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Sonapur Resorts

Dichang Resort, Panacea-The Village, Brahmaputra Jungle Resort, Aarian Woods Resort, Orange Resort, Atithya Resort, and many more.

From families to friend groups; from luxury lodgings to budget accommodations- there is a Sonapur Resort to cater everyone’s tastes and requirements. The charming little town in Assam, with its modern as well as traditional resort options, welcomes travelers and wanderers from all across the country.

The resorts in Sonapur offer accommodations fit for all budget ranges. From lavish, opulent stay offered by Brahmaputra Resort or Spring Valley Resort, to a more homely lodging at Panacea or Deka Saang, you can never run out of options to choose from here.

The idyllic setting of the Sonapur resort Guwahati also provides a fantastic romantic refuge for holidaying couples. From the riverside charm of the Silk Route Spa and Resort to the more rustic beauty of Rudraksha, the intimate charm of the resorts here is practically unmissable. A number of resorts here, such as the PRP Valley Resort and the Dichang Resort, also offer adventure sport opportunities, allowing its guests to enjoy the natural terrain of Guwahati.

Here are some of the best resorts in Sonapur:


Dichang Resort

Dichang Resort
One of the finest budget resorts in Sonapur, Dichang offers a quality heritage stay to its guests. Apart from their charming, delightfully equipped rooms, Dichang offers 7 cottage suites for lodging. All rooms and cottages are well furnished and fitted with necessary amenities.

The food served at the restaurant here are made out of fresh, locally sourced ingredients, while the open bar by the resort lawns promises a rejuvenating experience. Dichang Resort also organizes a number of adventure activities for its guests, such as fishing expeditions, river cruises, hikes and more.

Location: NH37, Pator Kuchi, Sonapur, Assam 781402

Popular amenities here include:
Brahmaputra river cruise
Nature trails
Children’s playground
Game stadium
Tribal dance programs


Panacea-The Village

Panacea-The Village
As suggested by its name, Panacea seeks to recreate an authentic Assamese village stay experience.  For an authentic tribal experience, Panacea is the best resort in Sonapur. The enchanting woods, rolling green meadows, and serene lake at the heart of the resort offers a tranquil sojourn in the lap of nature.

The property offers well furnished rooms fitted with all necessary amenities including television sets, intercom, telephone, mini bars and attached bathrooms. The Resort also has an adventure park of its own offering a number of fun attractions such as ziplining, archery, sling walks and so on. 

Location: Erabari, Borkhat, Sonapur, Sonapur, Assam 782402

Popular amenities here include:
Ethnic dining
Adventure Park
Children’s playground
Indoor games room

Brahmaputra Jungle Resort

Brahmaputra Jungle Resort
The best resort in Sonapur offering an authentic jungle stay experience, Brahmaputra Jungle Resort nestled amidst the vast tea gardens of Assam. Flanked by the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary on the rear side, the Resort offers a much-needed natural retreat. The resort offers 18 rooms for stay, including standard rooms and cottages.

This Sonapur resort also keeps a number of different animals on its grounds, adding to the charm of the place. The Resort has an in-house restaurant of its own, serving delectable Indian delights. A number of different adventure activities are also organized here, such as rappelling, boating, archery, trampolining, and much more.

Location: Near Laxmi Bai Institute of Physical Education, Tapesia, Kamarkuchi, Sonapur, Guwahati, Assam 782402

Popular amenities here include:
Swimming Pool
Adventure Park
Jungle safaris
Horseback Rides

Aarian Woods Resort

Aarian Woods Resort
Located far away from the bustle of the busy city life, Aarian Woods seeks to create a luxury retreat in a natural setting. The setting of the resort amidst vast tea gardens offers a fantastic natural respite. This Sonapur Resort prides in its studio apartment styled rooms, providing maximum comfort. The cottages are well equipped with all necessary amenities. 

Location: Tepesia Sonapur, Guwahati, Assam 782402

Popular amenities here include:
Traditional Axomiya dining
Handloom store
Children’s Playground


Atithya Resort

Atithya Resort
A laidback facility with humble rooms, Atithya Resort is an ideal choice for lazy weekend getaways. The rooms in the accommodation are well-furnished and equipped with all necessary  modern amenities. With its spacious rooms and intimate setting, Atithya Resort is a popular choice for family vacations. This Sonapur resort in Guwahati is more popularly known for its in-house restaurant, serving impeccable Indian delights.

Location: Guwahati, NH37 Patarkuchi Road Patarkuchi, Jorabat, Tepesia, Assam 782402

Popular amenities here include:
Outdoor dining


Spring Valley Resort

Spring Valley Resort
One of the most popular luxury resorts in Sonapur, this lavish accommodation seeks to provide its guests with a world class experience. The opulently furnished resort rooms here are fitted with all necessary amenities such as telephone services, satellite television, tea and coffee makers and so on.

