will be cherished forever. Find yourself again in between the snow capped mountains or while trekking to the highest peak. All you have to do is to bring out the best in you while you head out to these destinations which will complete you.

Call it as a gap year or an adventure before 30’s these destinations are a must visit for you. It’s time to celebrate the real beauty of these places which are waiting for you to explore to its core. Bring back some bag full of memories as you head out to one of these destinations. I know Forever Young right. But why wait let’s make it happen right now before you turn 30.


1. Australia


I can be definitely sure that this destination a part of your bucket list. A dream destination for all, Australia is a must visit destination for you. The land of kangaroo has been attracting tourist from far and wide. Considered as one of the hottest destination right now Australia is just the place for you.

With its scenic beauty and a lot of interesting places you should unquestionably visit Australia in your 20’s.  Oh wait! How about exploring this scenic beauty by standing a chance to “WIN A FREE TRIP TO AUSTRALIA


2. Bali


Known basically as a honeymoon destination but now turning as a favorite for all Bali is a must visit destination for you. If surfing is your dream then you have the crystal clear water in Bali calling you to explore it to its deep.

Whether you are just looking for some sightseeing tour or some fun at some unique places, you should definitely visit Bali before you are 30.  Nothing could be more beautiful than adding a cherry on the cake by standing a chance to explore the beauty of this romantic destination for FREE.

Bali has a bustling nightlife, with everything from rooftop bars and shopping places to underground clubbing cellars and stunning night shows!

4. Sikkim


Who does not love to explore the mountains right? Well then here you have one of the most exotic destination with the snow capped mountains and the singing monasteries Sikkim. This north eastern state will give you some of the best time of your life.

With its scenic beauty and the peaceful silence this place will rejuvenate you all at once. How about getting a chance to visit this dream destination for FREE.

4. Andaman


If you love to learn about the underwater stories then Andaman is the must visit destination for you. Dive deep into the ocean and explore the colourful coral glittering in the water. Swim with a variety of fish as you dive into the crystal clear water as you snorkel.

Collect some precious stones or just discover the sunken paradise. Whether it’s an outing for the day enjoying the scenic beauty or just laying around in the beaches, Andaman is the name for you.



5. Buenos Aires, Argentina


With Latin passion and European grandeur Buenos Aires, Argentina is another destination which is a must visit for you. Shake your leg with that glamorized Tango show or just walk down the narrow lane while exploring its beauty. Everything you need is all at your feet. So, before you set foot the 30’s make sure to visit this amazing destination.


6. Turkey


Well while deciding for your plan in your 20’s you might have a question whether if you need something with a low budget. Well then guys this destination will never disappoint you. Whether it’s learning about their culture or tasting from the Turkish cuisine you are going to fall in love with this place. As you head out for a sightseeing tour don’t miss a chance to check out the architecture of this place.


7. Armenia


Well, most of you might have heard about this destination Armenia. This Eurasian country located in the Caucasus region is another beautiful land which is becoming hit recently. The looming mountains and the dramatic landscape make this destination the most sought one. Be it the medieval monasteries or the canyons and lakes, this place will never cease to attract you.


8. Porto to Algarve, Portugal

Porto to Algarve, Portugal

Don’t let your 20’s go to waste without visiting the land of dreams Portugal. With the rhythmic village life and the hidden beaches makes this destination the best for you. Feel the thrill as you walk through the chattering markets and also meet the local people. And thrill seekers can head out for some adventure activities like kayaking, bike rides, dolphin watching etc.


9. Nepal


Known for containing Mount Everest and 8 of the world’s tallest mountains, the perspectives and scenic views of Nepal are totally breathtaking. The unblemished condition is pulling in a considerable measure of adventure junkies and nature lovers each year.

With Nepal’s rich social history and religious impact, one ought to hope to see a considerable measure of cloisters and sanctuaries went by individuals from everywhere throughout the world.


10. Santiago, Chile



Well, if you are adventure seekers, then to quench your thirst we bring you another destination which will lit you up at once. With long balmy days and refreshingly cool evenings Santiago is another must visit goal for you. Being encompassed by mountains and slopes implies you have some fabulous chances to see Santiago from above.

While here you can’t miss the view from Cerro San Cristóbal. This place is altogether loaded with grand marvels and attractions. Likewise, don’t forget the chance to taste its delicious cuisine.


