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A Detailed Guide to Trekking in Ladakh

A Detailed Guide to Trekking in Ladakh

trekking in ladakh

Ladakh is one place which is considered as a heaven by those who search places to gain the thrill of adventure. Apart from trekking in Ladakh one can also indulge in other adventure activities such as mountain climbing and biking, safaris, water rafting etc. Also suavely called as the ‘Land of Passes’, the region forms the magnificent part of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

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Ladakh is situated an altitude ranging between 2750 - 7672 meters, above sea level. The place is blessed with an amazing topography that comprises of hilly terrain, rocky cliffs, lush green grasslands and high altitude peaks. It offers a number of trekking tours for travellers and is one of main the reason that adventure fanatics from across the globe head to Ladakh.

There are a plethora of trek trails and options available here for trekkers. Thrillophilia conducts treks in the region of Ladakh all year around.

Here are 4 easy treks of Ladakh:

Trekking in Ladakh is all about experiencing the true form of nature in the most alluring manner. The treks offer something for everyone. These treks are also recommended for family trekking holiday or even for corporate outings. Thrillophilia possess the expertise in organising a enticing event on these easy trek routes in Leh and Ladakh for the various corporates.

1. Lamayuru to Darcha Trek

This trek is one of the most talked about trek that establish connectivity with the beautiful Zanskar Valley. One can notice a large number of monasteries tucked in the small villages in this trail. The names of the few of the wonderful monasteries which lift up the spirit of trekkers trekking through this route are Lamayuru, Phuktal and Lingshet.

This trek has received appreciation from the various trekkers across the globe for its amazing terrain and this is the reason it is tagged as one of the world’s most desired trekking ground. One must visit this trek if one desires of experiencing the true color of a trekking region.

Altitude: 5000 m
Duration: 18 Days
Best Season: July-September 
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2. Ripchar Valley Trek

The onset point of this trek is located near the Lamayuru monastery and is considered as one of the most intriguing treks located in the Ladakh region. The trek is wrapped with a number of mountain ranges such as Zanskar, Karakoram and the ranges which form part of the Great Himalayas.

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The panoramic view offered by this trek is the prime reason for a great footfall. The Ripchar Valley Trek is dotted with  the presence of a great number of smaller villages, pastures etc. During the months of July and August, the region becomes a valley of flowers and provides a visual treat for the bird watchers.

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The irrigated crop growing fields of the Zanskar and Karakoram Range gives a breathtaking view as well as amazing joy to the trekkers. This trek finishes in the region of Chilling which is world renowned for the production of copper. What one explores during trekking at this region is truly phenomenal and worth witnessing!!

Altitude: 4300 m
Duration: 9 Days
Best Season: June to September
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3. Padum to Darcha Trek


This is an amazing trek which stretches from the Darcha region located in Himachal Pradesh to the region of Padum which is situated in Zanskar. Trekking in Ladakh provides an unbeatable experience because the trek passes through a number of different regions which carries different topographies. The trail of this trek transverses through Tokpa, Chalang, Ramjak, Lakong etc.

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The trail of this trek ranges from being an easy one to a medium trek and then finally gains the status of a strenuous trekking spot. Apart from gazing at the unparalleled beauty of the mountains and hill tops, the trail of this trek leads to one of the most prestigious location on the indian map, Kargil!!

Altitude: 5000 m
Duration: 12 Days
Best Season: June - September

4. Lamayuru to Alchi trek

This trek is all about exploring a number of captivating destinations of Leh and Ladakh. A number of enthralling tourist destinations are covered while trekking through this trek; the list includes, Shey, Leh, Hemis, Lamayuru, Thiksey, Base of Tarla, Wanla and Mang Gyu. The tourists are at full liberty to explore the boundless beauty of the snow kissed peaks while trekking.

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The splendour of the various monasteries located in this region act as a major reason for people undertaking this trek. The sparkling feature of this trek is an opportunity to learn about the culture and life of the inhabitants of the remotest of the areas.

Altitude: 5200 m
Duration: 5 Days
Best Season: May- November
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Here are 3 moderate treks of Ladakh:

The moderate treks in Ladakh are all about trekking with the prime aim to witness the scenic mountains, villages and mountains in the most natural form. These treks may appear to be a little strenuous for the individuals who do not possess any prior experience of trekking.

