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    If one is looking for perfect peace and tranquil not very far from Bangalore, Melkote is the destination. It is situated approximately 100 km from Bangalore and it takes 3 hour to reach the place.

    It is a quaint little town with heavy presence of priests, you see loitering around all across in their traditional dhoti. There is nothing to do in here except a good long drive here and then stroll across the place. If you wish to be transformed into an ancient era come here and get carried away with the mystics of the old houses and traditions aging centuries old. The temples in here are mostly dedicated to Lord Vishnu and are well kept. It was Sri Ramanujacharya who was responsible for making this town.

    Every year on the eve of Vairamudi festival, more than a lakh people visit this place. Drop in here anytime between September and December to experience the town as it has been frozen in time.

    How to Reach

    Bangalore - Mandya - Melkote

    Exact Location: Melkote is located near Pandavapura in the Mandya District.

    Nearest Town: Pandavapura (24.6 km), Mandya (38 km)

    Distance from Bangalore: 136 km

    Best Time to Visit: Throughout the Year.

    Other Attractions

    Shravanabelagola: It is an important religious place of Jain. The Chandragupta basadi and the Parashwanath basadi are supposedly the biggest of all in the Chandragiri.

    Belur: Belur is a small town located on the banks of River Yagachi, in Hassan district of Karnataka. Belur was the early capital of the Hoysala Empire. The main attraction in Belur is the Chennakeshava temple complex dedicated to Lord Chennakeshava (handsome Vishnu) temple. It is about one hundred feet high and has a magnificent gateway tower. There are many subsidary shrines around the main temple.

    Halebidu: Halebidu is located in Hassan District. It was the regal capital of the Hoysala Empire in the 12th century. It The temple complex comprises two Hindu temples, the Hoysaleshawara and Kedareshwara temples and two Jain basadi.

    Mysore: There are endless things to see and do. There is majestic Mysore palace, beautiful Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills, Art Galleries, The mysore zoo and several other places that will make visit to Mysore a memorable one.

    Nanjanagudu: Nanjanguda is a religious spot. It is known for its Srikanteshwara temple. The legend of the temple is that Shiva consumes poison and Nanjunda digested it and became Vishakanta.


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