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Best Places to Visit in Puttalam of 2017

  • 01 Kalpitiya Beach

    Kalpitiya Beach
    Image Credit : Kalpitiya Beach
    Have you ever seen dolphins dancing? Well, on the beaches of Kalpitiya this is an ordinary sight. You simply can’t miss the chance of witnessing the Dolphins jostling and playing in the waters. If you want to have a clear view of these dolphins, you can simply hop onto one of the boat safaris.

    Kalpitiya is a small beach located in the Western Province Puttalam of Sri Lanka. The beach provides a spectacular view of the blue ocean, golden sand and Virgin Island.The Kalpitiya beach never minds boasting of its bar reefs too.

    Highlights: The high speed boat safaris are something which will leave you truly overjoyed especially during the month of November and March. The most watched dolphins are the spinner dolphins along with bottlenose, Risso’s and Indo –Pacific humpback dolphins. Kite surfing is another prominent activity which can be enjoyed here.

  • Nearby Getaways from Puttalam
  • 01 Munnar

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    Kerala is known as God’s own country for the natural beauty and ecological diversity that it is blessed with. Amongst all of the lands beauty of the state is Munnar, a very popular hill station only 127 km from the city of Cochin. With the best places to visit in Munnar, this hill station perched at a height of 5200 ft above sea level is encompassed by scenic hills and greenery and is home to some of the best plantations of the country. Given its atmosphere, it enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, making it a great place to rest in quietude at any given season.

    Apart from rejuvenating in the tranquillity of its nature, Munnar also offers a lot of activities to try during your visit to this hill station. Although only trekking and hiking is popularly known for in this region, what is unknown is that Munnar is a place that also offers a range of adrenaline rushing activities to experience. Mountain biking would be a great option for those comfortable riding up hill, witnessing the beautiful plantations alongside the biking trail. Added new to the list of adventurous activities in Munnar is Paragliding amongst the beautiful hills.

    Apart from all of the things to do, it also has some of the best places to visit in Munnar. Few serene lakes for boating, many picnic spots near waterfalls, parks, dams, wildlife and temples, Munnar will keep you occupied with enough to see. However, a trip to Munnar is incomplete without strolling amidst the tea plantations and trying the local flavours of tea.  

  • 02 Kovalam

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    Kovalam – the beach town located by the beautiful Arabian sea can be found situated within the boundaries of Thiruvananthapuram city of Kerala. There is much incredible beauty that lies within this city. One of the main reasons why this place is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in India is because of its beaches.

    Not many know but there is great historical background pertaining to this beach town. Kovalam first received prominence when the Regent Maharani of Travancore, Sethu Lakshmi Bayi constructed the first beach resort known as the Halcyon Castle during the 1920. The place then started gaining increasing attention as tourists from all over the world started flocking to Kovalam. The major phase where Kovalam shot into limelight was during the 1970’s when hippies all teh way from Ceylon came to Kovalam.

    Like mentioned previously, Kovalam is a popular holiday destination mostly due to the beautiful beaches that it houses. Where there are beaches, there are beach resorts that make up for a very enthralling stay experience in a certain place. The Vizhinjam sea port is located approximately 3km away and is quite popular for the delicious food items that it has to offer. For instance, the wide range of fish items that the tourists will surely love. Apart from that, the ancient hindu temples, the big grandeur churches and the beautiful mosques comprises the spiritual bit of an experience in Kovalam.

    Kovalam gained the title of being the most prominent tourist spot especially during the hippie era. It still continues to hold a great position in terms of being the most popular holiday destination in India. Tourists all the way from Europe and Israel come flocking to this perfect location in hopes of having the time of their lives.
  • 03 Trivandrum

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    Have you travelled to that land made on seven hills by the sea shores, characterized by undulating terrain of low coastal rich green hills, which our father of nation once called, “The Evergreen city”? The tourist places in Trivandrum are amazingly beautiful and will leave you spellbound for sure.


    Trivandrum! Where the rainbow mist covers the mountains of flowers, butterflies color the sky and a breathtaking sight to boast of charming beaches, alluring temples, historic monuments, spectacular palaces, wonderful backwaters, and tea, coffee and spice plantations with a vintage royal taste amalgamated with the harmonious blend of contemporary and modern styles.


    Ruled by lovers of art and architecture, this splendid beach city breathes in its natural and historical significance with lots of facets of a metropolitan culture still clinging back to its cultural roots. Emerged from one story only to delve deep into another, this city glows green in dappled sunlight filtering through dark green trees, greeting the backwaters that open up into the Arabian Sea.


    The tourist places in Trivandrum in houses beautiful places. The old house on the hilltop still wears its steep, gabled roof of fresh memory and the temples have distinctively and remarkably found a golden space in its geography and into the books of history that have already been written or will be.

    Trivandrum has held its beauty over these amorphous years where the memory has only just begun. The capital and the largest city of Kerala, is full of beginnings and no ends, and everything is for forever.

