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Forgot your wife’s birthday? Man, are you in trouble? Well as much as I want to give you a life lesson on how to keep yourself alive by remembering her birthday, let me just go past the ‘I told you so’s’ and give you a way out from this muddle. Simply book an international holiday for her to show her how much you regret the regrettable!

An international holiday doesn’t seem doable? Well, with the time required for Visa processing you may think this plan is impractical. but is it? Or do you need to get acquainted with some countries that offer Visa-on-arrival to Indian tourists?

You can have a perfect vacation in Southeast Asia and win her heart back without any visa woes.

Here are some great opportunities for Indian Tourists for a vacay in Southeast Asia:

  1. Thailand

As a part of a celebration, if you want to enjoy in water and rest on the beach in a relaxing mode from gloaming to sunrise, Thailand is the best place to fill joy in your dreams. In fact, it’s a tourist place and is bursting at the seams most of the time but it’ the heart-stirring beaches and beautifully modeled architecture that attracts most expats.

There are soothing spas giving you an everlasting feeling that makes you feel revived from all your worries. So, you can have a good vacation with relaxed evenings, isn’t it interesting? So all you forgetful husbands, make a note of this place when in trouble book your tickets and hotels for a romantic holiday in Thailand. At a cost of 1000 Baht (Pay in cash only, and in Baht) Thailand provides a visa opportunity to Indian visitors.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Thailand from Mumbai at just INR 11,768.


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  1. Cambodia

Talking geographically, Cambodia is just a small country with a rich lifestyle. The place is well known for its natural beauty with beautiful waterfalls and beaches. The population is not that large with a little under 3000 people in total residing a simple yet peaceful life. The houses area built over water and is just a perfect definition of architecture. The Cambodian people are known to be highly religious so no doubt that the world’ largest temple is built here. With beautiful waterfalls, rich religious culture, and several beautiful temples you got a lot of places to explore and pay this country a much-deserved visit.

Getting a visa for Cambodia is not that hard too. You just need to visit the Cambodian embassy or you can even get an immediate visa at any Cambodian International Airport.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Cambodia from Mumbai at just INR 14,768.


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  1. Malaysia:

The next destination where you could gift yourself an amazing period of time is Malaysia. This South East Asian place is known for its rich diversity and never ending beauty. The country is full of some real great beaches to go for. The place is also known for its Formula one (F1) racing tracks and adventure sports ventures. So, it’s one hell of a place for the people who are ready to test the rush of their adrenalin.

The infrastructural beauty of this place is also splendid with sky-high towers and rich architectural beauty. There is no denying for the cultural diversity of the region with different communities living together under one sky in peace. If you really want to spend some quality time and enjoy the precious moments of your life then do pay this fabulous place a visit. The Visa rules are too easy for you to handle.

Being an Indian tourist it is quite easy for you to visit Malaysia. You can either go for the e-application or can go to the Malaysian embassy. You can avail a month’ visa at a small cost of Rs. 2710. The whole process usually takes 2-3 days. Not only Indians but the Visa rules are quite simple for any tourist across the globe.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Malaysia from Mumbai at just INR 12,119.


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  1. Laos

Laos is the most heart touching place in Southeast Asia with a fascinating history. The friendly atmosphere of the Capital city of Vientiane is the perfect holiday destination for a person who is keen to draw facts from history. The ardent history buffs must visit the royal city Luang Prabang, where they will surely notice and come across some inspiring facts of times gone by.

The natural beauty of Northern Laos will steal your heart. For a spontaneous trip to Laos, you need not worry about Visa as Laos offers visa on arrival at one of the International airports, at Vientiane or Luang Prabang. This Visa provides Indian visitors a chance to stay for maximum 30 days.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Laos from Mumbai at just INR 18,642.


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  1. Maldives

A beautiful place situated exactly in the heart of the Arabian Sea. The Country is a chain of some real fascinating and beautiful islands, which make it the perfect attraction for the visitors. The monsoons make this place even more attractive with free flowing water symbolizing life.

Here can enjoy a number of water sports and activities. It is a perfect place to visit with your loved ones and get a refreshing break from your daily hectic routine. The refreshing and warm environment add another flavor to the beauty of this country. SO, I don’t think that you got any excuse to miss out a trip to Maldives the next time you plan for a foreign holiday.

You can get a free and expandable visa to this country anytime you want. The average visa allowance is for 30days but it can be extended as per the requirements and the norms. So, guy stake whatever you want, pack it in your travel bag and get going.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Male from Mumbai at just INR 11,318.


