11 Insane Destinations Which Are Getting Popular Among Adventure Seekers

Tourist Places to Visit in Dubai The life of the average person is all about waking up in the morning, getting dressed, having a quick breakfast, heading office and returning tired for dinner and sleep. The day repeats itself for as long as he could bear with it. Stop with the monotonous life and travel to the insane destinations which are getting popular among adventure seekers.
However, life is about living to the fullest, getting new experiences and seeking new adventures. It’s more than the thrill of adrenaline and for the true seeker, adventure is available to anyone. It might not be a big thing or the world but it must be a new thing for yourself!

Here are 11 insane destinations which are getting popular among adventure seekers:

1. Braving The Chill in Antarctica

Braving The Chill in Antarctica

Antarctica is easily the ultimate destination for all adventure seekers. The Polar region can be ruthless in its offerings, but therein lays the true charm of raw nature. Antarctica is the final frontier, the end of the world and a frigid and isolated location that only a very few dare to brave.
It is not a landscape that you have ever been familiar with and the blinding white allows for only a few means of travel. Your journey to Antarctica is itself an adventure. Led by the stepping stone islands, it will be a voyage across wild seas, icebergs and other climatic extremes.

The opportunities for adventure:

Wildlife – Antarctica is fairly untouched and consequently reveals some of the wildest species inhabiting the extremes of this planet. It’s the perfect place for whale watching, penguin watching, seal gazing and the very unique birdlife.
It is important to understand here that wildlife tours in Antarctica are unlike anything you would have experienced anywhere else in the world. You will have to cover vast ice sheets, climb steep icebergs and track for several miles for a view. Thus Antarctica is one of the destinations which are getting popular among adventure seeker.

Sailing the high seas of Drake – If extreme has an extreme; it’s the high seas in the Drake Passage of Antarctica. Surrounded by infinite ocean, you should be ready to face chilly gusts in incredible speeds, dodge menacing icebergs and drench in the shivering waters to witness one of the most beautiful landscapes on this planet.

Crossing the Antarctic Circle – Crossing the Antarctic Circle is a feat and you will automatically have the feeling of victory of reaching a place that a very few have been to. When you have come this far north, there will always be surprises waiting for you.

Best time to visit – The month between January and March are the best time to be in Antarctica. This is when the wildlife is at its best and you are at less risk from melting ice sheets.

2. Adventurous Hiking Trails of Lantau Peak, Hong Kong

Are you an adventure junkie and love tracing the natural wonders on foot? Well, the Hiking Trails of Hong Kong are the perfect place for you where you can pull out your trekking boots and traverse the pathways to the notch. This 70-kilometer long trail gives a perfect dose of thrill and adventure as it is the second-largest peak in Hong Kong.

Apart from this, here you can try your hands on other nerve-wrenching sports like Canyoning in the new territories, ziplining across the cliffs, and exploring the traditional villages of Tai O over a kayak. Spice up your Hong Kong vacation with these unique experiences and make it a memorable one!

The opportunities for activities:

Hiking – Push your limits and conquer the second highest peak of Honk that is snuggled at an altitude of 3,054 feet above the ground. On the route, you can not only witness a wide range of flora and fauna but can also visit the site this route is renowned for, Tian Tan or The Big Buddha.

Canyoning along the different Zones – This is a new trending adventure that one must not dare to miss on a Hong Kong trip. Right from the rugged terrains to the trails of lush greens, here you can witness each one of them. Once you reach the top of the stream then you can begin your descent down to the falls with the safety gear. If you wish to experience something unique then canyoning is just the perfect activity for you.

Ziplining between two cliffs – Zap and zoom like a Tarzan from one cliff to another with Ziplining! At Lantau island, you can enjoy ziplining from one cliff to another and you can take a 360-degree view of the entire region. The views while you zoom from one point to another are a true delight for the eyes.
Kayaking in Sai Kung and Tai O: Settled on the western coastline of Lantau island, the Tai O village is the best place to take a look into the traditions of the region. With a kayaking tour of this region, you can spend an amazing time with your friends and family. These are the old fishing villages of the region and while you paddle you can take a look at the markets, lush greens, and the beauties of the quarter.

Wakeboarding to show off your spinning moves –  Showcase your amazing skills while you wakeboard at the Lantau island. Wakeboarding is nothing but a water sport in which you will be pulled off by the speed boat and you need to keep your grip on the rope that is attached to it. If you are looking for an off-beat activity then this is just the thing for you!

