How Puneet checked off Ladakh from the Bucket List

What we collect throughout our life are the details; details which create a story and frames our legacy. Some of us live as life pushes us from one point to the other, whereas some try to make their way towards their dreams, pushing life to play their chords. 

Well for Puneet Bagri, its the later one, with his consistent pursuit of traveling the globe.

“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

A Man with Dreams

Puneet Bagri, a consultant living in Jaipur is ‘a man with the dreams’, as he puts it. 
“I don’t have extravagant goals in life and I like to keep things simple. Still, I do have dreams, dreams which are small yet very important to me”. 
While juggling between his passion for photography, sports, and music, his love is always inclined towards scaling the unexplored through his travel journeys.

Planning Leh-Ladakh Trip?

 Living on the same line of thoughts, Puneet is always seeking opportunities to leave behind the urban hustle and travel to a destination. 
In June 2017, he decided to take on the magnificent Leh-Ladakh trip. He browsed through a plethora of tour packages online and finally decided to choose ‘Manali to Leh Tour Package’ offered by Thrillophilia. 
He mentioned now that, “We booked through Thrillophillia which turned out to be a great decision of having some unforgettable experiences via their wonderful tour itinerary”.

The Ladakhi Itinerary  

The journey for Puneet and his tour buddies began on 17th June, 2017. 
During their whole adventure, they covered Jispa, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Keylong, Baralacha La Pass, Darcha, Zing Zing Bar, Chandrabhaga River, Suraj Taal, Deepak Taal, Nakeela Pass, Wishky Nallah, Lachung La Pass, Pang, Moray Plains, Tanglang La Pass, Sham Valley, Zanskar valley, Nubra, Khardungla, Pangong Lake and Tso Miriri. 

Travel Buddies on the Trip 

He was accompanied by his wife Sneha and friends on the trip to the ‘Land of High Passes’. Whilst our conversation, he playfully puts them as Sneha: The Model, Shashank: The O2 Guy, Avinash: The Monk and Prerna: The Photographer. Definitely, he couldn’t have opted for better tour buddies, as what can beat scaling the magnificent beauty of Leh-Ladakh other than with your loved ones.
The group hugged the Ladakhi vibe and left no chance to visit the local attraction, Stupas, Gompas and the famous local markets. Being a traveling soul, Puneet has the sense of how to truly grasp the destination’s highlights and hence the group had an amazing time throughout.

Between several encounters with the breathtaking beauty and offerings of Leh-Ladakh, he still remembered this one specific night in Ladakh –
“The night at Pangong lake was definitely the most memorable one. The beautiful sky with countless stars, the cold night and the bonfire. I can never forget that surreal feeling. A dialogue from the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara aptly fits for the moment which recites – Khud ke hone pe, yakeen aa gayaa”.
Well, believe us, the tranquility of Pangong Lake does this naturally to you. This world’s highest saltwater lake has what people call, the dyed blue color water and is covered by the arid mountains. The solace you search for, between the urban lifestyle, is just another day at the Pangong Tso Lake.
Enjoying the snowy mountains, loving the bike trip to the local attractions, visiting local markets, mountain biking, spending time near the majestic lakes, camping with bonfire, paying visits to stupas and monasteries, taking camel rides and capturing every scenic details with their DSLR, the group had time of their lifetime in Ladakh. 
“We took a trip to heaven and even though we are all back to the real world, a part of us may never come back.”, said Puneet.


Memories that call you Back 

He mentioned further, “The region offers majestic views of snow-clad mountains, mesmerizing views of some of the most beautiful lakes (Pangong and Tso Miriri) in the world and not to forget some breathtaking views of the desert at Nubra Valley”.

If you are a nomad yourself, you might already know that no matter how we excel in the urban luxury of living or all the tech that we can gather to make our lives easy; what matters is the breath of fresh air, a nap in the nature’s lap and the solace that your soul needs. 
At the core, we humans still seek the primitive attributes and hence appreciate to elope to the surreal nature whenever the opportunity knocks.
Although the 10-day trip for Puneet and the group concluded, they still have their mindset on their escape. We asked him, what’s in his bucket list and he reverts –
“Scuba Diving at the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the wildlife in South Africa and Kenya, the Balloon Safari at Cappadocia and the Northern Lights at Iceland”
With the list so extensive, we’re sure the group has enormous adventures waiting for them.
Whilst conversation, we realized Puneet’s love for travel escapes and hence asked about where all has he travelled so far, to which he responds, “I have tried my hands at Sky Diving in Spain, have witnessed the gorgeous Sea World by Scuba Diving in Maldives, sky-jumped from the Macau Towers, done paragliding at Solang Valley in Himachal, parasailing in Goa, Dirt, and Quad-biking in Della Adventures at Lonavla to add to the innumerable Trekking and Camping trips across India.”

Word of Advice for the by Adventure Seekers 

Given his travel experiences and enthusiasm towards nature escapes, Puneet suggested a few points that should be considered by people before travelling to Ladakh:

  • Dress in layers coz the weather changes in a matter of minutes
  • Carry a high-SPF sunscreen-lotion as the sunlight is extremely strong at certain locations
  • Carry a high-mah power bank which can last long, as you’d always be running low on battery on your camera and mobile devices
  • Availability of Non-Veg meal is scarce and hence you should be prepared to have Veg meals all along the trip.
  • Carrying flashlights as most of the places do not have electricity and run on power generators
  • Carry neck cushions as you’d be traveling about 5-6 hours daily, hence it would be ideal for your power naps
  • Carry ready-to-eat meals if you have your specific diet routine as most of the places have only Maggie or noodles to offer
  • Carry prescribed and over-the-counter medicines recommended by your doctor for acute mountain sickness and read thoroughly about it. Irrespective of age and fitness, high altitude can be hard for everyone
  • If you are a photography enthusiast, carry SD cards with large memory because you would want to capture almost everything that you see
  • The ideal thing to do is reach Leh by road from Manali or Srinagar and return by a flight. Since you acclimatize to the high altitude when you are on your way to Leh and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the beautiful views of the Himalayas from the flight either.

 When asked about his travel philosophy, he mentioned –
“We are blessed to be born in a country which has so much to offer to a tourist – be it the snowclad mountains up in the north, deep blue sea in the Andaman, the majestic deserts in the west, the back-waters in the south or the breathtaking tea gardens of the east; there is so much to explore and to top it, we have the historical value and cultural diversity spread across the country”. 
To him, if he gets to travel the globe and keep everyone around cherished, then on the doomsday he’d have nothing to complain about.

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I have been travelling across India for a long time and I am using this blog to share my experiences with you so that you can see the tremendous beauty which India has to offer.
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