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    The pristine waters off the shores of Brunei are perfect to explore its flora and fauna. The best places to do some scuba diving is the interiors of Blue Water Wreck and Cement Wreck. Since underwater photography has become popular, this is a holy ground for such individuals. You may be able to spot a rich biodiversity of fish and other creatures, if lucky. Also, the famous oil rig, Rig Reef, is worth a visit.

    There are eco-tours to the Belalong National Park, along the Belalong River, in the Borneo rainforest, where you can take a leisurely tour and a canopy walk through the forest cover, in the hope of discovering some new species of wildlife! You may also take an upstream Longboat trip to Ulu Temburong National Park.

    Brunei is known for its flavoursome street food that can be bought from street hawkers in the Lim Ah Siaw market. The characteristically crowded complex has delicious pork dumplings, pork buns and pork belly that you can savour. 

    1. Kg Kianggeh Open Air Market

    2. Tamu Kianggeh

    Image Credits : Stenfan Krasowski - Flickr

    3. Water Village

    Image Credits : Stephane Enten - Flickr

    4. Serasa Beach



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