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    Rishikesh is one of the chief attractions in India. It has an irresistible charm about it that captures the heart of one and all. It has a serenity that glimmers despite the glitter of the world around.Various attraction are offered in Rishikesh Tour. 

    The moment you enter this divine little world, you can feel your inner self more communicative than ever. This is probably why most individuals give in to their inner desires while treading on the foothills of Himalayas in this beautiful location. 

    Amidst this peaceful and tranquil location lies the flamboyance of riding high on thrill. You can savor the breezy vernal winds any time you visit this beautiful city. If excitement and fun altogether with some mystic sceneries is what you seek, there can be no better place for you than Rishikesh. Read along for a brief lowdown to know the various things you can do in Rishikesh and enjoy to the fullest:  

    Things to do in a Rishikesh tour:

    1) Yoga Training

    Very few tourists and yoga fanatics know that Rishikesh is home to the various aesthetics related to yoga and its kind. It is not uncommon to come across excellent yoga teachers who can guide you in the best possible manner. You could even consider enrolling for the sequential yoga classes provided by these highly learned teachers for a week or two. 

    2) River Rafting

    Rishikesh is often termed as Indias river rafting capital. Rafting across the ferocious and challenging rapids in the safest rafting haven is an experience not worth missing! The enthralling rafting ride on River Ganges can transport each individual into a world of thrillophilia. The beautiful and pleasant ride can help you script some lovely joyful moments as you joyfully bounce on the streaming river waves. 

    3) Adventure Sports and Camping

    You can enjoy some great thrills and shudders while touring this beautiful city. There are multifarious options out of which you can choose to go for cliff jumping, camping, skiing and a lot more. The Rishikesh Tour offers many enjoyable activities while being engaging enough to leave you with an experience of Thrillophilia, one of its own kind. Do not miss an opportunity to attain this lovely dream to a deliciously scripted fruition. 

    4) Worship

    In the holy city with River Ganges flowing through it, divinity strikes chord with your own inner self, compelling you to worship and enter spiritual bliss. With beautiful temples around and a different kind of peaceful environment engulfing your complete existence, you automatically feel more inclined towards God. A visit to this holy city satiates the hungry soul of anyone looking out for a spiritually fulfilling experience. 

    5) Luxurious Accommodation

    In a scenically beautiful Rishikesh, there is no dearth of accommodation facilities. You can delve into the mystic Rishikesh and experience the heavenly experience of admiring the beauty of nature here. It is a treat to witness the captivating sights in Rishikesh. More than anything else, Rishikesh has a comfort-oriented feel to it that soothes the wanderers and pacifies the conflicting consciences within. 

    Rishikesh tour is must for every ardent fan of nature. There are a plethora of other enjoyable activities that you can do in Rishikesh. Adrenaline junkies can cherry-pick from these adventure activities offered in Rishikesh and fulfill their own adventurous desires.