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USA Trip Packages from mumbai

Duration Price
Grand Group Tour to USA Coastal Cities13 days & 12 nights
INR 3,30,000
USA Group Tour to California and Vegas7 days & 6 nights
INR 1,65,120
USA East Coast Group Tour with Niagara Falls7 days & 6 nights
INR 1,66,750
Glimpse of New York with Circle Line Cruise5 days & 4 nights
INR 97,600
USA Vacation with Niagara Falls7 days & 6 nights
INR 1,36,300
Coastal California - Self Drive Expedition9 days & 8 nights
INR 1,95,000

Explore the magic of America as you travel with Thrillophilia’s USA tour packages. Known as one of the leading names in travel, Thrillophilia curates packages that cater to all your needs and preferences. Be it family vacations, trips with friends or romantic honeymoons, our packages are ideal for every kind of travel plan. Customise your own experience or choose from our pre-designed itineraries for a hassle-free vacation to your dream destination.

The USA is a hub of exciting activities and attractions, with different cities providing new kinds of experiences to visitors. From the rush of New York City to the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas, the US has something for travellers of all tastes. Relax on the golden beaches of California, stroll through the celebrity neighbourhoods of Los Angeles, or explore the various museums of Chicago. If that’s not enough, the US has an endless range of theme parks like Disneyland and Walt Disney World for the child in you. Explore natural wonders like Niagara Falls and Yosemite National Park to witness a different aspect of America’s beauty.

Book Thrillophilia’s USA tour packages from Mumbai for an all-inclusive travel experience that covers meals, accommodations, transfers, and activities. Travel with us and enjoy a stress-free vacation with your loved ones.

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Places to Visit During USA Tour from Mumbai

Here are the places to visit in the USA:
1. New York: Among the most popular places to visit with USA tour packages from Mumbai is New York. The iconic city is home to numerous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Try diverse cuisines as you shop till you drop in the city.

2. Las Vegas: Famous for its incredible nightlife, Las Vegas is a must-visit with USA packages from Mumbai. Although the city is recognized by its vibrant clubs, high-end resorts, and colourful bars, there’s a lot more on offer here. Experience a lesser-known side of Vegas as you try skydiving, rafting, and paragliding here.

3.California: Witness the sunshine state of the USA as you head to California during your trip. Sunbathe on golden beaches and try different water sports like surfing and diving. California is also home to Disneyland, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Death Valley, Madame Tussauds Hollywood, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

4. Los Angeles: Admire the glitz and glamour of one of the most well-known US cities as you visit Los Angeles. The city is best known as the seat of Hollywood where many celebrities live. Popular attractions to visit here include the Hollywood Sign, Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith Observatory and Park, and the Natural History Museum.

5.Chicago: There is an endless array of experiences and adventures for every kind of traveller in Chicago. Must-visit attractions here include the Art Institute of Chicago, Millenium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Cloud Gate, Navy Pier, and Shedd Aquarium. If you are looking for fun adventures, try rock climbing, flyboarding, and kayaking in Chicago.

Things to Do on USA Tour from Mumbai

Explore the best things to do in the USA:
1. Visit the Empire State Building: When in New York City during your USA tour from Mumbai, visiting the Empire State Building is a must. It ranks among the tallest buildings in the world and offers stunning panoramic views of the entire city from its observation decks. Dine with your loved ones with the 360-degree exterior and interior views from the 86th floor.

2. Explore Niagara Falls: A visit with USA tour packages from Mumbai is incomplete without seeing the massive Niagara Falls, one of the world’s largest waterfalls. There are many viewpoints that offer incredible panoramic views of the natural wonder. You can even go on a boat tour amidst the heavy mist and click unforgettable pictures.

3. Have fun at Walt Disney World: Orlando’s Walt Disney World is a wonder to visit for families with kids and every fan of Disney. You can visit four different theme parks and two water parks here, along with an entertainment and shopping area. Everything in the complex is inspired by Disney, be it the rides and souvenirs and even the meals.

4. Go to the Museum of Modern Art: If you are an art lover, you need to visit the Museum of Modern Art during your USA tour from Mumbai. This massive space dedicated to modern art is home to more than 200,000 artworks spanning more than a century from around the world. Spot paintings, sculptures, photographs, architectural designs, film media, and other art forms here.

5. Explore Yosemite National Park: A natural world like no other exists within the iconic Yosemite National Park, which needs to be on every adventurer’s itinerary. The park is famous for its huge waterfalls, lush valleys, tall peaks, rivers, lakes, meadows, forests, canyons, cliffs, and wildlife. Admire the breathtaking views and go on fun hiking adventures with your family and friends here.

Best Time to Go for USA Tour From Mumbai

The United States is a year-round destination, which means it is ideal for a visit every month and season.
1. Peak Season – June to August mark the summer season, when temperatures range between 18 degrees and 31 degrees Celsius. Since days are warm and sunny, this is a great time to explore beaches in Miami and visit theme parks like Walt Disney World.

2. Waning Season – Winter lasts from December to February and is the waning season due to harsh cold weather. This is a good time if you want to attend Christmas celebrations or participate in snow adventures like skiing.

3. Shoulder Season – March to May and September to November are the shoulder seasons as they have great weather and fewer crowds. You can visit popular landmarks like the Statue of Liberty without crowds and attend festivals like Halloween.

