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  • 01Barossa Valley and Winneries

    Barossa Valley is one of the oldest wine regions of Australia. It has around hundred and fifty wineries and celler doors. The region was first occupied by Europeans in nineteenth century. The wineries are mostly open for the tourists. At some wineries you will have to take prior appointment. The valley is also renowned for its world class restaurants, fresh and seasonal agricultural products, and skilled food manufacturers. Motorbike, bicycle and hot air balloon tours are available.

    Highlights: The valley has meticulously designed wine and food trail which you can traverse through bicycle. Enjoy mouth watering meal of smoked meat and fresh bread at Butcher, Baker and Winemaker Trail. You can also visit the antique shops and galleries. Hire a tour guide for the spectacular experience of the valley on a hot air balloon.

    Location: Barossa Valley is located around 70 kilometres from Adelaide city centre.

    Timing: N/A

    Price: N/A 
  • 02Cleland Conservation Park

    If you want to experience the natural and cultural beauty of Adelaide, the visit to Cleland Conservation Park is a must. The area includes the renowned Cleland Wildlife Park, the Mount Lofty Peak and the famous Waterfall Gully. There are walking as well as cycling trails that let you enjoy the varied wildlife and picturesque view of Adelaide hills.

    Highlights: Cleland Wildlife Park is the habitat of hundred and thirty native Australian species. These include the kangaroos and koalas. Stop by the Cleland Cafe for a refreshing meal and coffee. The cafe uses fresh and seasonal produces for their cuisines.

    Location: The protected area is located twenty two kilometres from Adelaide.

    Timing: The Cleland Conservation Park is opened 24/7. The Cleland Wildlife Park is open from 9:30 AM to 5 PM.

    Price: The entry fee to Cleland Wildlife Park is $22 for adults. The fee for children is $11. 
    Cleland Wildlife Park Experience in Adelaide

    Cleland Wildlife Park Experience in Adelaide


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  • 03Visit Adelaide Botanic Garden

    Based in North Terrace, The Adelaide Botanical Garden is a great choice considering afternoon stroll or a leisure picnic. Situated over a spread of 125 hectares, this beautiful garden was opened in 1857. The best part of the garden is the Palm House which is a Victorian glass house built in 1877. Designed artistically with stained glass this is a beautiful creation. The Bicentennial Conservatory, being the largest in the southern hemisphere is also another prominent attraction here.

    The opening timings of the garden varies in winter and summer months however the usual time is from 7 am to 7pm. The entry in the garden is absolutely free. Information on the garden can be collected from the centre at Schomburgk Pavilion which is open from 10am to 4pm everyday. Apart from having leisure strolls one can also enjoy Australian cuisine at the Botanical gardens Restaurant along with some of the best wines. It’s indeed a good destination to spend few hours. 
  • 04Visit Adelaide Central Market

    Experience a youthful energetic thrive in the hub of tasty gourmet and rich culture in the awe striking Adelaide Central Market which has been stealing hearts for nearly 145 years. Established in 1869, this beautiful market accommodates more than 80 traders making it one of the largest markets of the country. Every week from Tuesday till Saturday, the market buzz with life loading up with all sorts of organic fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry, premium meat, gourmet cheeses, and all sorts of bakery foods.

    Every month millions of visitors stream through the market. Events like guest chef briefing on cooking tips and having cooking classes is a common scenario. One can speak to the traders who have been peddling their wares here for decades and huge knowledge to share about the market, its rich history and its versatility. One can gather information on the local produce and fetch ideas about Australian cuisine. 
  • 05Visit Art Gallery of South Australia

    For all the lovers of art, The Art Gallery of South Australia is an ideal location to visit. Housing some of the best art collections of the country in one of the most elite buildings, the art gallery is located in North Terrace of Adelaide. Being a landmark of the city and based close to University of Adelaide, and Australian Museum this place is visited by more than 7,00,000 visitors almost every year.