Best time to Visit –  The months from December to February are the most favorable months for witnessing the second highest peak of the country. Apparently, at this time the weather is quite pleasant that is an additional advantage to the trekkers. For trekkers, it is one of the destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers.

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3. Camping in The Wilderness at Alaska

Camping in The Wilderness at Alaska

For most of the year, Alaska remains inaccessible and forbidden for any kind of tourists. If you have seen the movie “Into the Wild”, you already have a fair idea of how difficult the life in Alaska can be and why it is stated among destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers. It’s the land of flash floods, frightening rapids, deep snow and perilous jungles.
The opportunities for adventure:

Camping in the wilderness – If you have ever thought of living off the land, Alaska is the opportunities. Put your tent anywhere in the vast wilderness and give yourself the taste of survival in the wild. It’s not something that anyone can do. If you have been thinking about food, Alaska offers the most thrilling and prized fishing opportunities!

Hiking through the forests and rapids – The Alaskan forests are bountiful but a hike would mean crossing dangerous rapids, hiking glaciers, whitewater rafting, and kayaking through icebergs. That’s how you get across Alaska! The hike across the Alaskan forests will also help you experience the unique

wildlife of the region – bears, moose, caribou, sea lions, fox, Dall sheep and lots more.

Best time to visit – May to August is the best months to take a tour to Alaska. This is also the time when you are permitted to enter the country.

4. Marine Wonders in the Philippines

places which are getting popular for adventure seekers.
Marine Wonders in The Philippines

The Philippines is popular across the globe for its beaches but the opportunities here aren’t just about getting into a sun-kissed stupor or finding yourself an isolated patch in the sand. Philippines is a 7000+ island country and boats of dozens of adventure pursuits, some easy and some challenging enough for the seasoned junkie.

The opportunities for adventure:

Trekking across the Luzon – A highly rugged terrain, the island of Luzon is any trekkers delight. You are allowed to set of overnight camps in peaks as high as 2922 meters (Mt. Pulag). Waking up to above the clouds and the sunrise is something that will last for a lifetime, hence it is one of the many other destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers. When in Luzon, don’t miss a visit to the hill tribes in the remote Kalinga Province and Mountain Province.

Diving into the blue depths of Mindoro – AA top diving destination, Mindoro is the best spot across the Philippines. The Apo Reef offers a bounty of colorful sea life, both small and huge.

Whitewater rafting in Mindanao – While some parts of Mindanao are ‘no go” zones, the northern stretches are ripe for adventure activities like whitewater rafting. Head to the city of Cagayan de Oro for a Class IV whitewater rafting experience!

Sea kayaking in Palawan – Surrounded by spectacular limestone cliffs, this part of the Philippines Sea is home to several shipwrecks. The bay has several camping spots but you can take a dig at snorkelling, shipwreck diving and back the evening in the amazing aura of isolation.

Best time to visit – The Philippines are best witnessed during the dry season between November and April.

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5. Let Your Heart Skip A Beat at Germany

Let Your Heart Skip A Beat at Germany

Germany is rising in popularity among adventure seekers across the globe for its unique blend of offerings. While the country has been famous for its big-city thrills, several outdoor adventure activities have been put in place in the past decade. From skiing in the Bavarian Alps to water sports in the Baltic Sea, there are unforgettable natural experiences that Germany presents.

The opportunities for adventure:

Autobahn – Germany is not just famous for its automobile but it also hosts one of the longest racing tracks in the world. The Autobahn doesn’t have speed limits and it’s a stretch that you put your driving skills to the test! Be sure to take a good vehicle for the ride as accidents are not unheard of! If you have always wanted to drive a high-end sports vehicle, this is the opportunity. This is one of the reasons why it comes under destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers.

Sledging in the Wallberg – Sledging is not something that you get to do every day. Well, when in Germany, don’t miss this opportunity. For Germans, any snow-covered hill is one to be attacked by sledges, with equipment ranging from modern sleek machines to traditional wooden toboggan. The best place for a sledging experience is the Wallberg Mountain in southern Bavaria.
Sleep in sky tents – When you have had a great day of adventure, it’s time to put a smooth finish to it. Head to the Allgau Region and sleep in a tent suspended from a high tree! Called portaledges, your sleeping space would be swaying across the beautiful Alps!

Best time to visit- Germany is best travelled during the early summers, between March and July.

