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Best Places to Visit in Savanne in 2019

  • 01 Grand Bassin

    Image Credit : Grand Bassin
    One of the most sacred place for Hindu’s is considered to be Grand Bassin or Ganga Talao.

    Highlights: One of the famous temple of Lord Shiva is located some 1800 feet above the sea level. Not just Lord Shiva, you will also find temples of Hanuman and Lakshmi. You will be completely sold by the calm and peaceful nature of the place which makes it worth visit while in Mauritius.

    Best time to visit
    : Maha Shivratri becomes the best time to visit Grand Bassin since it attracts a large number of followers. However, visiting this place during February and early March are considered to be ideal time to visit this place.

    Location: It is approximately 38 km from Port Louis.

  • 02 Rochester Falls

    Image Credit : Rochester Falls
    If you are in Mauritius, Rochester Falls is considered to be worth a visit. This popular waterfall is located at an elevation of 152 metres.

    Highlights: One of the peculiar thing that you will find in this place will be rectangular flank rocks. Swimming into the cool waters is considered to be just ideal to take a dive. You will also find local vendors selling coconuts and pineapples.


    : It is 54 km from Louis Port.

    Best time to visit: August and October are considered to be ideal time to visit this waterfalls. However you can also visit this place between March and May.

  • 03 Riviere des Galets Beach

    Image Credit : Riviere des Galets Beach
    The sound of the waves crashing against the shore is just the thing you would want to listen on a holiday. You can simply feel the wind brushing through your face and the relaxation that it will provide is simply matchless. The beauty of the beaches is what gets this beach the maximum number of tourists.

    Highlight: Witness the spectacular view of the south mountain range which is truly breath-taking. However, it is believed that the water of the beach is not fit for swimming.

    Best time to visit
    : April and June is the best time to visit this beach.

    Location: It is 25 km away from Port Louis.

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