    The collection of the gallery includes about 38,000 art works from various places including Asia , North America, Europe and Australia. The gallery showcases art works of different genres inclusing painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, metalworks, jewellery and many others. From Renaissance till the modern day the art gallery is a complete storage of multiple creative works. The entry is free for all and it is open on all days from 10am to 5pm.

    Location: North Terrace, Adelaide 
  • 06Visit Adelaide Zoo

    Be it an adult or a kid, a visit to the zoo is always a pleasurable way to spend a day, and when its Adelaide Zoo in concern then the pleasure becomes double fold, since the ;later is one of the iconc attraction of the capital city of South Australia. Being a home for more than 2500 animals and over 250 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, this zoo stretches for a magnificent verdant area of over 8 hectares. Meet Wang Wang and Funi the two giant pandas of the zoo and also get a view of Kangaroos, Koalas, Giraffes, Sea Lions Orangutans, and more. Opened for the public in the year 1883, this is the oldest zoo of the country and its shares a significant history of South Australia. The vibrant sanctuary, the stretched landscapes and the cool and peaceful ambience all come together to provide a spend experience for the visitors. A nature playground for the kids is also inagurated recently for the kids visiting here.

    9:30am -5:00pm

    Frome Road, Adelaide 
  • 07Visit South Australian Museum

    Known for its world class collection of natural history and cultural remnants, the South Australian Museum is one of the best sightseeing spots of the city. It has the biggest collection of Australian Aboriginal cultural objects and more than 3000 artefacts that remains on display for the visitors to enjoy. The biodiversity gallery focuses on the land as well as the marine wildlife present in South Australia with gallant information on each of them. Apart from these there are other galleries too which include Pacific Cultures, Opalised Fossils, Megafauna, Mawson, Minerals Ediacaran, and the Ancient Egyptian Room.Exhibitions, different government programs and summer events are quite popular here. The entry is free for all.

    Open: 10:00am to 5:00pm

    Location: North Terrace, Adelaide

  • 08Waterfall Gully

    Located at the foothill of the Mount Lofty range, the Waterfall Gully is famous for the First Fall waterfall. To reach the peak of Mount Lofty range, you have to traverse through the popular trail that starts from Waterfall Gully. Along the route, you can view the steep slopes of the hills covered with vegetation and forests native to this area. You can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Adelaide from there.

    Highlights: Halt at Utopia @ Waterfall Gully to enjoy snacks, breakfast and lunch. It is located at the base of the waterfall and is the only restaurant in Australia next to a waterfall. It is accommodated in a century old stone chalet. Location: 5 Kms east from Adelaide city centre.

    Timing: 6 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Sunday. During Daylight saving period the time is 6 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Sunday.
    Price: N/A 

  • 09Rundle Mall

    If you are looking for some shopping in Adelaide, there is no better place than Rundle Mall. It is the first Australian pedestrian street mall. It houses a number of leading retail stores of South Australia. Whether it is fashion stores, electronics, jewellery, supermarket, departmental store or food, the mall has it all.

    Highlight: The historic arcades are the major highlights of the mall. You can take a self guiding tour brochure and start your journey on the Rundle Mall Discovery Trail. Once you are tired of the shopping and walking, you can rest at one of the several dining areas in the mall and enjoy the delicious meals.

    Location: The mall is located right in the Adelaide City Centre. It is in close proximity with Government House and Central Market.

    Timing: 9AM to 7PM (9PM) from Monday to Thursday (Friday). 9AM (11PM) to 5PM on Saturday (Sunday).

    Price: N/A 
  • 10Himeji Garden

    Himeji Garden provides you a safe haven away from the busy city life. It is one of the most peaceful places in Adelaide. It is a great place to enjoy some quiet moments with your loved ones. You can enjoy picnic or explore the mesmerizing garden. It was gifted to Adelaide by the sister city Himeji. There are two traditional areas - The sensui area has mountain and lake while the kare sensui area has rock garden.

    Highlights: You can take a walk under the canopy of trees to reach the old fashioned teahouse. You can also visit the traditional Japanese Zen Garden. The Adelaide central market is just a few minutes ride away.