  • 04 Thekkady

  • 05 Galle

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    This historic city of Sri Lanka is located on the country’s southwest coast, and is famous for its portuguese heritage and dutch colonial buildings. The best tourist places in Galle includes grand museums, mansions, churches and mosques. Offering the ocean and pretty sunsets, the beautiful city of Galle was founded by the portuguese in the sixteenth century, and you will find the city embracing its ancient heritage every inch. Galle will remind you of its dutch and portuguese lineage, a town famous for its rich Sri lankan cuisine, pepper pot towers and bastions. The city gives you a Mediterranean feel with its bright sunny skies, beaches and blue waters, rainforests of Kanneliya and Hiyare, the city’s narrow lanes lined with various shops that sell you everything from intricate jewellery to shoes and garments.

    If you visit Galle between November and April, you can drop by a Mirissa to see the largest animal on the planet; a blue whale. For a beach lover who loves the ocean and the warm sun, there’s no better place to go other than this tropical retreat. The rainforests of Kanneliya and Hiyare are famous for the nature walks they offer, you will see small animals and an excellent diversity when it comes to the flora and fauna. To sum it up, the tourist places in Galle offers you a variety like no other place in the country.

    You can explore historical buildings, relax at any beach, go scuba diving, go cliff jumping at Flag Rock, go for safaris, discover the city and its culture on foot, shop artefacts, go for nature walks, and simply relax at your hotel while enjoying the tropical spirit. You can even go on boat trips in the Indian ocean; you may be able to spot humpback whales, dolphins, blue whales, sperm whales etc. The Sri Lankan cuisine has been largely influenced by the Dutch cuisine, as you will find from the dishes.

  • 06 Mirissa

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    Rock gently in the mild breeze, slip into a hammock and crack open a coconut, assuring that the hours, days or may be weeks’ slip by calmly. That’s Mirrisa or for you! It is a small town located on the Southern Cost of Sri Lanka in the Matara District of the Southern Province. Situated at an elevation of 4 meters above the sea level, Mirrisa lies at a distance of about 240 km from Colombo and 4 km south east of Wligama. It is a small yet quickly developing beach of Sri Lanka.

    Modern resorts envelope the beach and there is a myriad of simple cafes along the sand that may well seem to appear and vanish with the tides. At present, the government is taking measures in context to the sand encroaching constructions and has put an absolute ban on it for the time being however, since the tourists visiting here is rising every year, the ban may soon see a lift. None the less, the beach and the nightlife here make it a prominent tourist attraction. Being a massive fishing port, people swamp in large numbers to fish here.  Other activities common here include dolphin and whale watching.  
  • 07 Kandy

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    Rated among the major cities of Sri Lanka, Kandy is a special city. Surrounded by dense forests and mountain ranges, acquiring a height of 500 meters from the sea level, the tourist plces in this town gives you a feeling that you are living in a modern valley. Nature supports this place immensely and makes it the city with a pleasant climate. A city with lakes and special landscapes is always a delight when you plan to spend some romantic evenings and playful late nights while mooning around.

    Kandy has a rich historical background covering the major events of the medieval era and colonial era. Every square inch of this nicely planned town has a piece of Sri Lankan history to share with you. You can feel the pulse of royalty in some colonial architecture and feel the divine blessings while visiting a large temple where science meets religion and together they try to explain the complexity of life. The Colonial-era constructions left an imprint on various cities of the world, current generations term these imprints as "old world charms." While moving in the capacity of a tourist, Kandy gives you this opportunity to capture the old world charm where the ambiance of the city plays a pivotal role and transports you into the world where things were easier and more enjoyable. For many of you, it can also become a travel in time when you will visit this nice city that has a mystique associated with it.

    If you wish to explore the evolution of a cityscape and witness that how historical factors contribute to it, then the town of Kandy is the right place for that. Check out the map of the city drawn in 1815 and visit the present city. You will understand the point that we are trying to make here, also about the tourist places in Kandy. The town of Kandy added a value to its legacy and never changed its roots for the sake of development. This one virtue makes this town worth a visit.

  • 08 Madurai

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    The ancient city of Madurai, located along the Vaigai River, has often been referred to as the Athens of the East and with good reason, courtesy the tourist places in Madurai. It has a long and culturally rich past with numerous temples and monuments standing as evidence of this. You don’t have to go far to see colorful centuries-old structures featuring motifs and deities dominating the skyline in places. One of the oldest cities in India, Madurai today is a heady mix of old and new with temple complexes and traditions living alongside a growing IT industry and increasing modernization.


    Often called the ‘city that never sleeps’, a visit here guarantees to overwhelm your senses with the sheer amount of energy and life present. The next time you’re planning a trip, point your sights towards the south of the country and on to Madurai. The heart of Tamil Nadu will change the way you think and will have you coming back for more. We’ve compiled a list of essential what-to-knows and the tourist places in Madurai to help you get the most out of your trip. Go through them so that you know the best places to visit, things to do and eateries to dine at. Madurai awaits so begin planning your holiday!

