(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)

Gone are the times when women used to travel only with their family or friends. Now, it’s all about one’s own preferences– yes! If you want to travel, you travel. When a woman is able to travel alone anywhere to anyplace without any fear – we call this as complete freedom.

While are moving step by step close to that dream, we must understand that travelling alone for women can be quite dangerous still. However, there are many cities around the globe wherein, women can in fact travel alone without any fear. We have compiled some of the tremendously safe cities for women travelers, be it alone or with girl buddies:

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Travelling solo for a girl or woman will not be tough, if she is confident and has knowledge of the city she is going to travel. Amsterdam in Netherlands is an economically sound country which is safe for a women traveller.


Women can travel to this city without thinking much about the safety of the city as it ranks as the fifth safest city in the whole world.  And now speaking about the place, it is a marvelous holiday spot wherein women can afford to stay in a budget hotel. There are many hotels that accommodate only females – called as the Hostelle.

Hey girls, what are you waiting for – gear up, pack your bags and head to this city and have a glimpse of the Oude kerk or travel to the canal tour or don’t look back to grab a glass of beer at any of the pubs over here, there are plenty of places to cover over here and women can very easily commute to all these places without any pinch on their wallet.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Amsterdam from Mumbai at INR 25,931.

  1. Ottawa, Canada:

Ottawa, capital city of Canada, is yet another city that is completely safe for the women of any age group. In fact, this is a beautiful place for the beautiful ladies. Ottawa people speak and interact both in French and English, so if you are able to speak in English, travelling here becomes pretty easy.


Getting to the city info, we can call this place as a multi-cultural place; there are many places like the Byward market and other wonderful malls for women to hang out. Who would say no to shop? Also, don’t forget to check out the local shops for getting local produce. Here, you get variety of breads, clothing, handbags, and lots more. Ladies – check out for jeweler’s stuffs, you get pretty cool items over here. For the women who love eating, you have many famous restaurants to try out.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Ottawa from Mumbai at INR 60,148.

  1. Zurich, Switzerland:

Zurich is the dream place of any person, in fact, this is the dream destination for any women, they would have dreamt to get married there or visit this place along with their hubby or boyfriend. But chill girls, you needn’t wait till then, just book your flight tickets for you or your girl’s gang and fly to this wonderful safest destination place in Switzerland and get captivated by its mesmerizing beauty. Zurich is not only safe in terms of women safety, but this city also offers a lot more for the Eve’s to shop at affordable prices and stay without any sort or risk. Travelling alone for a female here is a boon as you can enjoy the snow-capped Alps sitting right from your hotel room, or travel to the museum or hire a cart and travel down the streets without being charged heavily.


All this you can do without bound by a need to follow a strict itinerary or adhere to anyone else’s plan. Make your own plan and enjoy Zurich as you like it to be enjoyed.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Zurich from Mumbai at INR 19,920.

  1. Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo, Capital city of Japan, is one more city that is totally safe for women travellers. Japan is a wonderful country, and Tokyo adds glamour to this country. Women here are treated with respect and dignity. These days the Tourism department of the country has enabled many packages keeping women safety in mind, as there are many travellers who are women normally.


Women needn’t be afraid to travel alone anymore, mainly when they are travelling to some foreign nation. Now speaking about the city, have you ever heard of a special women crying room? Sounds strange and weird, isn’t it? But, believe me gals, there are special rooms that will make you feel special when you are in it. Located at Tokyo in The Mitsui Yotsuya Hotel, this place will give you such a special feel. Oh! Forgot to say, by cry I meant good cry, not the bad cry.

Girls, get ready to pamper yourself at Tokyo, explore immense places, get immerged into the culture of the country, visit Sensoji temple, ghilbi museum, and girls do have fun at the Karaoke at Karaoke – Kan at Shibuya. Last but not the least; don’t forget to stuff yourself with the famous Sushi at Tokyo.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Tokyo from Mumbai at just INR 27,655.

