Top 10 Places In Kerala Which Proves It Is A Coastal Paradise

Kerala, also known as God’s own country, is in the Southern part of India (Southwestern, to be precise). Not so surprisingly, Kerala indeed looks heavenly, with so many landscapes and greenery all around it. Palm Beaches, backwaters, tea plantations on beautiful mountains…that’s serenity right there! So, what do you do with a place so beautiful? Explore it to your heart’s content of course! And you can take our word for it, it won’t disappoint you. Words can express how beautiful Kerala is. But numbers can! So, we give it a 10/10!
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Here Are The Top 10 Places To Visit In Kerala:

1. Kovalam- For beach lovers

If you love beaches, there is no way you can hate Kovalam. Arguably the best beach in Kerala and one of the best beach location in Kerala, Kovalam is its own paradise. With multiple beaches and activities in this place, say good-bye to boredom. Be it water sports, ayurvedic treatments or massages, there is never a dull moment in Kovalam. Lighthouse beach is one of the most famous beaches in Kovalam.

How To Reach: Extremely close to both the railway and airport (15 kms from each). So, reaching here is pretty easy.

2. Varkala- Beauty meets horizon

One of the best seasides in the country, Varkala has greenery on one side and cliffs on the other. Sounds enchanting, right? With loads of water-sports and activities all around it, you will not forget this piece of unique place in Kerala. One of the best sunset points, this place also has a lot of cultural ties to it.

How To Reach: Trivandrum Airport is 50 kms from this place. The railway station is also close by.

3. Kannur – Coastal heaven

Popular as a weaving town, this small and breathtaking place still has a lot of colonial beauty attached to it.  Cashew plantations and a lot of other beautiful temples, Kannur is sure to take your breath away if you are looking for an escape and explore a small town on your own.

How To Reach: Kannur Railway Station is the closest and a major railway station.

4. Kasargod- Paradise on earth

The embodiment of coastal lands of Kerala, this beautiful place is situated in between the Western Ghats. Arabian sea-facing on the other side, it is a perfect place for all your photoshoots and social media shenanigans. Be it the temples or the scenic beauty, Kasargod is one of the few places no one would mind going over and over again!

How To Reach: Kasargod Rail Station is the closest.

5. Kizhunna- Solitary Pleasure

If you like beaches and hate crowds, this one’s for you! With a twin beach, and loads of activities, this is one of the lesser known beaches of Kerala. Secluded and peaceful, it also has a couple of museums for the folks who like to look into the past.

How To Reach: Kannur happens to be the closest railway station to Kizhunna.

6. Thrissur- Waterfalls and Beauty

Known as the cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur boasts of waterfalls and beaches alike. Visit this place just after the or during the monsoon to enjoy the picturesque waterfalls of kerala. You can also visit Thrissur during the April to May window to enjoy the Thrissur Pooram Festival.

How To Reach: Thrissur Railway station is the closest and can be reached easily from any major station Kerala.

7. Poovar- Classy Resort Stays

Source : Tripadvisor

If you are looking for classy stays at resorts, this is the place you have to be! Situated in Trivandrum, it has a beautiful scenic view with loads of resorts facing the sea. If you are planning only for a time away and yet stay inside, there is no better place than this. Visit this place during the autumn-winter season for a perfect stay!

How To Reach: The distance between Thiruvananthapuram railway station to Poovar is 55 kilometers.

8. Kuttanad- Rural charm and backwaters

If you are looking for a peaceful and enchanting rural side of Kerala, this is it. Kerala is famous for its farmland surrounded by canals and inland waterways. If that is what you seek, Kuttanad will enchant you like no other! Its rural beauty can mesmerize anyone who lands up there!

How To Reach: Alappuzha is the closest railway station.

9. Munroe Island- Boat Races

Source : Tripadvisor

If the first thing that pops into your head are the boat races every time someone mentions Kerala, Munroe Islands is what you are looking for! A beautiful rural landscape with thatched roofs, lagoons, canals, coconut trees and boat races in September, you can visit this slice of heaven throughout the year. Avoid monsoons though! It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

How To Reach: Munroe Island Railway Station is the closest.

10. Kavvayi Backwaters- Where fun begins

One of the largest backwaters in the state, third to be precise, do not tick this off from your list unless you visit it! Locally known as Kavvayi Kayal, you can stay in houseboats and even take a cruise on it, visiting the nearby areas of the backwater channel. Now, how cool is that!

How To Reach: Payyanur is the closest station to reach Kavvayi.
so, that’s our list for the top places to visit in Kerala and appreciate its backwaters and coastal paradises. If you find some other places, let us know and help out your fellow travelers. Keep traveling, exploring and seeking that thrill you always were born to!

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