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    Ranthambore Tour

    Ranthambore is situated in the royal state of Rajasthan and houses one of the biggest National parks located in India, the Ranthambore national park. The total area covered by this national park is nearly 1334 sq. km.  and being located in the middle of the Vindhya hills and Aravalli range, the destination has an added factor of charm to its credit.The beauty of this national park reaches a different horizon due to the presence of rocky ridges bordering it. 

    This national park has collected appreciation for its Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary which displays a perfect blend of nature, history and wilderness. The Ranthambore national park is not merely a wildlife park where one can witness animals roaming around, instead when one undertakes a Ranthambore tour they inevitably fall in love with the picturesque architecture of the Ranthambore fort, the ancient temples and a lake which is known for harbouring a large number of crocodiles.

    Thrillophilia offers several Rajasthan wildlife tours promising a worth remembering trip to this famed national park.

    Witness the Wildlife of Ranthambore:


    The wildlife of this national park is one factor which draws tourists from various parts of the world. The wildlife present here comprises of amphibians, mammals, reptiles etc. The wildlife sanctuary has also attained the status of a tiger reserve way back in the year 1973. The wildlife lovers from across the globe visit this thrilling wilderness occupied land to indulge in the true love for animals.

    Apart from witnessing tigers roaming in bunches of this exotic Ranthambore tour, one can also find jackals, leopards, sambar deer, striped hyenas, chital, flying foxes, wild bear, sloth bears, nilgai, mongoose, macaques and many more in this dense forests wrapped national park. A large number of birds can also be seen here, making this place a paradise for the bird watchers.

    The Ranthambore wildlife safari is initiated in either an open truck or a jeep accordingly to which the cost varies. The wildlife safari is undertaken by the Rajasthan Forest Department. The safari rides are available only twice each day, either early morning or early evening and the safari ride usually lasts for nearly three hours.

    Ranthambore Tour - Exotic Flora and Fauna:

    Ranthambore National Park Rajasthan

    When one visits the Ranthambore National Park, one can admire the stunning as well as captivating flora as well as fauna of this destination. More than three hundred species of plants are said to be found in this region. The presence of plenty of water in the location makes it a big catalyst for supporting a large variety of both flora and fauna.

    The main region of this national park comprises of the dry deciduous vegetation as the rainfall received by this region is quite scanty in nature. The ‘Dhok’ tree is considered as the most prominent tree of this location which also happens to be the staple diet of deer, antelope and nilgai.

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    The medicinal properties rich neem tree also grows abundantly in this region. Among the trees which bear fruits, the trees which can be easily seen here include mango, jamun, ber, tamarind etc. The aquatic flora of this region comprises of a large number of beautiful flowers such as water lily and lotus.

    Camp! Barbeque! Wine! And of-course Dine!

    There is the presence of a large number of multi-cuisine restaurants which serves a large number of flavours that include Continental, Italian, Chinese and Indian!! The factor of hygiene is maintained at the highest level while preparing the cuisines.

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    The prime attraction here is the barbeque dinners where the dinner is served to the guests while they enjoy the grace of the cultural shows which are performed live or even under the warmth of the bonfires.



    The tourists are also given the choice for the selection of the alcoholic beverage or cocktails either in the nature surroundings or in the comfort of a bar. The drink served here is more than just a drink!

    The adventure activities in Ranthambore tour includes camping or wildlife safari. However, the element of adventure is a little less at this place, but the beauty of the place is a thing which keeps the ball rolling!!

    The Rural Side - Village Visits

    jeep safari ranthambore

    There are a large number of villages which are located in the vicinity which are characterized with tranquility and a liberty from the rat race which is faced by each and every individual in the various towns and cities. The village named Devpura is located at a distance of nearly 14 kms from the Sawai Madhopur village and are considered as the interesting site for watching the rarely seen black buck.

    The Sawai Madhopur village is renowned all over for its textiles which include lahariya, bandhani or the textiles that deal with the block printed work. The handicrafts, silver jewellery and carpets are some of the other famous products which are found in the fondest form in this region. The village visits in this region truly fills the heart of the tourists with an upbeat mood and flair.

    Enjoy the Tractor Rides

    The tractors are celebrated as the most luxurious vehicle found in the villages of the country. It is said that only rich class of the villages are the owners of the tractors. When one visits the various villages located in the region, apart from admiring the pious environment present in the village, one also avails the opportunity to take a ride in the most precious vehicle of the villages- the tractor!! A single ride can accommodate around 10 individuals. The experience of taking a ride on the ultimate vehicle of villages is worth remembering!!

    Places near Ranthambore

    ranthambore jeep safrai

    The region of this national park is not restricted to a particular aspect, instead the region has lots more to offer! Thrillophilia is the name one can bank upon if one desires of availing a true and mystic view of the entire region of Ranthambore. In the vicinity of this region is the Sawai Madhopur town which is celebrated for its folk arts of Rajasthan.

    Close by is located the Bhairon temple and Jain temple. There are Mansarovar and Gilai Sagar rivers which attract a large number of migratory birds in each season. In a nutshell, one can say the national park and its surrounding arena is a blend of culture, religion, wildlife and nature!!

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    1) Ranthambore Fort 

    The Ranthambore Fort is a historic monument which is located inside this national park.  One intriguing fact about this fort is that it is the only fort which is not visible to an individual from a long distance. This monument is free from any kind of entry charge and there is also an absence of touts hovering over the tourists. Thus visiting this place becomes a total luxury.

    The fort is believed to have been constructed by the Chauhans. The fort occupies the central position on the high plateau which is of nearly 700 feet in height. The high walls of this fort offer panoramic views of the park. The fort is so graceful and alluring that a tourist can spend an entire day exploring it and admiring its charms and beauty. The presence of the Ranthambore fort truly adds fun to the Ranthambore tour.

    2) Jogi Mahal 

    The Jogi Mahal is one of the oldest rest houses situated at the edge of the Padam Talao. The tourists are allowed only to visit the Jogi Mahal, none of them are allowed to stay at this grand Mahal for even a single day. The Jogi Mahal acts as an epitome of pristine beauty and adds value to the Ranthambore tour due to the presence of an age old banyan tree besides it.

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    This banyan tree is said to be the second largest of all the banyan trees which are found in India. The area which acts as the extension of this Mahal is said to be a possessor of an enriching wildlife which comprises of the peacocks, sambar and chital. The Jogi Mahal catches the eye of each and every tourist in just fraction of seconds.