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    Gamgul Wildlife Sanctuary

    Gamgul Wildlife Sanctuary  is located in the Bhandal valley. The state of Jammu and Kashmir adjoins it at the northern end. 

    It is said that this is the only sanctuary located in Himachal Pradesh that has reported Kashmir stag.

    The sanctuary plays host to a small populations of Musk deer, Himalayan tahr, and pheasants. Also, one can spot number of colourful birds in the area.

    The vegetation is typical to the higher altitude area, and the landscape is interspersed with deodar forests, coniferous forest and alpine pastures.

    Flora: Forest area consists of moist deodar forest, western mixed coniferous forest and alpine pastures.

    Fauna: Ibex, common langur, leopard, musk deer, Himalayan fox, Himalayan tahr, longtailed marmot, Himalayan mnouse hair, Himalayan weasel, barking deer, jackal, more.

    Avian-Fauna: Turdoides striatus, Stachyris pyrrhops, Megalaima rubricapilla, Megalaima virens, Merops orientalis, Hypsipetes madagascariensis, Pycnonotus cafer, Pycnonotus leucogenys, Melophus lathami, Emberiza fucata, Pernis ptilorhyncus, and more.

    Major Attractions

    The major attraction of this sanctuary is rare wildlife species typical to the higher altitude and the Himalayan Trekking region.

    The sanctuary also plays host to a number of colourful bird species. Its great get away from the humdrum of a city life.

    Area: 108.85 sq. km

    Route: From Delhi: Board a bus or train to reach Pathankot.

    From there to Chamba which is 80 km away, and from Chamba to Bhandal (inside the sanctuary) via Saluni. Alternate route: Simla to Chamba which is 370 km away, and then Bhandal via Saluni.

    Best Time to Visit: March-April

    Things to keep in mind

    • Do not litter the sanctuary area
    • Avoid feeding wild animals
    • Carry binoculars

    Other Attractions

    Dalhousie: It is a picturesque hill station built during the British period, and is located an altitude of 2039 m above sea level.

    The place is bounded by alpine vegetation and offers exhilarating natural scenery to explore.

    Some other major attractions in Dalhousie are Jandhri Ghat, Satdhara Springs that has great therapeutic value as it contains mica with medicinal properties; Subhash Baoli, St Francis Church, and more.

    Bhandal Valley: The valley is located nearly 22 km from Saluni and is at the western boundary of Himachal Pradesh. It is the base to the Chamba to Kishtwar trekking trail.

    The valley houses a number of rare species of fauna.

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