22 Best Backpacking Trips In India To Add To Your Bucket List

As a 20 year old, the wanderlust creeps in and it’s a feeling you cannot shake off. If you’re willing to look around there are many things and places to be explored. If you’re the kind that packs a bag with a pair of jeans and a pair of t shirt, this is the bucket list of backpacking trips in India you must take.

1. Take the road less traveled: Manali-Leh road trip

The ‘Mecca’ of all road trips in India, the Manali-Leh Highway has always been a favourite. Be it for the groups or solo travellers, this route outshines any other backpacking trips in India. All you need to do: get geared up for some adventure, hit the road and reach nowhere. Passing mountains and villages, passing people who are going about their business in a more simple way what will get you appreciate both nature and simplicity.

How to reach: Fly straight to Manali airport from New Delhi at affordable prices starting at INR 8,487.

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2. Too much isn’t a bad thing: Dudhsagar Falls Trek

Goa has various beautiful places to visit but here is one of the most amazing place Dudhsagar Waterfalls. When you see the volume of water hurtling down the hill, you will learn that it isn’t really a bad thing to love something a lot. Too much of a good thing won’t spoil you. A trek to the mesmeric Dudhsagar Waterfalls is more than just a trek. Ascending and descending through the rugged terrains, fascinating forests and hilly vicinities can be more appealing when traversed alone!

How to reach: Fly to the nearest airport of Goa from Bangalore at rock bottom prices starting at INR 1,720!

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3. Take some quiet time alone: A peaceful holiday in Gokarna

This place near Bangalore is a heaven to visit. Nobody is judging you for wanting to get away from the bustling city from time to time. Embrace yourself with the peace and serenity that prevails in the pristine beaches of Gokarna. Let all your thoughts and worries be washed away. Anyone who has gone to Gokarna knows for a fact what it’s like to truly be yourself. No inhibitions, no judgement, no pretences.

How to reach: Fly to the nearest airport of Goa from Bangalore at rock bottom prices starting at INR 1,720!

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4. Indulging in the raw beauty of nature: A boat ride in the Sunderbans

If you think that everything has to be manicured and perfected, take a trip through the beautiful Sunderbans. The vastness of the space, the gurgling or the untamed river and naure in its rawest form will change your idea of what really is beautiful.

How to reach: Fly to the nearest airport at Kolkata and thereby continue the rest of the journey by road.

5. Disconnect from the world: A tour to Ladakh

In the lofty clouds, you can treat your eyes with the best views of the snow-clad peaks and a world never seen before! You won’t need a phone, you won’t want a phone and it is perfectly alright to feel it. Our constant Whatsapp and Facebook update have cluttered our lives a tour of Ladakh gives you a perspective on the important things in life. Isn’t this what a backpacking trip is about?

How to reach: Fly straight to the nearest airport of Leh from New Delhi at just INR 2,798 without burning a hole in your pocket!

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6. Experience the sand and sun of the desert: A camel safari in Rajasthan

We’ve been told that there’s something wrong with being pampered while others may not have what we have, once in a while, you’ll realise that being treated like royalty isn’t a bad thing after all. While meandering alone through the golden sands of Rajasthan, take a Camel Safari and feel the elegance of the desert on backpacking trips in India.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Jaipur from New Delhi at just INR 1,684.

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7. Find a spiritual connect: Trek and monastery tour in Sikkim

Not every 20 years old has the spiritual inclination, but some of us do and it is quite nice. Not every day has to be about loud music and partying.  Quench your yearnings for adventure with a serene blend of peace and tranquillity on a solo trip to Sikkim. Visit the monasteries on your backpacking trips in India and rediscover the inner peace and find reasons to appreciate life. The various Sikkim holiday packages on our platform will delight every traveller and offer uniqueness in each package with the beauty of Sikkim.

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How to reach: Fly straight into the nearest airport at Bagdogra from Kolkata at just INR 1,279.

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8. Celebrate madness: Holi celebrations in Vrindavan

A riot of colours unleash their full glory a chaos that ensues and the beauty that unfolds, the childhood playground of the Lord Krishna, this ancient town witnesses a riot of colours every year during the eve of ‘Holi’. It is in Vrindavan, devotees from all the corners of the country gathers to celebrate this lively event. A definite must-do for any backpacking trips in India.

How to reach: Fly to the nearest airport at Agra and thereby on road.

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9. Unleash the child inside: Toy train ride from Siliguri to Darjeeling

There is a child in each of us, irrespective of our responsibilities; sometimes, we have to let the kid out. A slow, yet mesmerizing toy train ride from Siliguri, West Bengal will take you through lush forests, whirly tracks, waterfalls, and picturesque tea plantations. A joy ride in this rustic train finally takes you to the misty and enticing valleys of Darjeeling. There are an immense number of places in Darjeeling which you could visit and these places will surely surprise you with their breathtaking views and unmatched beauty. Explore all this and more with our Darjeeling packages.

How to reach: Fly straight into the nearest airport at Bagdogra from Kolkata at just INR 1,279.

10. Experience opposites: Delhi to Rajasthan jeep safari

There isn’t too much in life that’s clear cut, a Jeep Safari from the country’s capital Delhi to the desert capital Rajasthan can be a journey of lifetime. You’ll be unable to decide what you loved most, the great thriving metropolis or the expansive desert.