The beautiful lawns of the resort offer a much-needed natural respite.  A number of different outdoor activities and games can be enjoyed here. The much lauded, multicuisine restaurant housed within the resort is extremely popular with guests.

Location: Kamarkuchi, Sonapur, Guwahati, Assam 782402

Popular amenities here include:
Outdoor sports facilities
Gym and fitness centre
Indoor game options
Boating facilities 
Swimming pool 

The Blue Orchid Resort

The Blue Orchid Resort
Located just outside Guwahati City, The Blue Orchid Resort is a fairly unexplored Sonarpur resort. With their spacious and well-furnished shacks, The Blue Orchid is a popular choice for weekend getaways for families. The restaurant at the resort is known for its delectable meals and treats. The Resort also houses a few petting animals, adding to the general charm of the place.

Location: Patarkuchi, NH-37,, Sonapur, Assam 782402

Popular amenities here include:
Outdoor game space
Domestic animals

Palette- Club Nirvana

Palette- Club Nirvana
A well-known budget stay in Sonapur, Palette Club seeks to offer the best comforts to its guests in a homely environment. The spacious rooms with well-furnished interiors offer a comfortable stay for families as well as groups of friends.

All rooms are fitted with the most modern amenities and have an attached bathroom of their own. The resort also offers an in-house restaurant and bar of its own, serving complimentary breakfast buffets.

Location: 1 Club Nirvana, Opp. Spring Valley Resort, Tepesia, Kamarkuchi, Sonapur, Guwahati, Assam 782402

Popular amenities here include:
Game facilities
Outdoor pool
Snooker tables

New City Resort

New City Resort
A budget accommodation with well-equipped, spacious rooms, New City Resort offers a quiet and comfortable getaway for its guests. The rooms here are fitted with all necessary amenities such as intercom, telephone, cable television, and the like.

The cottages here, built in a traditionally hut-like structure, invest the place with an aura of intimacy and coziness. Known for its value for money, New City also houses an in-house restaurant of its own.

Location: Kamarkuchi, Tepesia ,Sonapur Guwahati India 782402

Popular amenities here include:
Outdoor gardens
Petting animals
Outdoor game space
Children’s playground

Ranikhamar- The Retreat

Ranikhamar- The Retreat
A scenic refuge located outside the busy cities, Ranikhamar- The Retreat allows its guests to enjoy the best bits of nature from its property. Apart from its well furnished rooms, the Resort also offers tent-stay options. The traditionally styled huts at the resort add a rustic look to the place. The restaurant here serves delicious, home-cooked food in a traditionally Assamese style.

Location: Chandubi Ranikhamar, Rani, Guwahati 781125 India

Popular amenities here include:
Bonfire facilities
Outdoor game options
Picnic area
Outdoor gardens

Deka Saang Resort

Popularly known as one of the most beautiful resorts in Sonapur, Deka Saang offers a fantastic location for vacations and events alike. An affordable stay in a picturesque countryside setting, Deka Saang is an ideal weekend hangout for families and friend groups.

The beautiful, open lawns and the lush green setting of the resort adds to the charm of the place. The food served at the restaurant here is also extremely popular with the guests. With its massive lawns and multiple banquet halls, Deka Saang is among the top resorts in Sonapur for wedding celebrations.

Location: Tepesia, Assam 781027

Popular amenities here include:
Outdoor seating area
Gaming facilities

Orange Resort

A scenic budget resort offering 16 cottages, Orange Resort offers a laid back refuge to its guests. The modest rooms here are well furnished and offer a pleasant budget stay. The lovely little Sonapur Resort in Guwahati also has a garden and an in-house restaurant of its own.

Location:  Kamarkuchi, Batakuchi Gaon, NH-37, Guwahati, Assam 782402

Popular amenities here include:
Birdwatching facilities
Mini lake

Silk Route Spa and Resort

Located on the Northern bank of the river Brahmaputra, this stunning riverside resort offers a delightful natural respite from the bustle of the busy city life. Located just a short drive out of Guwahati, this resort offers ten well-furnished rooms for leisurely lodging, as well as three tents for those who want to stay in close communion with nature.

The beautiful pond and open lawns of the resort adds an enchanting aura to the place. The restaurant here serves delectable Indian, South Indian, Continental, and Local Assamese and Bengali Dishes. 

Location: Gondh Mow, Pub Bongsor, Sualkuchi

Popular amenities here include:
Bonfire and barbecue facilities
Outdoor game options
Fishing pond and angling facilities 
Indoor games room

Rudraksha Health Resort and Spa

Located amidst the natural setting of the Amsang Reserve Forest, a retreat at Rudraksha is always a rejuvenating one. Owing to its mystical beauty, the Resort is extremely popular with couples. Apart from its cottages and tent-stay options, Rudraksha also provides 80 bedded dormitories, ideal for school or corporate outings.

A number of fun activities can be enjoyed at this Sonapur resort, such as boating or angling in the picturesque lake here, picnic in the lawns, or trekking by the trails that snake their way around the resort.