    Timing: 8 AM to 5:30 PM from Sunday to Saturday. It closes at 4:30 PM on weekends and public holidays during April to September.

    Price: N/A 
  • 11Carrick Hill (Mitcham)

    Carrick Hill is a grand heritage manor style structure which used to be the home of Sir Edward and Lady Ursula Hayward. The building houses a number of best in class fine art collections and furniture and fittings. It is surrounded by picturesque gardens where weddings can be organized. One can take a leisure stroll or a guided tour in and around the home.

    Highlights: Visit the little gift shop located inside the house to buy a souvenir for your journey. Stop by at Carrick Hill Cafe which is 15 minutes away from the house. The cafe offers delicious cakes and coffee as well as picnic boxes. You can also enjoy mouth watering cuisine cooked with fresh ingredients.

    Location: The property is located at the base of Adelaide hills.

    Timing: 10 AM to 4:30 PM from Wednesday to Sunday and Public Holidays.

    Price: $12.00 Adults, $8.00 Concession and $28.00 Family. 
  • 12St Peter's Cathedral

    St Peter’s Cathedral is a major landmark of Adelaide. Located at the edge of Pennington Terrace and King William Road, this Cathedral has beautiful architecture and a mix of modern and traditional stain glass windows. Inside the building you can feel the holiness of worship, choirs, incense and candles.

    Highlights: There are experienced tour guides to help you understand the history and importance of the cathedral. They will also explain about the religious significance of different artworks inside the cathedral. Next to the main entrance of the cathedral, you can find a small gift shop from where you can purchase the souvenir of your visit.

    Location: The St Peter’s Cathedral is just 5 minutes drive away from Rundle Mall.
    Timing: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM on Sunday.

    Price: The price per head for the commercial tours is $5.00. 
  • 13Adelaide Hills

    Adelaide hills are actually part of the Mount Lofty. In contrast to the warmer Adelaide plains, these hills have cool and crisp air and pleasant climate. There are a number of summer houses in the region with prominent European architecture. But the hills are most famous for their wineries and cellar doors. In fact, it is reputed as the one of the most prominent wine producing region across the world.

    Highlights: The wineries are the major highlight of the area. There are a number of guided tours for food, fine dining and wine experience. It is also the way to reach the Mount Lofty Summit which is more than seven hundred meters above sea level, and enjoy the panoramic view. Visit the Cleland Wildlife Park to witness the native Australian wildlife.

    Location: Adelaide hills are just half an hour drive from the Adelaide central business district.

    Timing: N/A

    Price: N/A 
  • 14Hahndorf

    Hahndorf is a small town and a famous tourist spot located in the Adelaide hills. Nestled in the heart of the region, this oldest German civilization in Australia has many attractions for visitors. This town has a quaint charm about it. Apart from the beautiful vistas, it has several boutiques, shops, restaurants and gift shops. It also houses several museums, antiques and antiques shop. The main street is bordered by century old elm and plane trees.

    Highlights: Visit Beerenberg Farm to see the strawberry and mixed vegetables crop. You can also buy jams, sauces and pickles. For your kids and for those who are kids at heart the Misty Hollow Fantasy cave is a delight. You can also visit The Cedars, earlier the home for popular artist, Sir Heysen, and now houses a nice collection of his artworks.

    Location: 20 minutes drive from Adelaide city centre.

    Timing: N/A

    Price: N/A 
  • 15Whispering Wall

    If you are looking for a bit of magic in Adelaide, you can find it at the Whispering Wall of Barossa Reservoir. The construction of Barossa Reservoir started from 1899 and ended in 1902. The curved wall of the dam was considered as a wonder of modern engineering. It is the highest dam of Australia and has a height of 36 meters. The most intriguing part of the construction is that the spoken words at the one end of the wall can be clearly heard at the other end, which is 140 meters away.

    Highlights: You can enjoy the picturesque surrounding of the Barossa Reservoir from the Whispering Wall. Also visit nearby Rockford Winery to taste some great wine of South Australia.

