30 Offbeat Activities Every Adventure Addict Must Have On Their Bucketlist

The desire to be adventurous is something that most of us posses innately. However, in our busy schedules, we might give up that desire way too easily. Travel is the greatest adventure known to mankind – going to a new land, adapting to the culture there, trying out different cuisines, and what not!
However, for the souls that have a lot of adrenaline rush, adventure means something that would make your hearts beat faster and your spine go chill – worry not, we have compiled a list of 30 adventurous things that you must do before you die. Read on to know more

1. Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving over Palm Islands, Dubai would already be in the wish list of many travel enthusiasts. Apart from being the lifestyle-oriented city that offers a lot of shopping experience, Dubai is also a city that has adventurous activities like sky diving.
If you have never done sky diving, Dubai is the best place to dive for the first time. While the experience can be a little scary for the first time, the euphoric feeling you get while doing it is priceless. If you are an experienced skydiver, you will all the more enjoy the experience. What’s more, Dubai is a great place to travel as well.

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2. Climb The Cotton Castle in Pamukkale, Turkey

The petrified water falls in Pamukkale is quite stunning. Climbing to the cotton castle in Turkey amidst these lovely waterfalls that are aqua and turquoise in color is both a beautiful as well as an exciting experience that you will never forget.
The cotton castles are nothing but a series of beautiful terraces that were created by limestone deposits. If you love ancient ruins, hiking, and bouldering, this place is the one you should be visiting. Furthermore, Turkey as such has a lot to explore and discover for tourists. Therefore, you can just blindly take a trip to this place.

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3. Manali-Leh-Srinagar Bike Trip

For the biking and racing enthusiasts, we recommend the Manali-Leh-Srinagar Bike Trip. This trip is not only adventurous and challenging, but you will also feel that the trip is extremely beautiful. Thanks to the picturesque beauty of these localities.

This trip would be an astounding activity that will take you to near the snow-clad peaks through tough terrains and adventurous trails. On the way, you can see the pristine Pangong Tso Lake and the Nubra Valley. Trekking and hiking in this area is one kind of adventure, but biking is an all together a different and more adventurous game. What are you waiting for? Grab your bike and breathe the adventure.

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4. Sea Canoeing in Phuket

Sea kayaking and sea canoeing are some of the best activities that you can do in Thailand. Sea Canoeing is an adventurous activity for people of all ages. You will enjoy the beautiful views of the various islands while you are canoeing. The experience you get is something that you cannot forget.
If you are travelling with your family to Phuket, sea canoeing is an adventure activity that we would recommend for all your family members. While solo adventure is an amazing feeling, being adventurous with family is an all together splendid experience. Go ahead and plan your Phuket tour right away.

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5. Live the Life of an F1 racer in Singapore

One of the most exciting outdoor activities to do in Singapore is to live the life of an F1 racer. If you are a racing enthusiast, just rev up the engine and you can unleash the power of fancy, sports cars, like Ferrari or Lamborghini, on the Singapore’s Formula One circuit. This is one of the most interesting adventurous anyone can experience. Just cruise along the track for a turbocharged ride for a couple of hair-raising laps.
Singapore is an amazing place to tour around. Therefore, the whole trip is worth taking as you will not only quench your thirst for adventure, but will also be a power-packed vacation.

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6. Snorkeling in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another beautiful country that water sports enthusiasts will love. From scuba diving to snorkeling, you would have a series of adventurous activities to explore and experiment. We recommend snorkeling in places to Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Unawatuna, etc. The island’s colorful, marine life will floor you over.
You would definitely love the beaches here. What’s more, Sri Lanka has rich, cultural heritage as well so your trip would be complete with a lots of adventure sports and tourism. Getting a Sri Lankan visa is also quite an easy, hassle free process. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have fun!

7. Scuba Scooter in Mauritius

Underwater scooter riding is an amazing adventure that everyone should try. If you have already tried scuba diving, snorkeling, etc., scuba scooter is the best, unique sport out there that you can try out. This can be done solo, as a couple, or with a group.
Based on your preferences, you can do this. Mauritius is a beautiful place to travel to. There are lots of interesting water activities out there apart from Scuba Scooter. However, we recommend the scuba scooter due to its popularity in this place and the fun experience that it offers. So, don’t forget to add Scuba Scooter to the list of things you must be doing in Mauritius.