  • 09 Kanyakumari

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    Kanyakumari, which was formerly known as Cape Comorin, is the southernmost point of Indian Peninsula. Located at the confluence of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, it has been a centre for art and religion for centuries. Kanyakumari derives its name from the virgin goddess, Devi Kanya Kumari, believed to be the protector of the shores, who also has a temple consecrated here. Known for its seaside allure, this town is located in Tamil Nadu and there are a lot of tourist places in Kanyakumari which offer a quiet and peaceful time. Its beauty lies in its wealthy cultural heritage, ancient temples, multicoloured sands and dramatic sunsets and sunrises. During certain periods of the year, one can see the sunset and moonrise simultaneously over the three water bodies.


    The picture-perfect retreat is definitely a hot favourite among tourists but there are a lot of things to do here. For thrillseekers listening to the call of nature, there are several activities such as trekking, biking, swimming & surfing that can be enjoyed for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Often bypassed as a holiday spot owing to the proximity of more popular destinations in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari has a subtle charm that can be felt from the very moment you step here. You can also take some important weekend getaways from here, that would allow you to embark on soul stirring journeys across the vast landscape of Tamil Nadu, that is extremely diverse, with rolling hills and serene waters captivating tourists since forever. Nevertheless, with long stretches of sand, the beaches of Kanyakumari offer a warm welcome to the guests, into an atmosphere of peace, calm and higher thinking. Adding to this charm, are some of the historic temples, monuments and places that showcase the socio-cultural richness of the place.


    Places here have a dreamy sense about them, that creates a very romantic setting somehow. Hotels have timeless seaside view, making it a perfect spot for holidaymakers. Moreover, they are well-equipped with modern amenities, therefore making them well-placed in the hospitality sector. There are all kinds of restaurants here, serving delicious South Indian and Continental cuisines. This mystical land is all about stunning sunsets, walk by the waters, eating coastal food and relishing the thrill of being in such a geographical wonder. Kanyakumari is a delight to say the least, and it is all natural, all charming, especially the tourist places in Kanyakumari.

  • 10 Periyar

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    Periyar – popularly known as the Spice Village is situated in the outlying suburbs of Kerala. The picturesque destination is surrounded by small, captivating cottages amidst the spice gardens of Kerala. Tourist places in Periyar bestows you with an ethnic feel with its distinguishing feature of being a place which is not flanked with noise and pollution. This serene, tranquil destination is an ideal location for those who are looking to rest in the midst of nature. The lush and greenery with cool atmosphere make this place a calm location. The tiny cottages endow Periyar with a certain charm that you would find nowhere else giving you the feel of homeliness and harmony. There are various spots which you can explore in Periyar.


    Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous wildlife sanctuary that covers about 777 sq km in Thekkady and is considered the most charming natural sanctuary. Surrounded by deep forests, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is also a Tiger Reserve. Aside from various animals, the most enthralling feature of the sanctuary are the gigantic elephants frisking in the water.


    Periyar River also known as Vandiperiyar flows throughout the center of the village providing sustenance to various tea and coffee plantations across. Vandiperiyar is surrounded with loads of tea factories flanking the tourists to visit the spot to taste the wondrous types of tea and coffee. Pullumedu quarries along the course of Periyar River. Pullumedu offers a good destination sight at various plantations, lush green vegetation, shrubs, vast spread lawns and greenery. There is also a popular Shree Ayyappa Temple located on the course of Pullumedu. The rare surrounding and vibrant ambiance make it the most tranquil destinations in Periyar. The densely covered forest in Pullumedu endows the feeling of belonging.


    The village of Periyar is considered to be amongst the chief attractions of Kerala and counted among the best tourist places in Periyar. Periyar with its wildlife and remarkable natural setup adds beauty and charisma to the beautiful state of Kerala.

  • 11 Kodaikanal

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    Kodaikanal, the princess of hill station, is mainly known for being honeymoon destinations among other places in India. This is the most suitable and beautiful destination in the south of India because of its scenic beauty which leaves the visitors awestruck with memorable experiences.The meaning of tourist places in kodaikanal is the gift of the forest and it contains some dense forest with enormous varieties of trees, enchanting waterfalls and huge rocks. Situated in the hills of Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu, the Kodaikanal contains a huge history as a retreat and popular tourist destination. There are many locals name that are given to this beautiful town, but the most popular is “place to see in summer”.The queen of mountain destinations is also known as the “gift of God” because of its gifted lakes and hills.The beautiful place of Kodaikanal welcomes you with a fall in the temperature accompanied by scenic beauty. The Switzerland of the east is home to varieties of adventures and exciting things to do and places to visit.


    Kodaikanal, the town of romance, gives you a new feeling every time you go sightseeing to different places with its pure and untouched nature’s beauty and makes you feel a step closer to the glory of Mother Nature. Kodaikanal attracts a huge number of tourists and travellers along with adventurers both national and international every year.The king of romantic places, Kodaikanal is one of the best places to visit in the south region. We all know Tamil Nadu is the king of South India and hence the town of Kodaikanal adds a little more litter into its glory. The town is not only just meant for newly married couples but also you can visit the tourist places in Kodaikanal town with your family and enjoy the various sports and adventure provided by this mesmerizing and beautiful town.

  • 12 Dambulla

  • 13 Bentota

  • 14 Kitulgala

  • 15 Idukki

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