How to Reach USA From Mumbai

1) By Air – Travelling with USA tour packages from Mumbai is easiest when done by flight. Direct flights by Air India are available from Mumbai to New York and San Francisco and take around 15-16 hours. On the other hand, connecting flights are available from Mumbai to New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, and Newark. Popular stopovers on the route include New Delhi, Istanbul, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. Flights by airlines like Air India and Indigo fly regularly and take around 20 to 30 hours to cover the distance.

Weather in USA

1. June to August – These months mark the summer season in the USA, when temperatures vary between 18 degrees and 31 degrees Celsius. Days are usually warm and sunny, with minimal chances of rainfall. Summer is a great time for visiting the golden beaches of the USA and exploring theme parks like Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

2. December to February – Winter lasts from December to February in the USA. During these months, temperatures drop to sub-zero levels in most places, with chances of heavy snowfall and blizzards. You can visit in winter if you are up for snow adventures like skiing and hiking and attending Christmas and New Year festivities.

3. March to May and September to November – Spring and fall seasons see perfect weather conditions, with moderate temperatures and minimal rainfall. Nature is also at its finest, with flowers blooming and trees flourishing. This is a good time to visit popular landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Yosemite National Park, Hollywood Sign, and Niagara Falls.


1. How much does the USA tour cost?
USA tour packages from Mumbai can cost anywhere between INR 97,000 for a trip lasting five days to INR 2,00,000 for a twelve-day trip. These prices vary based on the experiences you choose and the accommodations and other facilities you opt for. Book your USA tour with Thrillophilia for a vacation that meets your budget and is inclusive of every minute detail.

2. Do Indians need a visa to travel to the USA?
Yes, Indians need a visa to travel with USA packages from Mumbai. You will need to apply for a B1/B2 visa by filling out the DS-160 application. Documents like a valid passport, travel plan, proof of finances and proof of strong ties to the home country are mandatory for the process. Once your application is approved, an interview will be held at the US embassy for approval of your visa.

3. Are there any direct flights to the USA from Mumbai?
Yes, direct flights are available from Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai to New York and San Francisco. These flights are operated regularly by Air India and take around 15 hours to 16 hours to cover the distance between the cities. You can also opt for connecting flights on the same route or to other cities like Washington DC and Chicago based on your plans.

4. What currency is used in the USA and is it necessary to exchange money before visiting?
The United States Dollar (USD) is the official currency used in the USA. When you travel for your USA tour from Mumbai, it is recommended that you exchange money before visiting. This is to ensure you have cash on hand at all times during your journey to avoid unforeseen situations. You will also be able to use cards for transactions in the USA after adjusting the exchange rate every time.

5. Is a trip to the USA expensive?
No, a trip to the USA is not expensive if you plan your itinerary well. There is a lot to see and explore in the US for every kind of traveller, from Californian beaches to Disney parks. As long as you decide on a budget and stick to it while choosing facilities like accommodation, the trip will be affordable. You can also simply book the tour with Thrillophilia, customize it based on your preferences, and leave worrying about details on us.

6. Can we use the Indian ATM card in the USA?
Yes, Indian ATM cards are functional in the USA if they have an international usage facility. Check with your bank before travelling and activate the international facilities so you don’t face any hassles abroad. Your cards can be used for withdrawing cash from ATMs or making payments at different places after paying the exchange rate.

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USA Tour Reviews From mumbai

Dharmendra Chauhan
Reviewed: 28 May 2024
i have deal my all plan with Mr Akshay Chaudhary from Jaipur team Thrillophilia is excellent person. who take care us in even during the tour. thanks Akshay , Dharmendra Chauhan
Dharmendra  Chauhan
Dharmendra  Chauhan
Dharmendra  Chauhan
Dharmendra  Chauhan
Dharmendra  Chauhan
Dharmendra  Chauhan
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Shreenidhi Joshi
Reviewed: 05 Feb 2024
Me and my family went on a trip to the States last week, and we had the pleasure of visiting the breathtaking Niagara Falls…Niagara Falls was a Beauty & my overall experience was truly amazing !!! I would like to thank “THRILLOPHILIA”, my trusted trip planner, for playing an important role in makin... Read More
Ayesha Ayesha
Reviewed: 20 Feb 2024
I recently booked a USA tour through Thrillophilia and it was an incredible experience. The booking process was smooth and hassle-free, the itinerary provided by Thrillophilia was well-detailed, covering all the major attractions. I will surely plan more trips with Thrillophilia
Shubham Juyal
Reviewed: 19 Feb 2024
My USA tour booked through Thrillophilia was an unforgettable journey. The itinerary was well-planned, covering famous attractions. Thrillophilia truly made our usa trip hassle-free and filled with wonderful memories.
Beau Mcguire
Reviewed: 14 Feb 2024
Planning my USA tour through Thrillophilia was the best decision. Thanks to Thrillophilia for arranging everything so perfectly. The itinerary was well-planned, covering iconic landmarks. The accommodations were comfortable, and the tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly. Thrillophilia ensured ... Read More
Chetanaanand Mishra
Reviewed: 07 Feb 2024
Our family trip to Southern California was a complete delight. The schedule was well planned to provide the ideal balance of leisure and enjoyment, and the booking procedure was easy. It was an amazing trip that took us to both scenic locations and well-known Los Angeles sites. An amazing excursion ... Read More

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