8. Scuba Diving in Andaman

If you are someone who prefers swimming, your immediate answer to adventure would be water sports. What can be more adventurous to you than scuba diving in the oceanic beauty of the Andaman Islands?
In the tropical islands of Andaman, you can relish the beauty of marine life by diving underwater. Don’t worry if you are a non-swimmer – scuba diving can be done by non-swimmers as well. Irrespective of your level of diving and swimming, you are bound to enjoy diving in Andaman. This is indeed an once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Therefore, make scuba diving in Andaman the top thing in your bucket list.

9. Parasailing in Malaysia

Malaysia is truly a beautiful country to travel to. While most of us know about the tourism of Malaysia, their cuisine, and festivals, what most people didn’t know is that Malaysia has a lot of adventure and water sports to try. From rafting to parasailing, the options are countless. If you love parasailing or if you are interested to try it out, we suggest you try it out in Malaysia.
The country offers not only exquisite tourism, but also an amazing experience to parasailing enthusiasts. Paragliding is another sport that you must try when you are here.

10. White Water Rafting in Rishikesh

We all would have heard people rave about this, and the place is indeed worth raving about. While Rishikesh is considered to be one of the most holy spots in the country, it is also famous for the White Water Rafting activities. For a true rafting experience, we recommend this place.
Irrespective of whether you have done rafting or not before, this place will help in creating beautiful and adventurous experience. There are a lot of levels and difficulties that you can pick based on your stamina, experience, and desire. What’s more, you will have a lifetime experience here. So, don’t miss this!

11. Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

Are you visiting New Zealand? Are you interested in adventure sports? Well, then go ahead and try bungee jumping. Considered as one of the most exciting adventure activity, Bungee Jumping is something that you must try at least once in your life. And, the bungee jumping lovers say that it’s a bug and you would want to do it again and again.

New Zealand is one of the favorite places for bungee jumping enthusiasts. The cliff jump experience makes the whole activity all the more adventurous. When planning your New Zealand tour package, consider adding a bungee jumping experience to your itinerary. There are a variety of bungee jumping experiences to pick from while you are in New Zealand, ranging from jumps off iconic bridges to leaps from towering cliffs, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping adventure for thrill-seekers.

12. Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

Nothing can beat the incandescent beauty of the snow capped mountains. Trekking to the intrinsic beauty of Mt. Everest is indeed super adventurous. While you need to train yourselves well with a couple of normal treks before taking the Mt. Everest trek, the while experience is worth it.
The snow-capped mountains and the challenging trails will make the whole trekking experience a beautiful as well as an exciting one. While trekking itself is adventurous, you can also travel to Nepal to experience the country’s local culture, food, and lifestyle. Club the Nepal tour with your Everest trek, and trust us, you will not forget this trip for a lifetime.

13. La Tomatina in Spain

Haven’t we all been obsessed with travelling to Spain since Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? Well, remember the Tomato Festival? Yes, the Spanish equivalent for our very own Holi – La Tomatina – is something that one must experience in life before he/she dies.
The earlier the better – so if a Europe trip is on your mind, plan it around La Tomatina. Mercilessly throwing Tomatoes around, jumping, and dancing – well, this definitely sounds like a great adventure – isn’t it? Go ahead and enjoy the fest and some Spanish Tango in this beautiful country.

14. Bathe in Budapest, Hungary

Thermal baths are quite famous in Budapest. Therefore, if a Hungary trip is on cards, then do include the thermal bath into the list of things to do. While one might ask what is so adventurous about bathing – well, just go around and try bathing in 125 thermal springs – you will know.
For all those who love the head rush that you get after having a bubble bath – well, that’s what you will get when you bathe in these thermal springs in Budapest. Sounds interesting? Well, it is interesting to try as well! In short, a Hungary trip is incomplete without a Budapest Bath.