    Location: The Whispering Wall is just 15 minutes drive from Barossa Goldfield Walk via Goldfields Road.

    Timing: 8 AM to 5 PM, 7 days a week.

  • 16Mt. Lofty

    Mount Lofty is the highest peak of the Mount Lofty ranges in South Australia. The summit offers the sweeping view of the Adelaide city. Every year a large number of tourists from all across the world visit the summit. The most popular hiking route is from Waterfall Gully. Along the trail you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the surrounding forests. There are seven other trails which you can follow to reach the Mount Lofty Summit.

    Highlights: There is a visitor’s centre where you can find all the information related to the summit and the famous attractions nearby. The shop at the centre has sells beautifully crafted gifts. Stop by the Summit Restaurant and Cafe to have a meal while enjoying the magnificent view of the Adelaide city.

    Location: Fifteen kilometer away from the Adelaide city centre.

    Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM, 7 days a week.

    Price: N/A 
  • 17Morialta Conservation Park

    If you are looking for bird watching or rock climbing in Adelaide, Morialta Conservation Park is the right place for you. This protected area has a rugged and gully landscape with three waterfalls. You can find steep hills and perched cliffs. There are more than ninety species of birds including yellow-tailed black cockatoo, black-winged currawong, Adelaide rosella, chestnut-rumped heathwren etc.

    Highlights: For the rock climbing enthusiasts the Park offers a number of different routes and grades. It is one of the most popular rock climbing regions in the Adelaide. Apart from that, there are picnic areas and playground as well as barbeque facility to enjoy your day.

    Location: The Conservation Park is located 10 km northeast from Adelaide.

    Timing: The timing for walkers is from sunrise to sunset.

    Price: There is no entry fee. But the fees of hiring the Morialta Resource Centre are $210 for full day. 
  • 18Migration Museum

    To understand the diverse culture of Adelaide, a visit to the Migration Museum is a must. Here you can discover the varied traditions and distinctiveness of the people living in South Australia. The museum has six permanent galleries showcasing the history of the museum itself, the impact of migration from the aborigines’ viewpoint, the establishment of colony, and the recent changes and development.

    Highlights: To get the most of your visit to the Migration Museum, take a free guided tour the museum and learn about the fascinating history and attraction of South Australia.

    Location: The Migration Museum is located in the North Terrace close to South Australian Museum and Art Gallery of South Australia. You can reach the museum by taking a short walk from Adelaide City Centre.

    Timing: 10 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday. 1PM to 5 PM on weekends and public holidays.

    Price: Free Admission. 
  • 19Haigh's Chocolates

    A visit to Adelaide is incomplete without visiting the Haigh’s Chocolates. Haigh’s Chocolates is the oldest chocolate making company owned by a family. The company was founded in 1915 and since then it is selling the high quality chocolates and chocolate related products. You can book a 20 minutes free tour from the Visitor Centre, to learn about the history of Haigh’s and their chocolate making process. You will be taken through the premises where you can see the team creating the varied range of chocolates. The tour also includes free tasting and complementary tea or coffee.

    Highlights: Explore the Visitor Centre’s retail store at the corner of the Adelaide parkland where you can find an assortment of chocolates and confectionaries.

    Location: The Visitor Centre of Haigh’s Chocolates is located at GreenHill Road, at the edge of the Adelaide Parkland.

    Timing: Free tour timing is 9 AM.

    Price: N/A 
  • 20North Terrace

    Located at the centre of Adelaide, the North Terrace gives the insight about the culture, history and architecture of the city. There are a number of buildings and structures like War Memorial, museums, art gallery, Casino, restaurants, hotels among others. There is a lot to do in and around North Terrace. After exploring the area, you can take refuge under one of the shady trees over the bench and enjoy your lunch while watching the world around you.

    Highlights: Take a tour through the cultural boulevard of the North Terrace which includes galleries, museums, university and library. Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum. Enjoy your meal and drink at any of the several restaurants and bars in the area.

    Location: North Terrace is 20 minutes drive away from Adelaide Airport. It is a few minutes’ walk away from Rundle Mall.

