(Last Updated On: May 25, 2018)

The college is probably the best of time to travel. This is the period of your life when getting permission for a trip is a little less tough and you don’t yet have a boss to request for a leave. Today, when most college students are freelancing in some way along with their coursework, money too doesn’t become a big issue if you are okay with making a budget trip.

Practically, it is a no holds barred opportunity and you should make the most of it by exploring the paradise, we call India. Travelling will not only offer an opportunity for leisure but it actually does create experiences that go on to define the kind of life you choose ahead.

Meeting new people, researching about places, trying out new food and getting out of your comfort zone are an equally important part of growing up. Well, be it with friends or your partner in life, here are 20 trips that you should be planning across India, while you are still in college.


1. Dil Chahta Hai – Mumbai to Goa Road Trip


Goa has probably been on the very top of the travel checklist of all college students. A trip to Goa with your friends and mimicking those same shots from the movie “Dil Chahta Hai” is actually fun. Goa is a place for both the party lover and the peace seeker.

It depends which part of Goa you are headed to. The serene beaches, the out worldly culture, the architectural marvels, the cute culture, the delicious cuisine and the dynamic nightlife – there’s almost everything that a traveler would love about a place. This is also one of the hottest destinations if you are looking for some adventure sports opportunities.

Why during college?

To tell the truth, it’s hard getting friends together after they have started settling in their own lives. Goa is a place that should be visited with your besties! Even a trip with your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t match up to the fun you would have with friends.

Best time to visit?

The best time for a Goa trip is probably the winters – November to February. The rest of the year is too hot to explore around.

Approx budget

Now, this will depend on what you choose to do at Goa. Taking your own camp along and being comfortable at sleeping on the beaches is a budget way to travel. However, there is no limit to the amount you can spend in a Goa trip!


 2. A Bike Trip to Ladakh


Ladakh isn’t a place you can visit too often and once you get there, there isn’t another place you would want to travel back to! The cotton candy cloud over the humongous snow covered Himalayan peaks is bound to keep you spellbound.

Adding to the charm are the emerald green lakes and the sense of patriotism you would feel when passing by the army landmarks. Ladakh on a bike is the ultimate adventure and is something that every single person should make. Having your gang along will keep you pumped up!

Why during college?

College is the time when you are full of vigor, aren’t chasing any deadlines and looking for writing your own life story. You are as independent and free as you ever could be! All of it fits perfectly for a bike trip to Ladakh.

Best time to visit?

Barring monsoons when the roads are jammed, Ladakh would be a paradise all round the year. Winters and the snow laden streets would be tuff too, but that’s another degree of adventure.

Approx budget

If you are renting a Bike, a budget trip to Ladakh and back should cost you about INR 30,000. Check here the packages for renting a bike from Manali.

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3. Let’s Fly Away, Manali


Manali is popular among honeymooners but you certainly don’t need to get married to have some good time with your partner in life. If you have someone special or a group of friends that are dearer than your life, a trip to Manali can be amazing. It’s Bollywood’s favorite destination and you too can bring back many memories. Don’t miss the Himalayan National Park or an experience of rappelling/paragliding.

Why during college?

Well, it’s the time when you would have a gang together. If you are planning with your partner, this trip can make memories that will stick for the rest of your life!

Also you can experience the thrilling activities along with your friends like that of river rafting in running water of Manali, skiing and Camping on the edge of mountains and paragliding over the beautiful mountains of Manali.

Best time to visit?

To get the snow but not shiver out, plan Manali during late winters and early summers. Do avoid the monsoon months.

Approx budget?

INR 10K per head should be a comfortable figure for a weekend trip to Manali.

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4. Camping and Rafting in Rishikesh


This will be the trip when you would be washing off your sins in the sacred and thrilling Ganges! The rapids in Rishikesh bring in adventure seekers from across the globe. Make sure you have made your reservations earlier. Do carry your bottles of sin as this is the ultimate place you can say ‘cheers’!

Why during college?

Depending on the career and lifestyle you choose ahead, it would be sad if you get a broken back when you have a meeting scheduled the next morning! Just kidding! Embarking on a raft in the rapids of Rishikesh takes a lot of courage and spurt of adrenaline.

Best time to visit?

The rapids are at their gorgeous best during the monsoons. Take a trip between July and September.

Approx budget

INR 8K per head should be enough for a rafting trip in Rishikesh.


5. Padharo Maro Desh, Jaipur


If you have always had the inclination towards a cultural trip, Jaipur would be a trove of history and cultural fascinations. This is the city with royal gardens, huge sandstone forts, royal rides and history etched into every corner of the trip.

Why during college?

There is no alternative to knowing India than from historical trips like Jaipur. You will come back fascinated, a little more intelligent and culturally improved.

Best time to visit?

