Revanasiddesh Betta is a weekend getaway pretty popular with rock climbers.

Revanasiddesh Betta is situated 51 kms from Bangalore. It has amazing rocky climbs which make the trek a roller coaster ride. Besides that, it is also a centre for silk marketing. These hills are also known for being granite reserves. Ramanagaram came to be known so because of the presence of Ramadevara Betta outside the town. The hill of Revanasiddeshwara Betta is located 3066 feet above the sea surface. A temple greets you at the top of the hill. It is called Sri Rama temple and it is located besides a small pond. There is a lot to explore in this place right from the Tipu Sultan and Gangas to Kempegowda. The breath taking views from the top are engaging making the climb worth all the effort. A part of the seven hills doting the landscape, Revanasiddeshwara Betta is a spectacularly splendid hill.

How to Reach

Bangalore ’ Ramnagar ’ Revanasiddesh Betta

Exact Location: It is located in Ramanagra near Bangalore.

Nearest Town: Ramnagar (2 km), Bangalore (51 km)

Distance from Bangalore: 51 km

Other Information

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