Sharavathi Valley formed by the river Sharavathi is part of the Western Ghats. It is an ideal destination to explore, discover, and have a mesmerising experience in the tranquil surroundings. The valley can be seen on the way from Jog falls (or Sagar) to Honnavara.

Sharavathi Valley is a collective vast area that hosts innumerable streams that culminate in the majestic Sharavathi. Several magnificent waterfalls adorn the area. The major waterfalls are at Gudanagundi, Belligundi, Dabbe, Bhimeshwara.

Meghane is the highest peak in the whole range of Sharavathi Valley, and from the top, one can have a breathtaking panoramic view of Sharavati valley and also the Arabian Sea. Forests of Kanur are part of this vast valley, and there is an old fort in the forest, which has been discovered only by a handful of people.

The high-land hill called Basavanabayi has a temple on the peak, stream glides across the temple. A waterfall provides the backdrop to this peak.

The valley predominantly comprises of evergreen to semi-evergreen forest along with moist deciduous type of forests. One can also find patches of scrub savannah, grasslands, marshy areas and plantation of acacia, cash crops like areca and rubber.

One of the trekking trail starts from Karni. You can reach Karni from Bangalore via Kargal. A jeep trail leads you to Karni from Kargal. Trek along the Belligundi stream from Karni to reach the top of a fall, enjoy the splendid surrounding, and trek to Padubeedu, where you can camp at a tribal house. You can follow a trekking trail that leads you to the base of Belligundi falls, and then trek back to Padubeedu.

Exact Location: Sharavathi Valley is situated in Gubbagodu near Sagar. District: Shimoga (Gubbagoda actual camping site)

Nearest Town: Sagar (20+ km)

Distance from Bangalore: 350+ km

How to Reach: Bangalore - Tumkur - Arasikere - Shimoga - Sagar - Gubbagodu

Buses are available from Bangalore to Sagar. Reaching Sagar, one can catch a local bus to Gubbagodu. Gubbagodu is 20+ km from Sagar.

Trek Length: 3 km. Rest of the adventure is of water sports.

Best Time to Visit: November to May, though can be visited all round the year.

Other Attractions in the Vicinity

Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary: Declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1972, Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is part of Sharavathi river basin. Its spread in over an area of 431.23 km. The sanctuary comprises of thick evergreen and semi-evergreen forests. The altitude in the sanctuary varies from 94 to 1102 meters. The highest point is the Devarakonda on the southern edge of the sanctuary. Its rich in both flora and fauna. The sanctuary also includes a large part of the Linganamakki reservoir formed by the dam constructed on Sharavathi River by Karnataka Power Corp.