However, a dedicated and determined effort to complete the trek can provide with the joy and pleasure of trekking with the quotient of thrill running in each and every step. Thrillophilia provides a number of captivating package for the moderate treks located in the region of Ladakh.

5. Lamayuru Stok Kangri

One name which is always mentioned in the list of the beautiful and mystic peaks of Ladakh is the Stok Kangri. The climb of this trek is not that difficult and requires no need for the trekker to undergo any sort of special training. The summit of this peak also provides the trekker with a breathtaking view of the peak of Saser which forms the part of the Karakoram range.

The terrestrial features of this trek and the presence of great splashes of the cultural heritage makes this trek a magnificent trek. This the ideal place for Trekking in Ladakh on high altitudes and indulging in sight seeing.

Altitude: 6150 m
Duration: 12 Days
Best Season: Mid June to September
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6. Markha Valley Trek

The Markha Valley trek places the individuals trekking through its terrain close to the awe-inspiring beauty of the nature. This trek is all about magnificent landscapes, green oasis commonly found in and around and the region and most importantly the Kongmaru La pass, which is a beautiful and scenic place located at an altitude of 5000 meter above the level of the sea.

The other attractions while Trekking in Ladakh include quaint villages, monasteries and a chance to peep into the remotest of the settlements. The Hemis National Park situated in this region is renowned for its amazing biodiversity.

Altitude: 3700 m
Duration: 8 days
Best Season: June to September
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7. Markha Valley Trek with Stok Kangri Climb

Image Credit: Pavan

To add more spice and challenge to the Markha Valley trek, one is given with the opportunity to add to the route an extra pass which stretches to 4900 meters. The trek is recommended for only those chunks of individuals who have a prior experience in the trekking. This trek is not recommended for novice trekkers who are experiencing the thrill of trekking for the first time.

This trek being the difficult one receives less number of trekkers. The trek offers a myriad diversity in the landscape. One can avail the opportunity of viewing a breathtaking and scenic beauty of the Markha valley through this trek. The trek is a perfect blend of challenge, thrill and captivating charm of the beauty of the nature.

Altitude: 4900 m
Duration: 10 Days
Best Season: Mid June to mid October.
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Here are 4 most difficult treks of Ladakh:

The strenuous treks are designed especially for professional trekkers and wanting to push their limits. The trek trails and the terrains are steep and difficult to set foot on. Those who are planning to trek on these trails need to prepare themselves mentally and physically before undertaken the journey.

8. Chadar: The Frozen River Trek

The Zanskar lake gets frozen in the chilly winters when the temperatures drop to minus degree centigrades. Thus offering an amazing and also a memorable experience to trek on the frozen river is the Chadar frozen river trek.

Do not be surprised if it feels as if one is sliding over the icy ground. The experience makes more beautiful by the wonderful surrounding sights like the thin icy glaciers and frozen streams. This overall imparts a very unique never ending impression on the minds of the tourist.

Altitude: 3850 m
Duration: 10-21 days
Best Season: Mid Jan to End Feb

9. Jhunglam Hemis to Padum Trek

The Jhunglm Hemis to the Padum trek is one of the most beautiful trekking routes which traverses from remote towns into the mountain peaks. The trek is really wild to traverse through the Route, the best periods of trekking being from the months of august to October as during this period the snow are gone and the rivers are also silent to be crossed. 

Altitude: 5200 m
Duration: 12 days
Best Season: August to October
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10. Stok Kangri Climb

The Stok Kangri Climb is the most fantastic trekking Routes in the whole Ladakh valley. This is well suited for the expert professional trekkers. The Stok Kangri trek has got the height of about six thousand and one hundred and thirty meters above the sea level. The climb to the top of the stack Kangri is really very adventurous and also breathtaking.

The glaciers and the peaks surrounding the Stok Kangri offer a very mesmerizing view. Offering a perfect handout for the group of friends, who want to spend their holidays in an exciting manner. The trekkers also get to enjoy the view of the K2 from the top of the Stok Kangri peak.

Altitude: 6000 m
Duration: 11 days
Best Season: Mid July to Mid September
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11. Kang Yatse and Dzo Jongo

The Kang Yatse is 6,200 metres high along with the The Dzo Jongo peaks. Both the peaks are located deep in the Markha valley. The trail traverses through the . In short, one can say that the whole trekking experience of Ladakh is one that you will cherish throughout your life.

Altitude: 6200 m
Duration: 13 days
Best Season: July to September
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