How to reach:  Can a flight from any of the major cities to New Delhi. Mumbai to New Delhi now at just INR 2,277!

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11. Appreciate how nature works: A visit to Majuli

Majuli is a beautiful river island in Assam, the Majestic River Bhramaputra embracing Majuli is what makes this an amazing experience. Forget all your worries and anxieties, pack your bags and book your tickets to Assam for your backpacking trips in India. It’ll prove to you that life works in mysterious ways.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Jorhat and thereby complete the remaining journey by road.

Tours: Assam Holiday Tours.

12. Hop on that bike while you can: Dehradun to Nainital

There is always time to say ‘I wish’ but you’d rather not. Take a trip to fall in love with the whirly turns and terrains between Dehradun and Nainital. Embark on a solo bike ride from Dehradun and make it to Nainital – one of scenic and picturesque hill stations in India.

How to reach: Catch a flight to Dehradun airport from any other city across the country. Fly from New Delhi to Dehradun at just INR 1,975.

13. Be intimidated: Trip to Kanyakumari

When you look at what seems like the end of the world, it’s a mighty experience. The 3 big oceans converge at a point and it could honestly shake you up. Have a tryst with the ocean and witness the confluence of the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and the mighty Bay of Bengal. Located at the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari is also the land’s end point of India.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Trivandrum and thereby continue the journey by road.

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14. Go back to nature whenever you can: A tour of Kerala’s backwaters

Every opportunity you get, try and get back to nature. Relax in the serenity of the enchanting nature and rejuvenate all your senses with a backwater tour in Kerala. Indulge in the revitalizing ayurvedic therapies and find a reason to embrace life once again!

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Cochin and thereby continue the journey by road.

15. Make yourself feel better: A boat ride and tour of the Ghats of Varanasi

The ghat tour in Varanasi will make you feel like you’re in touch with a higher self, even one you cannot explain. The chants and hymns of the prayers around the Varanasi Ghats will somehow make you feel better. Take a boat ride in the holy Ganges during the early hours and feel the flamboyance of this pious city.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the airport of Varanasi and thereby continue the journey by road.

16. Experience the wrath of nature: Bike rides from Shillong to Cherrapunjee

When the going gets tough the tough get going. This rain heave will cleanse you. Let yourself free; delve into the enchanting beauty of Meghalaya and kick-start your motorcycle to one of the wettest places on earth. This whirly motorcycle trip from Shillong to Cherrapunjee is an enthralling experience and takes to several gorgeous hilly settlements and you can witness the enchanting beauty of Shillong.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Shillong and thereby continue the journey by road.

Tours: Meghalaya Tours.

17. Appreciate the finer things: Sun rise at Tiger Hills, Darjeeling

Everything happens for a reason and often a fairly good one. If you are backpacking in Darjeeling, waste no time and get to the Tiger Hills in the early hours of the day. Witness the atmosphere getting soaked into the different colours of rising sun casting a magical spell over almost the Himalayan Range.

How to reach: Fly straight into the nearest airport at Bagdogra from Kolkata at just INR 1,279.

18. Enjoying what nature has: Trek in Dzukou Valley

Wild flowers adorn the Dzukou Valley during spring and the opulent beauty of the North East India with a trek to the valley of flowers in Nagaland. The weird and wild are often not appreciated. A trek to the Dzuko Valley during the spring seasons, when the entire valley wears the lively colours of the rhododendrons, is a treat to the eyes.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Guwahati and thereby continue the journey by road.

Tours: North East India Tour Packages.

19. Be amazed by the things that happen around you: The Loktak Lake

The world’s only floating lake, secluded from the crowd of the city-life, Loktak Lake is one of the most scenic and fascinating lakes in India. For the backpackers, a visit to this pristine and freshwater lake is all about self-discovery, relaxation of mind and finding peace in the lap of nature. You will see nature work her quirky ways and amaze you only if you see.

How to reach: Catch a flight to the nearest airport at Imphal and thereby continue the journey by road.

20. Learn about history: Explore Hampi

The bygone era tells tales of how we lived, so much to learn and explore from everything our ancestors did. If you are one of the history buffs who get fascinated by the timeless beauty of a bygone era or historical facts, Hampi should be a destination for your backpacking trips in India. This quaint settlement in North Karnataka was once the capital of the great Vijayanagara Empire.

How to reach: Fly straight to the nearest airport at Belgaum from Bangalore at just INR 3,206.

21. Have fun: Partying in Goa

There is always responsibility, jobs, family there is always pressure to be better at whatever it is you do, but learn to take things a little lightly. Maybe even a little casually. Partying in Goa is the epitome of letting your hair down and not caring about the world.

How to reach: Fly to the nearest airport of Goa from Bangalore at rock bottom prices starting at INR 1,720!

22. Dive in: Andaman Islands

The never fulfilling wanderlust captures people of all ages and exclusive Andaman Island packages are a treat for all wanderers. With the scintillating beauty of Andaman that still holds purity of its existence, Andaman is the best option to explore without much hassle. Deep plunges into the serene blue waters with mind-boggling experiences of Scuba diving, Snorkeling, etc, you don’t need more than just the basics to have the most cherished memories of this backpacking trip. You can get lost in the solidarity of the nature and secludedness of the place to revive the joy of living when you visit this place.
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