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6. The Raw Wildlife at Africa

The Raw Wildlife at Africa
The Raw Wildlife at Africa

Africa is a heaven for all wildlife lovers and is among destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers. A wild territory, it couldn’t get more thrilling than coming close to a herd of wild and hungry lions and yet surviving to tell the tale!
Apart from wildlife, there’s a great variety of scope for someone looking for a rush of adrenaline. Consequently, adventure tourism has become a niche market, with customers ranging from corporate to professional adventurers and photographers.

The opportunities for adventure:

Wildlife in Masai Mara – The Great Migration is one of the most prominent wildlife events across the globe. Being witness to the earth-shaking under the hooves of millions of wildebeests, zebras and buffaloes is an experience in itself. What’s more important and thrilling is the path they cross.
With predators looking in every corner, it’s the perfect example of survival and winning. You may also want to try out crocodile cage diving if you are not weak of heart! The hungry giants would want to tear you off!

Hiking across the Ivory Trail – A bush country, Limpopo has been popular among adventure tourists for its numerous outdoor trails. Head on to the Golden Gate Highlands National Park for hiking and pony trekking.
Adventure sports – From mountain biking in the Table Mountain to paragliding off the Signal Hills, there’s a lot in store for someone looking. The western cape of Africa offers incredible avenues for abseiling, quad biking, canoeing, surfing, sandboarding, shipwreck diving and more. Wherever you might be in South Africa, there a bunch of thrills waiting.

Best time to Visit – The best time to embark on an African adventure is probably in the dry winters. This is when the temperature gets more comfortable. Plan for months between May and October.

7. Skydiving in Dubai

Skydiving in Dubai

Dubai is known for its skyscrapers and architectural feats. However, in the past couple of years, it is also becoming an adventure lover’s favorite for its unique blend of hair-raising opportunities. From deserts to getting lost in the clouds, there’s a load out there. So channel your inner daredevil and club your corporate holiday with some unforgettable fun!

The opportunities for adventure:

Dune Bashing – If you are a rider, the thrill couldn’t get more fun! Dune bashing is one of the most iconic adventures in the UAE and is offered all year round. Hire a 4×4 vehicle and capture memories of the stunning show you have just led!
Skydive – If you have been wanting to do a skydive for a long time; Dubai is the perfect destination for it! The thrill cannot get better than taking a plunge over the Dubai Skyline. As you race past the clouds and drop towards the menacing skyline, it will be the ultimate rush of adrenaline and the reason why Dubai is among destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers. Dive alone or tie yourself to an experienced instructor – the activity will make you breathless and your heart pounding with joy!

Sandboarding – Dubai has sands, a lot of it and offers it up to the adrenaline junkie to make use of! Well, sandboarding is the very first thing you would want to do! Unless there’s a storm coming in, it will be an amazing experience.
Best time to visit – Dubai is awesome all around the year. So plan your trip whenever you please!

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8. Taking The Plunge Into Infinity at Australia

Taking The Plunge Into Infinity at Australia

Australia is the country for great adventures. It’s a special place and at the top among the destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers & all kinds of explorers. When in Australia, you can expect the unexpected. From die-hard extreme sports to witnessing the Southern Lights, it’s a country that is flocked by visitors across the year and from all over the globe.

The opportunities for adventure:

Conquer the land, air, and sea at Gold Coast – The Gold Coast is a paradise and has everything that defines extreme adventures. Land-based activities include racing through the Gold Coast racetracks, ride the Bungee Rocket, mountain safaris, forest hikes mountain biking, waterfall-rappelling and more. For someone looking to feel the air on his/her face, The Gold Coast offers extreme bungee jumping, free falling, skydiving, helicopter tours, paragliding, and parasailing. Lastly, water sports include kayaking, snorkelling, deep-sea diving, and swimming with dolphins.

The Great Barrier Reef – One of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef would be one of the most colourful and enchanting experiences of your life. Dive into the world of corals and witness the colors that the sea nurtures.

Listen to stories at the Prairie Hotel – The Prairie Hotel in Parachilna is a place where travelers, adventurers, explorers, movie stars, billionaires and people of passion meet and share a story over a beer. A popular haunt of the junkies, this is a must-visit if you are keen on adventure.

Best time to visit – Australia is at its colorful best during June and September.
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9. Talking to Nature in New Zealand

places which are getting popular for adventure seekers.

New Zealand is probably first among other destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers on the checklist on the diary. The land of high mountains, waterfalls, lush forest and fabulous coasts, New Zealand offers an experience that you will always want to come running back to.
It’s a country where the love for the outdoors perfectly matches by the undying spirit of the locals. From heli-skiing to horse riding, there’s a platter for a kind of hunger.