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  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a bustling coastal city full of beautiful sights. The country represents a perfect blend of eastern and western culture. The Culture holds the values from the tradition and the strength of the modern world. With a number of departmental stores and shopping malls showcasing both local and top notch brands, the country is precisely known as the shopping paradise.

The variety available even at the flea markets is enough to stand against any big brand. The country is therefore known as the world city of Asia where the fusion of modern world and traditional values comes alive. So, if you can come up with any reason for not visiting this beautiful nation, do lets us know and if not then go give yourself a real breather with some quality time in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong government offers an easy and convenient way to travel in the country. With easy visa facilities and free access, you can avail a quality stay of one week to 6 months in this beautiful country. 

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Hong Kong from Mumbai at just INR 15,516.


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  1. Indonesia

It is another wonderful place for you to pay a visit in your free time. Whenever you plan for your next foreign holidays, remember that there is a gorgeous piece of land situated just in mid of the Indian Ocean and The Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by several other beautiful places like Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand, this country stands out with its natural beauty. The country is surrounded by beautiful mountains standing guard to this jewel of earth. It is a place where you can forget about all your tensions and relieve all those stress and feel alive again.

There are three ways of entering to Indonesia. The first being Visa waivers (non-extendable) scheme that which covers 169 countries, you just need to get your passport stamped from the embassy. The next to the list is Visa on arrivals (extendable) which require a visitor to pay a visa fee of 65 USD on te time of landing onto the Indonesian land. Visa in advance is the third way that provides a visa at an Indonesia embassy before entering the country.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Indonesia  from Mumbai at just INR 12,661.


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  1. Vietnam

The Southeast Asian Country got some real fascinating history events like Silk Road and War which you may have read in your history textbooks. But guys believe it’s more than that. This is a perfect place for any history lover who wants some real interactions with facts. By any chance, if you happen to be a food lover, then boy you are at right place.

The country has some real great and unique taste in food. According to a number of surveys, food is the most rated attraction of this country after its rich history and culture. If you are one such person who loves to travel then this is one such place that you can’t afford to miss.

The Visa procedure for this country is quite easy. You just need to file an online request and you are good to go. The normal Visa approval takes 2-3 working days and you can avail a stay of about 2-3 months with ease and it will cost you somewhere around 50USD. It’s surely a deal to look up to.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Vietnam from Mumbai at just INR 11,052.


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  1. Macau

The country has a rich British history as it was the last abandoned Colonial country. The culture of Macau has visible traces of colonial culture. Walking through the old city you could convince yourself you have witnessed the history yourself. The place is also known for its natural beauty, especially water sites should be on the must watch list of travelers. The adventurous water sports needs to be on your must do list in the country. With so many things to do, you would certainly wish that your visa should have lasted a little longer. So, if you are planning for some quality vacations then boy take the next bus the Macau Embassy for your visa.

The visa procedure for this country is absolutely easy with travelers from almost every country getting a free access to this beautiful south Eastern nation.

The visa approval is categorized in a number of time slots with 6 months being the highest and 7 days being the lowest. Most of the UK travelers can avail the 6-month facility while the European travelers are subjected to get 3 months of duration. For any foreign visitor, who needs to travel to any other destination with a small time stay of around 2 days in Macau, there is not a requirement for any visa formalities. But for the purpose you need to have legitimate paperwork. 

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Macau from Mumbai at just INR 16,727.


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  1. Japan

The next time you plan to have a foreign vacation, you can give yourself and your loved ones a perfect gift in form of a Japan Tour. The place is known for its rich culture and a most advanced technology. The vegetable mountains, the seasonal foods, the perfect flower arts and the most engaging culture, isn’t it 0the perfect combination you can dream of.

The traditional food of Japan can make anyone feel hungry and greedy for it. And their unique style of having it on a wooden mat makes it even more exciting. And mind you, you can get to taste the real Sushi which most of us have only heard off. Interesting Deal? So guys pack your bags as the money and visa both are on your side with a lower currency rate and easy visa facility, you can get to fulfill your dream with ease.

The government has some real easy standards for issuing a visa to the Indian tourists. They offer a short term visa of around 90 days to the tourists and the business person at easy conditions and that too without much harm to your pockets as it’s almost free.  Japan is best known for its attractions, visitors can enjoy fully at this place. A tour to this place gives an everlasting feeling of joy and satisfaction.




All of these locations are best for a quick getaway with the simplest procedure of visa. The visa and money factors are both in your favor so it’s a great opportunity for vacationers to enjoy to the fullest and make merry without too many planning concerns. So, get over your visa troubles, forget about all the formalities and get going for never ending fun. Why wait? Just grab the opportunity and experience the real beauty of the world.

How to reach:  Catch a flight to the nearest airport in Japan from Mumbai at just INR 23,774.