Location: Pattarkuchi, Sonapur 781028, Gauhati

Popular amenities here include:
Boating and angling facilities
Spa services
Swimming Pool

PRP Valley Resort

PRP Valley is one of the best and biggest adventure resorts in the entirety of North East. A popular eco-adventure cum recreational hub, PRP Valleys offers its guests the unique opportunity to camp out in tents under the open sky.

The beauty of the plot is complemented by the rubber plantations and the natural streams that dot the place. PRP valley also offers a number of adventure sport opportunities to its guests, including rappelling, archery, sling walking, ziplining, commando nets and so on.

Location: Chandrapur- Digaru Path, Near Panbari Railway Station, Kamrup Metro, Panbari- 782401, Assam

Popular amenities here include:
Adventure Park
Bikes on Rent
Camping facilities
Paintball games
Newly Added Sonapur Experience

People Also Ask About Sonapur

  1. Which are the top budget Resorts in Sonapur?

    The Elgin Retreat: A modest accommodation promising a pleasant stay, The Elgin retreat offers well-furnished rooms attached to personal bathrooms. This Sonapur resort in Guwahati is known for its hospitality and the friendliness of its staff.

    Cherry City Cottage: Offering a top-class lodging that is easy on the pockets, Cherry City Cottage is a popular holiday destination for families and friends looking for a quiet weekend getaway. The Resort also has a restaurant of its own.

    River Valley Lodge: River Valley Lodge offers elegant, well-furnished rooms at pocket-friendly rates. Added amenities at this resort include in-built kitchenettes in rooms and free wi-fi services.

    Aarian Atithiya:
    A lazy, laidback lodging with tastefully decorated rooms, Aarian Aatithya offers the best of comfort to its guests. The humble accommodation is also fitted with added amenities such as an in-house restaurant and a gymnasium.
  2. Which are the Resorts in sonapur with swimming pool?

    The Greenwood Resort: A relaxing lodging in the heart of Guwahati, The Greenwood Resort is a luxury accommodation offering elegant rooms and suites. One of the most popular amenities here is the outdoor swimming pool, best enjoyed during the hot summer months.

    Vivanta Guwahati: An upscale resort offering the finest quality lodging, Vivanta promises one of the most lavish stay experiences in Guwahati. The property also accommodates a rooftop pool with a casual poolside lounge.

    Brahmaputra Jungle Resort: A rustic jungle resort located close by the Brahmaputra, Brahmaputra caters to those looking for an authentic jungle stay experience. The beauty of the stunning outdoor pool at the resort is complemented by the thick forests that surround it.

    Dichang Resort: Offering a casual and unassuming stay in well-designed cottages and rooms, the outdoor pool at the Dichang Resort is one of its biggest attractions.
  3. What is the price range of Sonapur resorts?

    The price range of Sonapur resorts lies between Rs. 1,000- Rs. 5,000. However, tariff rates may change depending on the season of booking, the duration of the stay and the number of guests.
  4. Which are the Resorts in Sonapur for couples?

    Spring Valley Resort: A romantic refuge in the heart of nature, Spring Valley Resort offers a scenic getaway with a loved one. From enjoying the sunset together to taking a boat ride on the lake, there is a lot of fun to be had here.

    Brahmaputra Calling! : A scenic locale on the banks of the flowing Brahmaputra, this boutique lodging offers a serene riverside stay, best enjoyed with a loved one. The tent-like rooms here add to the intimate setting of the place.

    Maibong Eco Resort: A short drive out of Guwahati, this eco-resort makes for a scenic weekend getaway. The romantic charm of the place is aggregated by the rustic setting and cozy atmosphere.

    Rudraksha Health Resort and Spa: A lovely little facility offering a scenic romantic getaway, the beauty of Rudraksha is best experienced with a loved one.
  5. Which are the Resorts in Sonapur for family?

    Panacea-The Village: A much favoured location for family picnics and outings, Panacea- The Village offers a cozy weekend refuge for families.

    Pobitora Village Eco Camp: A fantastic cottage-based resort suited for family outings, Pobitora Village Eco Camp offers an authentic jungle stay experience. The comfortable rooms, lush green settings and modern facilities make for an invigorating stay.

    Zizinia Otis Resort: A quaint little accommodation by the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Zizinia Resorts offers a fantastic refuge in a natural setting. The well-furnished rooms, along with the stunning outdoor lawns, equips the Resort with a rustic charm.

    Silk Route Spa and Resort: Offering a fun, jam-packed experience for people of all ages, Silk Route Spa and Resort offers a natural riverside refuge.
  6. Are unmarried couples allowed in resorts in Sonapur?

    A lot of resorts in Sonapur allow unmarried couples to stay there as long as both members of the pair have a valid ID proof with them. However, certain resorts have restrictions against the same. It is best to make sure whether the specific resort allows unmarried couples or not while making the booking.

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