The opportunities for adventure:

Feel the gush of wind with sky diving – It’s not just the excitement of falling without bounds but to be able to soak in the aerial view of the New Zealand country is a heart-stopping experience. There are various recommended locations for the best skydive and include Queenstown, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Lake Taupo and Wanaka.

Bungee – It’s the leap of faith. New Zealand offers one of the highest jump sites in the world. Head to the Kawarau or the Nevis and you won’t be disappointed. You will have enough time in the jump to give way to calmness from the initial fear and excitement of the jump.

Rafting – Again, New Zealand hosts one of the highest rafted waterfalls in the globe. Situated on the Rotorua, the rapids range from Grade 1 to Grade 5 – the scariest it can get. Other popular rafting locations in New Zealand include the Tongariro River, the Wild West Coast and several in Queenstown. Don’t forget to take the trip down the Tutea Falls across the Kaituna River!

Caving – The caves in New Zealand are some of the most spectacular adventure sites in the world. Some even let you float and swim through the cave (the Waitomo Caves) with just your headlights! Another cave to explore would be the Nelson – the deepest sinkhole in the Southern Hemisphere.
Best time to visit – The best time to be in New Zealand is between February and April. Its autumn in these months and the temperatures are at the pleasant best.

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10. Taking a Hike Across Chile

Chile has rightly earned the title of being the Leading Adventure Tourism Destination in the World. In Chile, your vacation will always include a deep interaction with nature, the local culture and lastly be a lot of physical activity. The prospects include sea kayaking, hiking, rafting, horseback rides, cycling, snowboarding, and a lot more.

You fairly get the idea of what you will be able to do when in this country. What’s more important is that Chile holds the praise from being a sustainably developed country – the only Latin American country to make the list in the past five years.

The opportunities for adventure:

Hiking across the unique plateau of Atacama – The San Pedro de Atacama is among the most popular hiking trails in the world. An oasis in the middle of the barren desert the surroundings present an extraordinary geography, ranging from volcanoes (ranging to 6000 meters above sea level) to smooth plains and while salt flats.

A ride across the Austral Highway – the Austral Highway is voted to be one of the most photogenic routes in the USA. Running for more than a thousand kilometers, it passes through landmarks like the San Rafael Glacier, Queulat National Park, the Marble Cathedrals and the General Carrera Lake. Explore this as it is ranked as the best among other destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers.

Diving in the Easter Island – the Easter Island or the Isla De Pascua is a perfect location for snorkelling and scuba diving. The crystal clear and untouched/unpolluted waters offer the best visibility, as deep as 50 meters! Also, thanks to the volcanic origin, the underwater topography too is enchanting and distinguishes it from other similar lakes in the world.

Best time to visit – The best time of the year for being in the Chilean Patagonia is between November and March. Though you will be met by huge crowds, the weather will be ideal for all kinds of adventures.

We hope that your bucket list is full at this point. While our planet offers exciting opportunities for adventure in every corner of the globe, these are the top ones that you should be starting with.

11. Swimming With Whales in Canada

Regardless of your age, abilities, and tastes in adventure, Canada has opportunities that can perfectly tailor your vacation  It’s the country of the Northern Lights, of amazing wildlife and breathtaking natural beauty and hence is considered as one of the best destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers.  There’s a range of opportunity, ranging from self-made tours to guides adventure activities.

The opportunities for adventure:

Beluga whale watching – During August, swarms of salmons spawn in Canada’s west coast and are followed by the most dangerous marine creatures – the killer whales and the beluga whales. Hark upon a whale-watching boat and witness raw nature in its full form. This is also the time when you will have a fair chance of spotting an Orca and the stellar sea lions. If you are daring enough, you can take a plunge in the waters too! Fear not – killer whales will eat only fish and won’t go for as big a prey as a human!

Storm watching in Vancouver – Now, this is something that you don’t get to see everywhere. Watching a storm in Canada is a tourist favorite and you can consequently imagine the proportions of it! With nothing but the blue Pacific and Japan on the far end, the Gulf of Alaska roars brings high winds and is an experience that packs a punch.

Rafting the Shubenacadie tidal bore – Canada’s Bay of Fundy is known among adventure seekers for the highest tides in the world. Head to the mouth of the Shubenacadie River for the most extreme rafting trip you have ever made and this is one of the enticing destinations which are getting popular for adventure seekers. Be prepared for the worst!

Best time to visit – For your fair share of adventure, the best time to visit the Canadian highlands is between September and October. It’s a pleasant outdoor temperature and the foliage at its spectacular best.

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