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  • What is Get Stamped? 

    Embark on a journey which is 'planned' in the most offbeat manner, yet the days and nights remain carefree, young and wild. Our Chief Experience Officers lead the group like they're leading their friends on an adventure, and never miss to surprise you ever So, rest your worries and climb on-board to one of the most interesting adventures of your life. Get Stamped!

    Who is Get Stamped meant for? 

    Get Stamped tours are meant for folks older than 18, younger than 35; who believe in adventure, memories, and unplanned getaways into the wild. A bucket list of tours that you always wanted to do in your life, destinations you wanted to sail, fly and float to, these are your dream offbeat tours that you'd hate to miss for a thing in the world. If you're older than 35 and yet want to join in for the ride, make sure you have the offbeat travel-coat donned!

    Why Choose Us For Your Offbeat Travel Plans?

    There are 100 reasons why you should trust us for your experiential traveling. We'll give you top 3.

    - Our adventures are meant for souls between 18-35 years of age.
    - Travelling for Indian Women still remains a challenge in India, and hence 25% of our seats are always reserved for women!
    - Your Chief Experience Officers come from diverse backgrounds and will ensure you have a ball of a time. Veg & Non-Veg Food and uber-cool parties come along with the tours!

  • 01Our Travelers Are Between 18-35 Years of Age - #LIVEYOUNG

    Our Travelers Are Between 18-35 Years of Age - #LIVEYOUNG
    The young age is not meant to idle away with an office-home-office routine. We at Get Stamped tours (powered by Thrillophilia) run, jump, and sprint! Our travelers are young, wild and free; and hence we've kept the age bracket of 18-35 years after a proper assembly poll, trust us. If you think your age doesn't define your spirit and fitness, convince us to welcome on-board!
  • 02We love rough terrains, mountains and the ocean!- #LIVEWILD

    We love rough terrains, mountains and the ocean!- #LIVEWILD
    Ever wondered what happens on group tours filled with young souls? Put your foot on the acceleration pedal of imagination - we explore lanes, climb mountains, cross oceans, hop islands and what not. Join us on a group tour to witness the magic of living wild and carefree, surrendered to Mother Nature!
  • 03Now, you keep the trouble-bubble away! - #LIVEFREE

    Now, you keep the trouble-bubble away! - #LIVEFREE
    With our Super-Cool and Experienced Chief Experience Officers (CXOs), keep aside your worries for researching and covering all tourist spots in your trip. Your CXO shall take care of all your travel needs, and guide you to the most offbeat places to stay and the best local cuisines to taste. Our Group Tours give you the space to sleep, shop, party, explore local cuisine and the foreign roads the way you like it! Stamp, swear!

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