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  • Want to make your upcoming team event more enjoyable? Add a theme around each activity and you will be amazed at the effect themes have on otherwise boring and dull activities. Themes add life to any programme and instill enthusiasm and energy in the participants. By adding themes to your itinerary, you can make your team events more fun and enjoyable.

    Furthermore, through themes the mood of the entire activity eases and people find themselves more in a comfortable and relaxed state which enables more interaction and more bonding. The idea of a team outings and theme based events are to have and share bonding with your colleagues and by adding a theme to the itinerary; you make it more interesting and enjoyable! 

    Moreover, these days, cpmpanies prefer team building activities that enhance leadership skills and are challenging. Thrillophilia is adept at whipping up new and interesting themes for any event. It has conducted several corporate events using its innovative themes and met with tremendous success.

    Here are some of the interesting themes for team outing:

    Step out of the boardrooms and work desks, join Thrillophilia’s corporate outing themes and witness the changes among your team members! Be the Sherlock Holmes of your team and solve the mysterious cases, live the spirit of the Arabs, animate the rustic charm of villages, make merriment along the beachside and show your dancing skills with the neon sticks with Thrillophilia’s corporate theme based events.

  • 01Murder Mysteries

    Dress up as your favourite detective and solve a murder case. You can pair up with other detectives and hunt for clues hidden at the party venue. This tried and tested theme idea for a corporate event delivers every time it is employed and ensures maximum fun and enjoyment!
  • 02Arabian Theme

    This is a very exciting theme idea for a corporate event as it takes you to the fantasy world of Arabian Nights and takes you away from your stressed-out work life in Bangalore. The ambience and the food is arranged to go with the theme. The invitations are sent out on cut outs of a lamp, thus setting the mood for your party.
  • 03Village Themed Evenings

    Recreate the rustic beauty of rural India at your party in Bangalore! With guests turning up in the rural costumes of different parts of India and the ambience and food set to match the tempo of the party, your evening becomes very enjoyable. The music is also tuned into your theme to ensure that you have a fun-filled evening.
  • 04Beach Theme

    Bring out those beach shirts and shorts and get some flower garlands and get ready for some beach fun without even having to go to a beach. Exotic music and food keep the tempo high of the party. The beach theme is one of the most popular themes for team events.
  • 05Neon Light Theme

    Enjoy a night of dancing to some great music in a neon light theme party. Arm yourself with a glow stick and dab some glow paint on and get ready to have fun at a neon light party. With some great music playing in the background, you party will take off! 
  • 06Endurance Run

    One of the most popular activities from Thrillophilia’s sports theme based events basket-Endurance run tests the physical capacity, stamina and agility of a person. The activities which involve running, cycling etc focus on building team spirit, endurance and competence.
  • 07Drum Circle Events

    Focusing on the importance of building harmony and sense of community, the drum circle event is conducted. A very effective tool in building team spirit and harmony, drum circles involves beating of a drum by several individuals at the same time. They are asked to find a rhythm and then play together.
  • 08Junkyard Wars

    This theme for team events tests the resourcefulness of an individual and his bonding with his teammates. In this game, two teams are asked to make a weapon out of scrap that they collect from a junkyard. After a stipulated time, they are asked to produce the weapons they made and the best man wins.
  • 09Scavenger Hunt

    Scavenger hunt is one of those insanely fun theme based events wherein two teams are given a list of items that they need to collect without spending any money. The first team to collect all items is declared the winner. This game tests the team spirit and promotes team building. 
  • 10Corporate Battlefield

    Battle out your corporate opponents in a corporate battlefield! This theme based event focuses on the team spirit and strategizing abilities and hence is extremely helpful in promoting bonding and coordination among team members.

    Such activities are extremely helpful in promoting leadership qualities in an individual and working with the team for the achievement of a goal. Through such activities individuals learn more about cohesiveness and the impact of coordinated teamwork on the result.

  • 11Beach Olympics

    Bring out the athlete in you for a day of beach Olympics. This theme based activity is a simulation of the Olympics and involves various events which challenged the physical strength, stamina and performance levels of an individual and boosts up the team spirit. It also involves team activities which promote team building and team spirit by throwing challenges at two teams and putting them in a head on competition for victory.