15. Be Soaked By The Haro Wine Festival in Spain

Another Spanish festival that you must not miss is the Haro Wine Fest. If you are a wine lover, then this activity is your paradise. When we say soak, we literally mean soaking oneself head-to-toe in wine. From drinking competitions and contests to throwing wine on each other, you will definitely enjoy this fest out and out.
This festival happens around the time of bullfighting, so you can plan the trip around that time. Now, you have more reasons to take that Spain trip.

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16. Sleep in an Aero Plane, Ice Hotel, or Tree House in Sweden

Planning to visit Sweden? Well, if you think Sweden is just an eye-candy, you are completely wrong. The country has a lot to offer adventure-wise as well. To start with, skip luxurious hotels or home stays, and opt for staying in Aero Plane, Ice Hotel, or Tree House in Sweden.
Swedish accommodations are extraordinary – from igloos to limestone quarries – the options to stay are a plenty. Water, Ice, Sand – you name it, you get that kind of accommodation. So, what are you waiting for? Just to have an adventurous stay experience, Sweden trip is worth taking. Of course, needless to say, there are a lot of things that you would love to do in and around Sweden.

17. Play With Fire At Spain’s Las Fallas

Spain seems to be the master of all things adventurous. When in the country, do not miss out on Las Fallas. One of the most challenging, scary, as well as adventurous festival in the world is Las Fallas. The locals call it the “Fallas Fiesta.” This takes place in the place called Valencia from 15th to the 19th of March every year. It is undoubtedly a festival that attracts many tourists to the country.
Irrespective of whether you are going to simply watch or play with the fire in the festival, this festival is something that you must try at least once in your lifetime.

18. Festa De São João Do Porto

Also known as The Hammer Festival – the Festa de São João do Porto is an adventurous festival that you must not miss while in Portugal. Are you wondering what this festival is all about? Thousands of people visit the São João’ during this fete. With roots in pagan courtship rituals, the festival is all about hitting each other either with garlic flowers or soft plastic hammers.
Sounds funny yet exciting right? Well, why not give it a try? Trust us, you would fall in love with the rituals and the quirky fest.

19. Ride An Ostrich in Oudtshoorn

Riding a horse itself is an adventurous activity – imagine riding an Osstrich! Well, sound exciting already? Located in Cango Valley, the Ostrich Safari experience in Oudtshoorn is a lovely experience. Here you will not only ride an ostrich but will also be able to witness ostriches in various growing stages.
Doesn’t this seem like an experience that you should do at least once? Well, go ahead and add this Ostrich Safari to the list of things to do in South Africa. However, we must warn you that the Ostrich ride is not for the faint hearts – yes, it is something for the adventurous souls out here.

20. Climb to The Highest of The Drakensberg Mountains

Climb Mafadi, the highest of the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. If you are a lover of trekking, hiking, and the likes, then this will definitely interest you. Both the visitors from South Africa as well as overseas tourists prefer hiking to these mountains a lot more than any other activity out there.
Therefore, forget the conventional South Africa trip and plan an offbeat, adventurous one now. The climb, however, is not as easy as it sounds. It varies from easy scrambles to severe challenges. Therefore, make sure that you are well-equipped with good trekking skills beforehand.

21. Safari in The Hluhluwe & Imfolozi National Parks

How can we list adventurous things without listing National Parks and Wildlife? Well, our top recommendation for wildlife lovers is the safari in the the Hluhluwe & Imfolozi National Parks. From Lions to Rhino, these national parks have all the big reserve animals.
You can pick one of the safari options and explore the park for a whole day. What’s more, if you are a photography enthusiasts, you can also go in for a 3-day safari that includes night stay around this area. Sound adventurous, isn’t it?

22. Kite Surfing in Bali

One of the famous adventurous activities that people love to do when they are in Bali is Kite Surfing. If you are already trained in Kite Surfing, you can just rent the equipments here and go ahead with the adventurous sport. However, if you are beginner to this activity, there are a lot of trainers who would help you understand and learn this beautiful yet exciting sport.
An amazing surface water sport, Kite Surfing combines various aspects of water activities like wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, etc. This is easily one of the most adventurous things that you would do in your life.