11. Santa Elena – Costa Rica

Santa Elena – Costa Rica

Santa Elena is a residential area found a couple of kilometers north from the amazing Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. One of Costa Rica’s most sought place with nature and wildlife this cloud backwoods is a major vacation destination.

Santa Elena is the closet township to the reserve and is frequently utilized by guests as a stopover while investigating this marvelous area and its astounding vistas.


12. Taman Negara, Malaysia

Taman Negara, Malaysia

One other destination which is a must visit for you is Malaysia. While here visit the Taman Negara National Park,  the ideal place in the event that you cherish rainforest and outside exercises. Encounter wilderness trekking, mount climbing, buckling, angling, outdoors, watching untamed life on the planet’s most seasoned rainforest (130 million years). Feel the thrillas you investigate this charming tropical land while attempting any of the activities.


13. Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean, only south of India. This is another dsetination which is picking up a considerable measure from the people across the globe. Regardless of whether you need to attempt some enterprise exercises or simply tour through the place you will be flabbergasted by this little goal. Its time you explore something new in your 20’s.


14. Bhutan


If you are looking for something more peaceful yet amazing then Bhutan is the eperfect destination for you. It’s time to get away from the daily hectic life and visit Bhutan which will make your vacation a special one. With the mountains, valleys, streams and  monasteries, this land is the a must visit destination in your 20’s.


15. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico), is an unincorporated region of the United States, situated in the northeastern Caribbean. Puerto Rico offers endless social encounters and numerous verifiable areas.

Regardless of whether you appreciate nature or history, nightlife or experience, culture or games, gather your sacks and find this one of a kind island brimming with fascinating differentiations and amazements!


16. Uganda



Rising up out of the shadows of its dim history, another day break of tourism has ascended in Uganda, cleaning a glimmer again into the ‘pearl of Africa’. Voyagers are gushing into investigate what is fundamentally the best of everything the landmass brings to the table.

It is home to the tallest mountain in Africa (Rwenzori Mountains), the source that nourishes the world’s longest stream and the mainland’s biggest lake. Set sail to this grand land before you set foot on your 30’s.


17. Fiji


Also known as Fiji Islands, Fiji is a Melanesian nation in the South Pacific Ocean. It lies around 66% of the path from Hawaii to New Zealand. Regardless of whether you are going by a town, evading coconuts on the shoreline or strolling through the huge urban communities, nary a minute passes by without being stunned by authentic grins.

Stunning sands culminate palm trees and waters so blue they shine – Fiji’s shorelines look digitally embellished. Fiji additionally offers abundant open doors for explorers, birdwatchers, amblers and woods fanciers.


18. Mexico


Well, if you are in your 20’s then you cannot miss this amazing destination Mexico. Mexico is always something different from the others. It’s culture-rich, one-in-a-million nation sufficiently close to visit by foot from American soil. Your childhood is an ideal opportunity to appreciate beers on the shoreline, here without being bothered.

The scene will likewise overwhelm you: seething waterfalls, a portion of the most astounding crests in North America, the most profound gorge. I am certain you as of now have that in your can list now.


19. Belize


Now, 20’s means it always had to be something different right. Well then this little, thin island is a heaven for explorers from around the globe – a play area for the youthful, the purposeless, the unwashed. It’s likewise a wonderful union of travelers and local people, where Caribbean culture warmly grasps everybody – something we as a whole could utilize a greater amount of nowadays. Make your vacation special as you head out for a walk or meet the locals to learn about their culture. This is the perfect place for you.


20. Paris, France



If you want to inspire yourself again then Paris, France is just the name for you.  This land of love will touch you to the core of your heart. After all its time to do something which has been never done before. Meet some strangers, search for a book and walk through the mesmerizing streets while staring at the moon, France will definitely make your vacation special. And you are in your 20’s guys, why not try something different.


21. Spain

Boat Harbor In Ciutadella In A Balearic Isl Spain HD Desktop Background

Well here is another destination which is must visit for you before you complete 30. Spain’s various scenes mix the spirit. The Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa are as excellent as any mountain go on the mainland, while the snowcapped Sierra Nevada ascends unrealistically from the sun-heated fields of Andalucía it just does not stop at anything.