    Timing: N/A

    Price: N/A 
  • 21State Library of South Australia

    The State Library of South Australia is the largest public research library of the state. It has materials related to the information of South Australia. It consists of a number of materials and documents of the history of the region before and after the European settlement. The Mortlock Wing is not only a public library but also an art gallery and museum. It has the rich architecture with French roof. There are collections of some of the rare books along with general and heritage books.

    Highlights: Book a guided weekday tour to the library where you can browse through the extraordinary exhibitions and appreciate the spectacular architecture of the Mortlock Wing. The informative tour will enlighten you about the history and important events of South Australia.

    Location: The library is located in the North Terrace.

    Timing: The weekday tour starts from 11 AM and 2 PM.

    Price: N/A 
  • 22Adelaide Festival Centre

    Adelaide Festival Centre is literary the art and cultural centre of South Australia. It was built in 1973, and since then the centre holds some of the most beautiful arts, performance and cultural and artistic exhibitions. With six diverse venues in two different locations, the centre entertains a large number of audiences with concerts, theatres, gallery exhibitions, performances, community events and Cabaret Festival. An hour and half tour to the Adelaide Festival Centre will give you a glimpse of the life of the performers.

    Highlights: Post events, you can enjoy a casual meal at the Foyer Café or sip delicious drinks at Foyer Bars. You can also enjoy the a la carte menu from Bistro, which offers you a magnificent view of the River Torrens.

    Location: The Adelaide Festival Centre is located at King William Street and is easily accessible with public transport.

    Timing: N/A

    Price: Varies for different events. 
  • 23Victoria Square

    Located at the centre of Adelaide, Victoria Square, also known as Tarndanyangga is a town plaza. There are a number of buildings and public institutions bordering the square, including the Supreme Court of South Australia. At the centre is the statue of Queen Victoria. The square was developed and refurbished a number of times and now hosts a varied range of entertainment activities. There are almost endless things that one can do in and around Victoria Square. The large open space is excellent to take a walk after lunch or to work out.

    Highlights: The Adelaide Central Market is within easy reach. You can pick your lunch there and then explore the shops to buy some souvenirs of the journey.

    Location: The Square is a few minutes’ walk away from the Rundle Mall. You can also reach their by Trams and other public transport.

    Timing: N/A

    Price: N/A 
  • 24Port Adelaide

    Port Adelaide has a number of attractions that one cannot miss while on a trip to Adelaide. Port Adelaide has a marine setting with a number of seafaring ships and grand buildings. The place has numerous accommodation sites including hotels and self contained apartments. There are also a number of cafes, eateries and restaurants to enjoy a hearty meal. With a range of entertainment options like theatres, events and cinemas, and museums and galleries, the Port Adelaide is an intriguing place to visit.

    Highlights: Port Adelaide has the largest railway museum of Australia, The National Railway Museum with over hundred exhibitions. There are South Australian Aviation Museum and South Australian Maritime Museum which are the major highlights of the suburb. There are also several pubs and wine cellars across the suburb.

    Location: Port Adelaide lies fourteen kilometers away from Adelaide in the northwest.

    Timing: N/A

    Price: N/A 
  • 25Victor Harbour and Mclaren Vale Tour

    Victor Harbour and Mclaren Vale Tour
    • h8 Hours
    • lAdelaide
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    About the Activity: Without visiting Adelaide, your journey to Australia is incomplete, so if you want to visit the same, this tour is a perfect fit for you. Get picked up from your hotel at 09:15 AM and embark on this amazing tour. Visit various iconic destinations like Mt Lofty Ranges, Historic Strathalbyn on the Angas River, Port of Goolwa, Port Elliot on the Horsehoe Bay and Victor Harbor. Enjoy horse riding at the Granite Island. Also, visit the McLaren Vale Wine region and explore the vineyards and leafy olives plantation. Enjoy a delightful wine tour at the Almond Groves and Old Stone wineries End your amazing Adelaide tour with lots of happy memories.