Winter months – between November and February

Approx budget

INR 8K per head for a complete tour of Jaipur!

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6. Explore Coral Reefs, Andamans


Till now, you would have only been fascinated by the underwater life through programs in National Geographic. Well, a real life experience isn’t too far away. The islands of Andamans hold natural treasures that can bewilder you for the rest of your life.

Why during college?

Scuba diving with your bestie/partner in the azure blue waters of the Andamans and with myriads of colorful marine life all around is a one of a kind of experience. If you can, don’t miss the opportunity!

Best time to visit?

Andamans can get very hot in the summers. The best time to explore the marine life and also have a comforting ride around the beaches is the winters – between November and February.

Approx budget

INR 30K should be a comfortable amount, inclusive of your flight/ship fares.


7. India’s Scotland, Coorg


If you have been frustrated about the hustle in the metro cities, it’s time to take a vacation in the Coorg Valleys – India’s own Scotland. Perched on top of the mountains and reveling in the misty cool breeze is one of a kind of experience. Don’t forget to have you camera batteries fully charged as you might as well run out of memory cards! Do also try out the local made tea when sitting amidst the lush gardens.

Why during college?

Coorg is an amazing place to be with friends who share your love for adventure and wanderlust. The treks all along will deepen your bond. It will also be a welcome break from your slogging semesters!

Best time to visit?

Coorg is amazing all round the year. Be it rain or shine, it offers an endearing experience.

Approx budget

A budget of INR 5K per head should be a comfortable amount for a weekend at Coorg.

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8. Skiing at Auli


Auli in Uttaranchal is a destination where no one else will be able to catch up to. The snowscape is bounded by huge oak forests and wherever you are, the enthralling view of the Neelkanth will keep you pumped up. Auli is also among the top skiing destinations in India.

Why during college?

Since you cannot fund yourself a ski trip to Switzerland, Auli is the best alternative!

Best time to visit?

For skiing, winter months, from November to February are the best.

Approx budget

INR 15k per head should be a comfortable amount in Auli.


9. Exploring The Wilderness at Corbett


The Jim Corbett National Park is among the oldest natural sanctuaries for wildlife in the country and is among the flag bearer of conservation programs. A safari through the park will open your world to the exotic wildlife heritage of our country, including the majestic tigers!

Why during college?

Forests, wilderness, and friends are a perfect combination.

Best time to visit?

To get a higher chance of spotting a tiger, early summers are the best. However, Jim Corbett will be a wildlife lover’s favorite across the year.

Approx budget

A couple of safaris, lodging, food and other activities should keep your budget under a comfortable INR 10K per head.

10. Camping at Sand Dunes, Rajasthan


The never ending stretches of sand dunes against the setting sun and smoothened by the constant wind is a mesmerizing sight to witness. This is the place where you can live around nothingness, stare at the millions of stars above your head and experience the raw beauty of nature.

Why during college?

There’s no better time to explore the unknown than when you have the vigor during your college days.

Best time to visit?

Winters strictly! You might burn in other times of the year.

Approx budget

INR 10k per head for a backpacking trip.

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11. Sleeping Among Ghosts in Bhangarh


If you have always been waiting for spooky thrills, planned and failed at planchets, this is a trip that you must take. Bhangarh is popular as India’s most haunted places and you are actually not allowed by the authorities to be inside the fort after sundown. However, the thrills of the old and ruined rooms of the forts would be a spine chilling experience in the afternoons too!

Why during college?

Enough of small time spooky thrills get ready for the real experience. This trip will also expose the wuss of the group!

Best time to visit?

Bhangarh fort is open all round the year.

Approx budget

The budget will all be about travelling to the fort and the tickets. Since there is no food or lodging involved, it would be a minimal expenditure thrill.


12. Rediscovering Brotherhood in Punjab


We all talk about how difficult it is to be at the border and the amount of courage it takes to fight for the country from the frontlines. Well, if you would want to get a real feel of the patriotism, head on to the Jalianwala Bagh. The massacre took place about100 years ago will still make your blood swell.

Why during college?

Well, if you would like to seek your purpose in life, this would be the trip. You see how much our country sacrificed to give you a safe place on earth. This visit will make sure that you contribute back to the struggle we have been through.

Best time?

Rain or shine, the Jalianwala Bagh is a place of courage, divinity and truth. You can make a trip any time of the year.

Approx budget

All expenses are about the cost of travelling. You might want to add a visit to the Golden Temple in your itinerary.


13. Exploring Wilderness at Bandipur

Bandipur tiger-1920x1080

If you have always wanted to go and get lost in Nature, Bandipur offers a chance. Located right along the picturesque Nilgiri Hills, the jungles of Bandipur are home to the wild elephants, leopards and several other species.

Why during college?

