(Last Updated On: September 11, 2018)

“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”- Mark Twain

For Gaurav Pareek from Jaipur, there was surer way to know how exactly beautiful Ladakh was and how loving the people he met on the road were than to muster courage and go for his Ladakh Trip. Handling his family business, Gaurav Pareek describes the meaning of adventure for himself.



Travel Defines Adventure


“Travelling to new destinations is an adventure for me”, he says. “I went to Auli on a bike with my best friend just last December, and sitting still for so long after having that thrill made me want to take up another adventure. That is why I decided to go to Ladakh with Thrillophilia. They were caring enough to tell us everything we needed to take with us or take care of or any knowledge that would have been necessary to make for an amazing trip in Ladakh. With these small things, they had already given me a silent assurance of the time of my life that I was going to have.”

Ladakh had always been a bucket list item for Gaurav, as he describes it. It offered him adventure, some of the most unseen elements of nature and scenic beauty, and most of all, the majestic view of Pangong Tso Lake. “I was in that phase of life where the name of Ladakh alone was enough to raise my excitement to the cloud. And it seemed that even fate was on my side as fortunately, I got the chance to fulfil the lifelong dream of going to Ladakh with my family in tow. It was finally time for me to travel to and explore the mightiness of the land of Ladakh.”



Travelers on his Journey


Speaking about his fellow travelers, he recounts the people being equally excited about going to Ladakh, some of them even more than him. The enthusiasm that they carried with them was something that he could feel it all in the air. In one word, palpable. “Usually, it so happens that people just drop the idea of going to Ladakh, given the nature of that very place. Adventure is not something that everyone can handle. But like I said, fate was favoring me, and my cousins and other fellow travelers did not give up in the middle. I feel a strong sense of gratitude towards them for showing me that strength, will power and sheer determination that kept them going, and kind of affected me in a huge way.”

He says that this trip was a rather important one in terms of getting back the bond and connecting with them all over again in such scenic environs. “Simply, I just loved my fellow travelers”.



The Ladakh Experience


Speaking about the amazing experience of going to Ladakh from Srinagar, Gaurav recounts, “The experience started out with us going to Srinagar via a flight we took from Delhi. The feeling that we had when we landed was that of awe. I had always heard that the valley was a beautiful place to visit, and that it is a must have experience at least once in a lifetime. But seeing it with my own two eyes is a feeling indescribable. The pleasant weather welcomed us to Srinagar and it was much refreshing from where we came from just a few hours ago. The journey then passed through Sonamarg, and then onto Kargil.”



The praises that Gaurav sings about the amazing weather in Sonamarg just doesn’t end. A kind of prelude to the amazing journey that he was about to take, Sonamarg led his way onto one of the most scenic mountain passes in the country, and the first in the series of many to come, the Zoji La Pass. Following the road that was taking them to their destination, they arrived in Drass, the second coldest inhabited place in the world. “In Drass, we went to see the famous Kargil War Memorial, built in the honor of those who laid down their lives for that of the country in the conflict of 1999 in Kargil. That was the place where I felt really amazing, remembering all the stories and the memoirs that had come to be known as a part of the war. I really want to say hats off to the Indian Army.”


The Best Memory from Ladakh


The route that followed from there was a scenic one, right up till Leh, and became even more splendid from thereon. The Ladakh sightseeing tour from there went to cover many of  Ladakh’s most scenic and adventurous locations. “But the one place that will forever be imprinted in my memory, and I am sure in the memories of all my fellow travelers is sure going to be the view of Pangong Tso. Right from the turn that we took and saw the first glimpse of the lake, I was sure hooked to the beauty of the blue waters of the lake and of the towering mountains around it.” Speaking truly of the mesmerizing effects of the lake, there is even a picture from the moments he spent on the lake where you can spot rainbow like effects reflected from the surface of the beautiful lake.



Gaurav happily describes the place to be an amazing craft of the God above, as if it was created by the Almighty’s hands, with every stone and speck placed in its individual place carefully. Speaking of another great moment in Ladakh, Gaurav says, “One of the most memorable and fun moments was when we were lucky enough to find snow on Khardung La Pass. I remember it was great to play with snowballs, gave us the kind of feeling that were all children again, lying down in snow and throwing snow at each other. That is the kind of thing that you will understand the value of when you hail from a place like Jaipur, because finding snow there was not even rare, it was a possibility that we never even dreamt of.”



Where to Now?


I loved Ladakh so much that I would definitely recommend it to everyone. And if I get the chance, I will happily go again, but on a bike this time. Another place that I would love to go to after that will for sure be North East, because just like Ladakh, even that place has its own mystical charm.