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    Baale Gudda Trek

    Baale Gudda Trek is one of the highest hills in the Charmadi Ghats, Balekallu Gudda is blessed with incredible species of both flora and fauna. Its an ideal destination for Trekking.

    Balekallu Gudda provides nature enthusiast and trekkers an enthralling experience to remember for a long time. The hilltop offers spectacular view of the surrounding area. One can also see Ballalarayana Durga (Western Ghats) from atop. On the trekking route, you can spot Bisons and other Indian Wildlife Species.

    Balekallu Gudda is about 8 km from Ujire and 15 km from Charmadi. Buses are available from Dharmasthala to reach here. There are other hills in the vicinity, including the second highest Erikallu Gudda, Jenu Kallu Gudda, Kode Kallu Gudda. The Donhole waterfalls and Alekhan waterfalls are nearby.

    How to Reach

    Bangalore - Dharmasthala - Kottigehara

    One can reach Balekallu Gudda via Dharmasthala. Buses regularly ply between Bangalore- Dharmasthala. Local transportation is available to reach the planned destination. Balekallu is nearly 8 km from Ujire and 18 km from Charmadi. From Dharmasthala, Jeeps and buses are available to go to Charmadi.

    Exact Location: Baale Gudda is situated near Kottigehara, a small village located at the foothills of the Charmadi Ghats.

    District: Chikkamagaluru.

    Nearest Town: Kottigehara

    Distance from Bangalore: 320+ km.

    Best Time to Visit: November to February

    Things to Carry

    • Walking stick
    • Hiking shoes
    • Woolen clothes
    • Water, snacks
    • Torch
    • Medical kit

    Other Information

    Donhole Waterfalls: The magnificent Donhole waterfalls cascades down from a height of 50 feet. Its located close to Netravathi Bridge, around 10 km from Ujire.

    Alekhan Waterfalls: Nearly 19 km from Charmadi, Alekhan waterfall is surrounded by serene and beautiful landscape. The descending down of the murmuring clear water makes for a beautiful viewing.

    Ballarayanadurga: Its a fort located on a hilltop around 10 km from Sunkasale, on the Kottigehara-Kalasa route. Its situated at a distance of 325 km from Bangalore. If you are a trekking enthusiast this place will suit your adventure spirit. Ballarayanadurga is part of Charmadi Ghats.

    Mudigere: This scenic lazy town is bounded by coffee plantations. Mudigere is almost a paradise for people who prefer a tranquil green setting and a pristine atmosphere. The famous Kannada writer Poorna Chandra Tejaswi had settled down here.

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