23. Kayak With Crocodiles in South Africa

Kayaking, by itself, is an interesting activity. However, Kayaking with crocodiles can be an altogether splendid, yet adventurous, experience. Ha! Worry not, there won’t be crocodiles as such, but there is going to be only a fiber glass separation between your boat and crocodiles.
Sound safe yet scary right? Well, this is an amazing opportunity to get some chills run on your spine. This one-of-its-kind experience is something that you can find only in South Africa. As we said earlier, go ahead and plan an adventurous South Africa tour for your next vacation.

24. Microlight Flight Near Durban

We can see the flying enthusiasts cribbing about us not listing any flying adventures. Worry not! We have the best recommendation for you. Microlight flight in Durban is something that one must never miss out.
Located in Kenya, this flying experience attracts a lot of tourists. It is just a 20 minute ride, but something that you will cherish for a lifetime. The ride is along the scenic coastline of Kwazulu Natal. You don’t need any experience to fly, so anyone with a bit of adventurous soul can try this out without any hesitation. So, go ahead and add this to your bucket list.

25. Visit Cango Caves

While you are at South Africa, you got to visit the Congo Caves. This is like a mandatory thing, isn’t it? The Cango Caves are located in Precambrian Lime Stones. This is at the foothills of the famous Swartberg range near the town of Oudtshoorn.
Therefore, you can club the Ostrich Ride with this cave exploration adventure. If you are wondering what can be so adventurous about a cave exploration – let’s just give one spoiler – you will enter a wonderland in the underground of Cango Caves. Sound interesting enough?

26. Dive With Great White Sharks

Visiting Cape Town? Well, we have an adventurous activity for you! Dive with the great white sharks! Yes, diving by itself is adventurous – add some white sharks to it – sounds amazing, isn’t it? The Ultimate Great White Shark Cage Diving experience is where you get to dive with sharks, but worry not, you will be caged.
Yes, the sharks won’t be, but you will be – all the more adventurous, isn’t it? Well, this is something that you should not miss at all. So, we recommend you to try this the next time you plan a South Africa trip.

27. Kart Racing on Ice in Finland

Source : Wikimedia Commons

Karting is adventurous! What’s more adventurous? Karting on Ice. Yes, that’s what Finland offers to you. Kart racing is something that you would enjoy to the core in Finland.
In simple terms, The Ice Kart Racing has the same elements as a real formula race, but it takes place on an ice rink. Awesome, isn’t it? So, go ahead and unleash the racer in you and just glide over ice in Finland. Ah, too adventurous, already packing your bags for the Finland trip? Well, we are!

28. Biplane Flight in Romania

Another flying adventure for all the flight enthusiasts out here is the biplane flight in Romania. Biplane Flight in Romania is something that you can take with your significant other. Yes, if both of you are into adventure, take the Vintage Biplane Flight in Romania over the Dracula’s Tomb.
The thrill of aviation is incomparable and inexplicable. Therefore, go ahead and have fun flying high and creating an experience of a lifetime.

29. Base Flight in Berlin

Ah, while Berlin has a lot to offer to its tourists, if asked to pick one adventurous activity, we will recommend the Base Flight experience. How many movies glorify and rave about base flying? Well, if you do base flying once, you will definitely rave about it.
One of the well-known and interesting places to do base flying, Berlin offers some of the best adventurous activities in the world. So, if Berlin trip is in cards, then base flying should definitely be a part of it. Go ahead and unleash the adventurous soul that’s hidden inside you. Trust us, you will love the experience totally.

30. Grand Canyon Hike

Last but not the least – this is already in bucket list for a billion of travelers across the world – The Grand Canyon Hike! Well, train for it, and do it! This is once-in-a-lifetime experience that you would never want to miss. One of the natural wonders, Grand Canyon is as mighty as it sounds. So, don’t even have second thoughts about this hike – because it is worth it.
Plan, save, and prepare yourself for this grand hike. Irrespective of your country, age, or gender, the Grand Canyon will make you unstoppably fall in love with its gigantic beauty, and trust us, you will not regret adding this to your bucket list, once you finish it.
We hope we added some new travel goals to your existing bucket list. How many of these activities have you already finished? Let us know in the comments section below.

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