  1. Hampi, India:

“Solo is fun,” yes! This is obviously true. Who says the best things in world should be enjoyed only as a gang, if you want to enjoy the real essence of travelling, travel alone to Hampi and you will get that memorable experience of travelling alone. Hampi is situated in Karnataka, India and is a safe city for the women travellers to travel alone.

Women can travel smoothly even without any companion to Hampi. Local people treat the travellers with respect and are helpful too. At Hampi, there are many deserted places, Tungabhadra river, and many surrounding villages to explore. If you are adventurous enough, you can even hire a bicycle and ride across the roads enjoying the natural beauty and surrounding. Accommodations are pretty cheap over here, to get that real feel of home away from home, book those cottages; you will enjoy the place even better. Once you are done with this Hampi trip and are nearing the end day, you are surely going to have an urge to stay for a while more over here.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Bangalore from Mumbai at just INR 1,962.

  1. Kasol, India:

Female travellers can even have a night outing and camping here in Kasol Village. Located in the hilly terrains of Himachal Pradesh, this city is perfect to get away with your friends. Roam in the streets and shop jewelry, candles, metal items, wooden artifacts, and lots more. The streets are actually filled with diverse range of artisans and sellers selling variety of produces. And Ladies – you have plenty of choices for your stay and boarding, many of the accommodations over here are especially built for the solo travellers.

Click here [Camping in Kasol]


While you are there, don’t hesitate to indulge in adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering, hiking, karting, etc. Finally, try eating hot magi amidst treks and momos for dinner. What’s more, you can also get some awesome cover pictures for your Facebook and some quirky Insta stores to share.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Kulu from New Delhi at INR 9,199.

Also, enjoy the scenic beauty of Kheerganga Trek!

Tosh Valley Trekking Expedition

  1. Dubai, UAE:

The first thing that will come into the mind of any girl when they hear the word Dubai is of course – “shopping”. Dubai is a well known city in UAE and actually there is a specific period in this city that is termed as “Dubai shopping”. During this period tourists and travellers from all across the world flock to the city and enjoy shopping. Now women can enjoy this festive by travelling alone to this place and shop as much as they want (plus is that there is no one to stop you from back to stop shopping or to restrict your shopping). Isn’t this great? Gals – a bit of information, there are more than 50 malls here, have a look and shop! Also try these extreme thrilling sports, since you are in Dubai.


Apart from shopping at Dubai there are many things to explore and tour here. Head direct to old school Bur Dubai or visit the Abra or visit the local stores. Don’t forget to take up the Desert Safari over here, After all after shopping; the desert safari is famous over here at Dubai.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Dubai from Mumbai at just INR 11,009.

  1. Helsinki, Finland:

Helsinki in Finland has low women crime rate and hence it safe for the women travellers. Helsinki is the largest city in Finland and is populous too. Women travellers would long to travel again and again once they have travelled to this place.


The amazing architecture is one of the prime reasons for the city to pull more number of travellers every year. Tourists from all over the globe throng to this place to have a view of the Art Nouveau styled buildings. No wonder, this city was being designated the World design capital in 2012.

There are many art galleries and buildings that depict the architectural skill of the Finland citizens, girls get geared up to watch the vibrant city at its best and don’t forget to explore the city as they have huge range of Nordic style dresses, and more.

In short, women will get a great opportunity to shop over here!

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Helksinki from Mumbai at just 36,062.

  1. Perth, Australia:

Of late there have been many talks about Australia and the racism that is being imposed here, but believe me, the city Perth falls under the list of safe city for women travellers. So, women folks can pack their bags, book tickets and fly to this city to enjoy the fantastic holiday destination. Stats prove that there are more than 6000000 tourists visiting Perth every year. This is enough to talk about its Wonder!


It is true, that after shopping, the next thing that women are in love with is the beaches. Now that you are done with lot of shopping and roaming, it is time to unwind and relax your body and soul at the beaches over here at Perth. The beaches at Australia have no rivals in fact, as none of the beaches in any place can match with these over here. As the Perth beaches are sublime, women would love relaxing and resting for a while here. Sun tanning is also fun when you get it at the Cottesloe beach, and apart from all these don’t forget surfing at the most famous Scarborough beach here.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Perth from Mumbai at INR 23,957.

