Man and Mountains: Abrar's Love Saga with Leh & Ladakh!

Great things are done when men and mountains meet”

William Blake truly defines the saga of every traveller visiting the mystic land of Ladakh.
“In Ladakh, time passed in the blink of an eye, yet there was so much life in each moment I spent there,” said Abrar, as he recalls his dream trip!
A structural engineer by profession, Abrar Ahmed carries his passion to travel very close to his heart. Having visited Ladakh in the last week of April, he says that it’s probably the best time to visit the place to experience a balance between snow and the Sun.

Explaining why he choose to book the Leh Ladakh Tour with Camping from Thrillophila,  he mentions camping at the popular Pangong Tso as his longing dream. To experience the changing hues from the top of the world at Khardung La, Abrar had set his eyes to travel to the Land of High Passes, Ladakh, and returns with memories of a lifetime.
As a cherry on top of the cake, Abrar chose to travel alone to Ladakh, but, made amazing friends there with whom he now shares lifelong moments!

Realising the Dream

Abrar had highly desired to visit Khardung La, and it was this dream in his eyes that made him plan his trip to Ladakh. For many, riding at Khardung La is an altogether different experience as the condition of roads and extreme temperatures are enough to test even the toughest riders in the world.
The high pass, located at a whopping altitude of 5359 metres above the sea level, is also a region where many face Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). However, these challenges were the exact reasons why Abrar chose this trip; and when a traveller sets his eye on an adventure, there is no looking back!


Best of the Trip

Ladakh is the kind of place which will appear different every month due to its constantly changing weather, and that’s exactly the kind of unpredictability that makes it special! Abrar, having chosen to make the trip of his lifetime in the month of April, saw just the perfect amount of snow and a bearable temperature that can awe any traveller.
“What surprises is the fact that despite the pitch-white snow everywhere around, the Sun shines brightly on the mystic land, the combination which serves as a feast to the eyes!”. He also recommends camping at the majestic Pangong Tso as one of the highlights of an excursion to Ladakh. When the pristine blue waters of the lake reflect the purest shades of the sky, it reminds you of the best colours exhibited at the canvas of nature.

Camping at the popular and majestic Pangong Tso is a memorable experience—with the changing hues of the lake, you will experience the different moods of the sky at every hour. When it’s gloomy, the mighty mountains in the backdrop make for a sight to behold! The falling temperatures in the night sets the perfect mood to light a bonfire outside the tents.
Camping at the scenic Pangong Tso while sipping a cup of hot Kahva and listening to good music is an experience that will be etched in your mind forever. The tranquillity experienced during camping at the lake, as Abrar opines, is an unparalleled takeaway from the trip!

The Campsite at Pangong Tso also offers a spectacular setup for photographers. During the daytime, it throws various shades of the changing moods of the sky in the crystal-clear water with the mountains in the backdrop, making it a frame that will leave the photographers spellbound. As the darkness sets in, the clear sky will serve as a huge, dark blanket under which thousands of stars will shine bright at you, and you don’t want to stop admiring the sight!


Little Moments & Big Joy

Although Abrar went on a solo trip to Leh-Ladakh, he met amazing people on his way to the most beautiful places. “We had a strong coordination and that is what makes the best memories. I went alone but did not return empty-handed as now I have friendships which I will cherish for a lifetime,” he says.
“Camps are fun! We played UNO until late night without caring much for the journey next day and had the best moments! They resorted to storytelling to share moments of warmth and laughter,” he adds. As Abrar recalls, ghost games were an integral part of their late-night fun at the camps, reminding them that it’s not just the freezing cold in Ladakh that can send chills down the spine!

The fun did not stop here as Abrar remembers celebrating a fellow traveler’s birthday at a temperature as low as minus 8 degree Celsius! “You see, it’s not every day that you get to experience these moments of happiness in extreme conditions, making it even more special,” he says.

“The trip had it all—moments of joy as we danced at the Diskit-Turtuk highway, nostalgia as we shared life experiences, thrill as we played ghost games, and love as we held each other together in our weak moments during the trip,” says Abrar, calling it a rollercoaster of emotions. Their views from their camps at the Nubra Valley impressed them so much that they ended up hiking 40 feet wearing a pair of sandals in the freezing cold temperature! “It was unpredictable, and as we went higher, the view only got more beautiful,” he says as he recalls their unplanned exploration.


In a place like Ladakh, everything ranging from weather to emotions is extreme. While Abrar experienced emotions like never before, a sense of not wanting to leave the place and the people was something that occupied his mind as the trip was nearing its conclusion. “While the nature challenged us and tested our mettle, the warm reception by the people in Ladakh is something I will treasure forever,” he says, hailing the hospitality by the locals.
It is always difficult to return to routine life after such amazing trips as the memories cement a permanent place in your heart. If there is something to live life by, why not these moments that will bring a smile to your face every time you think of them?

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