A nation with music in its spirit, adoration for fine sustenance and wild scenes, and an extraordinary ability for praising all the great things in life makes a perfect destination. Right buds?


22. Italy


Art, culture, shorelines, mountains, hands-down the best nourishment, benevolent individuals, liquor in abundance, name it Italy has it all. From snacking on knödel in an Alto Adige chalet to investigating souk-like market roads in Sicily, the decisions are as various as they are tempting.

At that point, there are the nation’s exceptional aesthetic fortunes, which add up to more than whatever remains of the world set up together. Well after all 20’s are constantly exceptional so I am certain this is the place for you.


23. Laos


Another destination which is a must visit for you before your 30’s is Laos. Your trip to this destination will take you through a lot of adventures and cultural immersion every time.

Whether you are running through the verdant countryside or sipping a freshly brewed coffee in a picturesque local market you will fall in love with this place. I can guarantee you will come back as a completely new person once you visit this destination.



24. Morocco


Thirsty for some more adventure then here we give you another destination which is a must visit for you during your 20’s. Known as the getaway to Africa, Morocco is the perfect place to spend your holidays this time. From Saharan hills to the pinnacles of the High Atlas, Morocco could have been customized for explorers.

Expressive scenes cover this cut of North Africa like the lavishly hued and designed carpets is recently the ideal place for you. Whether it’s the conventional way of life or its astonishing individuals you will discover your bliss here.


25. Georgia


Georgia is another destination which is a must visit for you before you turn 30. From its green valley’s spread with vineyards to its churches and watchtowers roosted in fabulous mountain landscape, Georgia is a standout amongst the most lovely nations on earth and a brilliant canvas for walkers, horse riders, cyclists, skiers, rafters and explorers of each kind.

Make your evening special as you taste from the finest wine or just walk down the narrow lanes watching the distant lights. You will end up in an alternate world.


26. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

There is another place which you cannot miss while you are on your 20’s. A blend of culture cooking styles and scenes, there’s no place very like Cape Town, an independently delightful city delegated by the radiant Table Mountain National Park. This mountain defines the city.

The level topped mountain is the feature demonstration; however, there are numerous other similarly dazzling normal scenes inside the recreation centre’s broad limits. From the splendidly painted exteriors of the Bo-Kaap and the washing chalets of Muizenberg to the Afro-chic stylistic layout you will be astonished by the design here. Likewise, enjoy some energizing exercises here which will extinguish your thirst.


27. New Zealand



There is another destination which is a must visit for you if you don’t want to miss out some beautiful places. Recently New Zealand is becoming the hottest destination of all. New Zealand shows a blend of scenes and societies.

The moving slopes and hedgerows conspire with the contemptuous, agreeable local people to incapacitate, divert and enchant. The Māori culture is very strong, the surf is world class, and the speciality lager is wonderful. New Zealand shows the best of old and new universes with social and social together. Also, it shows few more interesting places to visit.


28. Iceland


Well, I am sure you have definitely heard of this destination. Another spot which is becoming a hit among the people around the globe is Iceland. Most people knew this land as the jewel of Atlantic and blessed with landscapes full of legend.

Wooing nature lovers and with stunning scenic beauty, this land is the perfect vacation spot for you. Well after 20’s is the time when you stare at the dazzling Northern lights.


29. Greece


With unlimited miles of sea green/blue coastline, sun-blanched old remnants, solid feta and more grounded ouzo  Greece is another destination which is a must visit for you in your 20’s. It’s time for a romance with yourself, as you travel to this magical land.

The Greek scene thrills, and the Greek individuals are energetic about governmental issues, espresso, and craftsmanship and tattling. Greece is a dream destination for the ladies that I can say. So whether you are travelling solo or with your group make sure you visit Greece in your 20’s.


30. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

It’s time to heel yourself with some more exotic then the usual and for that Munich is the perfect destination for you. What could be a better way to spend your vacation while enjoying the very favorite Oktoberfest in Munich.

This place has become a favorite among the people across the world. With Mediterranean-style road bistros and Mitteleuropa brew corridors, highbrow workmanship and cutting edge industry, Munich is a prospering example of overcoming adversity that revels in its own disagreements. In case you’re searching for Alpine platitudes, they’re all here.