Top 10 Counties to Visit in The UK 2021

England has long been one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, attracting visitors from far and wide. But with so many of its counties being stunning in their own right, it may leave you questioning which one to visit?

Snaptrip has given us counties with diverse landscapes to those bursting with cultural heritage, we’ve found the top 10 counties to visit this 2020.

1. Cornwall

Cornwall’s a place that makes loving the UK far too easy. Opal blue waters lap against 250 miles of glorious coast and sandy beaches stretch into rugged cliffs. Below the rocks, lie smugglers coves and hundreds of years of seabound secrets.

Whether you’re looking to lounge on golden sand, explore the wild rocks above or head inland for attractive attractions, fabulous food and Cornish culture, Cornwall is an astonishing place to visit.

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2. Devon

“I have never before been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty”. These are the words of Steven Spielberg when asked what he thought of Devon. And frankly, we couldn’t agree more.

A tropical paradise nestled in the South West of England, Devon is a diverse land of sandy beaches, majestic moors, bustling town centres and historic homes.

It’s a place where fresh sea breeze whistles through craggy cliffs and turquoise waves lap against golden sands.

And a place where award-winning chefs pluck crops from wild windswept moors and serve up some of the most exquisite food this country has ever seen. It’s the perfect place, we think you’ll agree, for lodges with hot tubs getaway.

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3. Norfolk

Every year, over three and a half million people plan their holidays in Norfolk and it’s easy to see why. From the family-friendly fun of Great Yarmouth to the tranquil waterways of the Norfolk Broads, this county is full of so many possibilities.

It’s also a great location for dogs, with a fantastic range of dog-friendly cottages and things to do. But it’s at night that Norfolk is at its most magical, as this incredible East Anglia county is home to one of the clearest skies in the UK.

Imagine dining outside, with a plate of Norfolk’s world-famous seafood in front of you, and the day’s last light disappearing all around. A salty sea breeze travelling west from the Atlantic Ocean surround you, while above you, you finally see an infinite number of stars dot the night sky.

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4. Dorset 

There are many words you can use to describe Dorset – scenic, picturesque, utterly beautiful. However, we don’t think any of them quite capture the county’s magical charm.

When thinking of Dorset’s rolling hills, craggy cliffs and secret coastline pools, one word in particular springs to mind and that are ‘unspoilt’.

Dorset is how the English countryside is meant to look. Its days are filled with sunshine and it nights are made up of the clearest skies.

Dorset is home to some fantastic large holiday homes, so it’s the perfect family holiday destination in a picture-postcard that you can never visit just once.

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5. Northumberland

Northumberland is firmly establishing itself as a holiday hotspot. With a rich and varied history, rugged and wild natural beauty and a coastline studded with beautiful sandy beaches, it’s easy to see why.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing seaside rest or a more active holiday of watersports, you’ll be sure to find an area to meet your needs. 

The county is also a firm favourite for those looking to learn more about England’s past. It’s littered with many impressive remnants from a time before, including the imposing fortress at Bamburgh and the world-famous Lindisfarne Monastery.

Many of these sites have informative visitor centres. Tour guides can also be arranged if you really want to buff up on your knowledge to impress friends on your return. 

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6. Whitby

Looking out over the wild North Sea, and surrounded by the North Yorkshire National Park, although not a county, the historic seaside town of Whitby has to be on your list to visit.

Offering idyllic natural beauty, unique historical sites and classic seaside charm, it is no wonder that visitors have been flocking to this gem of the Yorkshire coast for centuries. 

Whether you choose to spend your holiday scouring the boutique shops that line the cobbled streets in the centre or prefer to head out to Moors in search of rare wildlife, you’re guaranteed to be surprised by what you find here.

Given its coastal location, Whitby is also the perfect spot to enjoy watersports, a relaxing day at the beach or some traditional fun and games along with the Victorian pavilion. 

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7. Yorkshire

Home to some of Britain’s most incredible views, amazing architecture, and, of course, the curry capital of UK; we don’t have to try hard to make Yorkshire sound like the perfect place to visit in 2020. 

With the Lake District looming right next door, you’d think Yorkshire would be overshadowed by its notoriously beautiful neighbour. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Home to three national parks, 11 national nature reserves, and some astounding wildlife, the exquisite North East county is a strong contender for the most picturesque place in England.

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8. Cumbria

Nowhere in the world is perfect but Cumbria comes pretty close. Nestled in the North East of England, where rolling hills and wildflowers meet the Irish Sea, Cumbria is home to some of the freshest air and clearest skies in Britain.

Ranked as the ‘second-best place to photograph in England’, (with Cornwall’s Jurassic Coast just clinching the top spot), Cumbria is a world of emerald fields, majestic mountainscapes and some of the best sunsets the world has to offer.

But its landscape isn’t just a gift for sightseers, it’s a treat for foodies too. Thanks to its rich and fertile land, Cumbria is home to a world-renowned range of incredible local produce and award-winning restaurants.

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9. Sussex

When we close our eyes and imagine the ideal image of England, most of us picture Sussex. This stunning southeastern county, the birthplace of Vera Lynn, Ronnie Barker and the best ale in Britain, is the epitome of the English countryside.

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    It’s the place to find fallow deer, scampering across bright green hills. A place to peruse farmer’s markets and sample homemade jam.

    Sussex is fields of wildflowers, the clip of horse’s hoofs on cobblestones, and the gorgeous thick woodland that extraordinary wildlife call home.

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    10. Hampshire

    Hampshire is a hybrid county.  Spread over 1,500 square miles, it doesn’t choose between offering beautiful beaches, rolling countryside or rich and vibrant cities. It does them all very well. 

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    For those craving the bustling energy that only a major city can provide, Hampshire is home to three top-notch choices, including Portsmouth for pictures, Southampton for shopping and Winchester for food.


    Blessed with a glorious coastline and miles of green countryside, national parks and nature reserves, few places do ‘rural’ better than Hampshire. 

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