5 Best Places to Visit in Trashigang City - 2019 (Photos)
Salt Trek Route
If you have a knack for trekking then you might tour to Bhutan. The whole of Bhutan is a soulful place, and visually pleasing. The salt trek route is a very popular trekking expedition in the kingdom.

Years back when Trashigang to Samdrup Jongkhar national highway was not laid, the villagers use to travel via this route to gather salt and silk from the Samdrup Jongkar town border.The voyage used to take 8 days and thus the trek expedition originated. The journey takes you to through spectacular landscapes of broadleaved forests and alpine pathways.

: Low altitude trek amidst mountain valleys, cute villages and breathtaking fields and meadows. Overnight camping under the Bhutanese air is just what you need to activate your inner soul.

Difficulty level
: Above moderate (highest altitude – 1442 M); steep ascents and descents included

: Cheya (Bhutan)

Best Season
: Late summer (June to September)
Drametse Goemba
One of the largest Nyingma monastery in Bhutan, Drametse Goemba is a place of religious significance. The Drametse literally translates into ‘a peak without enemy’. It was founded in 1511 Ani Choten Zangmo.

The complex houses a gold funeral Chorten and a statue of Pema Lingpa. It also consists of a thondrol depicting Pema Lingpa in a box which only opens up during a yearly festival. Apart from that there are also chapels in remembrance of Palden Lhamo and Tamdrin.

: Partake in the sacred ritual where you can receive a holy thread on making an offering and get blessings by the holy dagger. If you want, you can roll a dice to get the divine reading from their ancient book of divination.

: The monastery is an eighteen kilometre detour and hour drive from the road that takes you to Trashigang from Mongar.

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Trashigang Tshechu Festival
Trashigang Tshechu is one of the prominent festivals which gets held in Trashigang Dzongkhag which is the largest district of Bhutan. The Trashigang Dzong was based on one of the maximum elevated ridges which overlook Dangmechu and Gamrichu. Though all the villages have their own distinctive annual festivals but it is the Tshechu held in Trashigang Dzong which is more attractive. This is a 3 day affair and usually the festival is attended by people from all kinds of communities from various corners of Bhutan.

Usually the preparation of the festivals starts 2 days prior to actual date of the festival. The three day affair consists of ceremonial ablution, rehearsals, preparation and on the last day it concludes with the display of Thongdrol. The celebration is made grander with mask dance performance.

: Sight of Guru Tshengyed, Thongdrol.

Festival time
: In the month of December

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