6 Bihar Souvenirs That Speak Of The Land’s Rich Culture

Bihar, a city filled with heritage and culture, could be seen wrapped up in colourful paintings, wall hangings, bead jewellery, and leather items that are sold here in masses and produced too. 

Apart from all these things, there are also many pilgrimage sites and temples throughout the city. Visitors can pick various statues and pictures of Gods and Goddesses and religious texts while here. 

The appliques on silks and cotton fabrics make it a favourite among female tourists. The shopping scene in Bihar consists of markets, handicraft emporiums, local bazaars, and modern malls. 

In addition to this, Bihar is home to some highly talented craftsmen and painters. For centuries, Madhubani art has been preserved in art houses. Several artifacts are found in the markets that are derived from the state’s indigenous art forms.

As you scroll down further, you will understand what kind of souvenirs are made in the tradition-filled state.

1. Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani was a form of rural art made by women in Mithila, a region in Bihar. Due to the bright colours and presence of geometrical patterns, these paintings can be recognised even at a distance. The makers use matchsticks, twigs, nib-pens, and fingers to make these traditional festival decorations. You can learn more about these paintings at the workshops where skilled painters showcase their skill and love for the art.

In traditional paintings, rice was ground into a paste and then painted. Paper, cloth, and other media are used in modern times, and it is commonly practised by male painters as well. Since they were developed primarily for decorating religious festivals and social functions, the paintings usually have religious themes.

You can take a village Mithila tour to watch the villagers paint these marvellous pieces of art.

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2. Tea leaves 

Kishanganj, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, is known for its tea production. In recent years the Doke Tea Garden in Kishanganj, Bihar, has won many awards and accolades. 

Yes, that’s right. There is a significant amount of tea cultivation in Bihar. This district has contributed significantly to the identity of Bihar as a tea-producing state in the last few decades. While you’re in Bihar, take the Bihar Tea Estate tour to know more about the tea production of Bihar. While on tour, you can also shop for various high-quality tea leaves to take back home for friends and family.

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3. Silk Sarees 

Bhagalpur town, a hub for weavers and patrons of Indian handloom sarees, has about 30,000 weavers and more than 25,000 looms. Hence, Bhagalpur Saree is among the most sought-after on the list of Indian silk sarees. 

It is also known as Tussar silk sarees in some parts of the world. These silk sarees are preferred for their elegance, quality of the fabric, and lightness in weight. You must take a Bhagalpur Silk Saree tour if you want to know how it is made and how the silkworms are reared or own a Bhagalpur silk saree. On this tour itself, you can shop for the finest of sarees too.

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4. Lacquer Art from Muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur in Bihar is known for its wooden lacquerware, wooden toys, and unique designs created with natural wood veins. Toys made like these have no joints and are safe for children and attractive to play with. Most of the villagers in Muzaffarpur are indulged in making toys, and it is the primary source of livelihood.

5. Bamboo Works 

There is a rich history behind the bamboo and cane crafts of Bihar, which are being merged with the preferences of urban people today. The artisans of Bihar had received encouragement from powerful dynasties like the Mayan Empire, Mahayana Dynasty, and Gupta Empire. 

Bihar’s bamboo and cane crafts have developed into a cult with the influence of tradition and modernity. Also, this has led to improvements in the products with a high level of quality. You can shop for bamboo products in the famous markets of Bihar. If you’re lucky, you may also get to explore how these articles are made in the tiny home-based workshops of these artisans.

6. Metal Craft 

Bihar’s metal craft is among the oldest crafts in India. Gold, Silver, Brass, and Zinc, are used to manufacture various utility and decorative products. If you go to any museum across the country, you’ll find precious metal artifacts dating hundreds of years back, all originated in Bihar and nearby areas.

Metals such as gold and silver are widely used in jewelry manufacturing. Munger and Banka district of Bihar produces silver jewelry items that are much in demand throughout the world. 

According to the Hindu culture, brass is used to manufacture various idols, murals, and utensils that are used in the auspicious ceremony. Among the famous metal idol-making regions in Bihar are Bettiah, West Champaran, and Vaishali. 

So when in Bihar, don’t forget to purchase these six unique items. Most products mentioned are found here in excellent quality and at incredible prices. Also, bringing souvenirs home is like carrying part and parcel of your fantastic holidays, a sweet reminder of the adventures you have taken and the memories you have made.

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