  1. Seoul, South Korea:

Solo women travellers longing to have some fun can very easily get their holiday destination – Seoul. Seoul is in South Korea and is regarded as an amazing safe city for the women tourists mainly. If you haven’t heard of the Gangnam style vacation, then you are surely missing out something in life. Still, no probs, you can enjoy your vacation in Gangnam style over here at Seoul, South Korea.

Seongsan Bridge and the Han River

Enjoy the Gangnam district that is located in Seoul and get to know better about the complex culture of South Korea in detail. Girls/women can try bicycling to the Han River and can even dare to go for midnight shopping at the local street market at Dongdaemun.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Seoul from Mumbai at INR 20,107.

  1. Bali, Indonesia:

Who said only couples should go to Bali? If you love to pamper yourself then take a solo or an all-girls trip to Bali. I feel that a ladies trip is never complete without a Spa, so girls jump into the Spa over here at the city to get the best Spa package.

m_The Rock Bar, Bali, Indonesia 2

Yes, Yoga, Spa, Ayurveda, Water Sports, and what not? This is Bali! Once you are done pampering at the Spa you can head to enjoy sauna and get your nails done in nail salons here. If you are planning to go to Bali, it is advisable to do a girls trip where you can all unwind, chill, and relax. After all, every girl needs an all girl trip once in her life, nope, once every year.

What’s more fun is that you can even stay here overnight without any tension, or fear. Commutation is said to be best at this city as the transportation system is designed to be convenient and easy.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Bali from Mumbai for just INR 14,389.

  1. New York, USA:

According to stats New York is the third safest city in the whole world for women travellers. So, now the ladies can very proudly say that they have visited New York alone without any male companion.

New York Times Square


The best city provides comfort to the travellers and has a magnificent hand in pulling more number of women travellers year after year. There are many things to do over here like if you happen to be a museum freak, you can drop in at the metropolitan art museum or American Museum.

Your holidaying will get complete if you dance to the tunes at the Broadway show, and Ladies if you have kids accompanying you, don’t miss out the baby turtles at the Central Park Turtle pond.

And good news for the foodies – there are many hangouts and restaurants here at New York that serves excellent food menus that can leave your taste buds long for more.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at New York from Mumbai at INR 32,441.

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland:

Ratings for safe city includes Reykjavik in Iceland, women from across the world can pick this city as their next holidaying destination. There are no harassment and sexual assault of any sort at this city as per the ranking of Global peace index.


If you are able to splurge a bit on your tickets, this city can be the best revelation. The city is great for women who want to enjoy outdoor vacation. In fact the city is best for hiking lovers as the Pingvellier national park offers the glacier hiking.  And girls do try your legs at the horse riding at Thingvellir and Blafjoll skiing.

And now that you are done with physical stress, you need some rest – relax to de-stress your body at the famous thermal pools across in the city. And don’t forget to witness the popular Aurora Borealis at this city.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Reykjavik from Mumbai at INR 32,152.

14. Marseille, France:

What can be more enjoyable than a France trip, and when the city Marseille is safe for women travellers, there shouldn’t be any looking back at all. Your vacation will be more than amazing when you book your flight to Marseille destination.


If you want a unique trip, then Marseille is the right one for you. This is a historic city that is loaded with culture and heritage. In fact the cities culture is at its best in each and every corner of the city. Marseille is the second largest city that is populous with more than 3000000 people; the city is located in the Mediterranean coast and hence offers plenty of beaches for the tourists to visit.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Marseille from Mumbai at INR 27,075,

Bonus tip:

If you are planning for all girls trip, then plan for an international destination that covers 4-5 countries. For example, you can cover Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Vatican together as a package. It will work out cheaper as well as easier compared to taking individual tours. Furthermore, if you are planning to cover places in India, extend your vacation and backpack to more than one place. Not only is travelling fun, but it can be highly informative as well.

Ladies – Have fun, travel solo, or take your kids or go along with your girls’ gang to any of the above destinations and enjoy being a wanderer. What was your favorite destination? Let us know in comments, below.