It would always be a welcome break from your studies. The Bandipur road connects Karnataka with Tamil Nadu and would be a welcome road trip for any group of fun loving students.

Best time?

The best chance of sighting the maximum number of wild species is late winters and early summers. That’s between February and April.


Just the amount of petrol that will be spent on the road trip and wildlife safari charges

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14. Mumbai – The City of Dreams


Mumbai is the city where young people from across the country and with a wide skill set come to make a name for their own. This will be a trip that will help you understand the competition and the race of mankind in its truest form. Don’t miss a local train ride – it won’t be comfortable but the experience will be productive.

Why during college?

College is the best time when you should come to terms with real life struggle. Just walk around the streets of Mumbai and compare the glitz with the struggle.

Best time to visit?

Mumbai is most beautiful during the monsoons. Make your trip in late July.


Depends on the quality of conveniences you would be comfortable in.

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15. Into The Kingdom of Clouds – Meghalaya

Shillong 2

Meghalaya literally means the abode of the clouds. This is a place that is built on huge mountains. There a lot to explore around – from blue waterfalls to cultures and traditions that will make you realize the essence of minimalism. Open up to the culture, the food and the people – you will have a great time in Meghalaya. Don’t miss Dawki, on the India-Bangladesh border.

Why during college?

The best way to explore Meghalaya is on a road trip. Consequently, you would need the best of company to enjoy the ride.

Best time to visit

Meghalaya gets maximum rainfall all across the year. However, pre monsoons are the best season when you can minimize the risk of drenching.


A weeklong road trip through Meghalaya shouldn’t cost you beyond INR20K, including your flight/train costs.


16. Selfies in The Valley of Flowers


The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is a one of a kind of destination. Filled with myriads of colorful wild flowers against the backdrop of the Himalayan peaks, this would easily be the most colorful places on earth. Be it with friends or your partner, a trip to the Valley of Flowers can reignite your love! Be ready to do a lot of trekking.

Why during college?

Trekking trips are best planned with friends sharing the same interests. There’s wouldn’t be a better gang than your team at college.

Best time to visit?

The valley is at its colorful best during the months of July and August.


An INR15K per head should be a comfortable wallet to carry along.

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17. The Joy Ride at Kolkata


The cultural capital of the country and one of the oldest settlements India, Kolkata has a rich heritage of art and culture. It offers a lifestyle that is easy going and fun. From delicious cuisines to world class amenities, the metro offers everything.

Why during college?

A trip to Kolkata will be a college goer’s opportunity for shopping, food and cultural experiences. Join your gang of friends and head on!

Best time to visit?

The monsoons and the winters! It can be a bit uncomfortable during the summers but Kolkata residents have a never ending laid back spirit that keeps the city alive. You might want to plan your trip to coincide with the Durga Puja!

Approx budget

Kolkata and its offerings are rich but cheap. You should be comfortable with any kind of budget without sacrificing too much.


18. The City of Temples – Bhubaneswar


If you have always been fascinated by Hindu culture and its architecture, Bhubaneswar is the place to be. Aptly called the City of Temple, the place hosts more than 400 old architectures of importance. When here, you might also want to take a ride to the Puri-Konark Marine Drive and the Chilika Lake!

Why during college?

Bhubaneswar is strictly for students who have a fascination for Indian culture and traditions. College makes the perfect time as you would want to keep exploring.

Best time?

Avoid the summers at any cost. The best time to be at Bhubaneswar is during the winter months.

Approx budget

A week long travel across Bhubaneswar shouldn’t cost you approx INR 8000 per head.


19. Backpacking Through Leh


This is the perfect trip for a group of friends, regardless of their choices in life. No one can come back disappointed from Leh. A backpacking trip to Leh would be the most amazing thing you would have done in your life. Be ready to put your endurance to the test!

Why during college?

Again, getting the best gang of friends can get quite difficult after you have finished college. Also, this is the period when you can cut yourself some slack and try to find the meaning of life.

Best time of the year?

Leh during winters is beautiful but mostly remains inaccessible. Plan your travel during late winters and early summers. Avoid the rainy season.

Approx budget

Backpacking cuts down the costs a bit but you should have around INR20k handy per head.

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20. Play With Colors at Mathura

20 Trips to Take in India While you are in College

Highly popular among young people, the Holi festival at Mathura and Banaras is a one of a kind of experience. This is the time of the year where people of all age, gender and beliefs come together to celebrate the colors of life. Be a participant in the rituals but don’t leave your friends behind!

Why during college?

Life will get too complicated after you would have started a job. Make the most of your time now and go on a no-holds-barred ‘masti’ at Mathura.

Best time of the year

Check dates for the next Holi celebrations and prepare likewise.

Approx budget

It won’t take much to find a decent stay at Mathura. Food is cheap too. The only major costs you will have to bear are the cost of traveling to the destination and back.