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    Mudukuthore is pilgrimage for the worshippers of Lord Shiv. It is located on the banks of kaveri and is also surrounded by Somagiri, a beautiful hillock. It is situated 48 kms from Mysore and is near Talakad. There is a temple of Lord Mallikarjun here which makes the destination worth a visit. During a fair which is conducted here every year, thousands of visitors come here to trade in agricultural products.

    The Mallikarjun temple gets its name by joining words Muduku meaning "diversion" and thore meaning "flow forward" which basically means river diverts and flows forward. The story attached to this place is something like this; Arjuna lived on this hill during Mahabharat and carved an idol of Lord Shiva. He offered prayers to the Lord with a flower named Mallika and so from that time onwards this temple is known as Mallikarjun. Mallikarjun is also one amongst the 5 lingas.

    How to Reach: Bangalore - Kanakpura - Malavalli - Mudukuthore

    Drive on to Malavalli via Kanakapura or Maddur & take the road to Talakad. Plenty of buses go to Mudukuthore from Malavalli.

    Exact Location: Mudukuthore is located at a distance of 60 km from Mysore, 51 km from Somnathapur, 19 km from T.Narsipur and is close to Talakad.

    Nearest Town: Talakad (4 km), Mysore (51 km),  T.Narsipur (19 km), Malavalli (26 km)

    Distance from Bangalore: 133 km

    Best time to visit: September to February.

    Other Information

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