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It’s always exciting to count down the year and get ready for a new set of 365 days. For travel addicts, ait means planning a whole new itinerary to destinations that beckon. If you’re a travel junkie too, we have a list of terrific places that promise adventures to keep you on your toes. Starting from Indonesia to Brazil, get set to explore these exotic locales and maybe even tick them off your bucket list!


1) Volcano Trekking in Indonesia


Trekking is always fun but if you’re dying to spice it up a bit then there’s no better place to do it than in Indonesia. Not only is this country famed for its nature tourism but it offers visitors a bonus: volcano trekking.

It may not be on everyone’s wish list but trust us, volcano trekking is one of the most thrilling things you could possibly do. Indonesia has over 100 volcanoes and there are numerous opportunities to explore them. The top choices are Mount Bromo, Mount Batur, Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani.

Indonesia has some great accommodations including homestays. Here are a couple of top picks.

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Homestays we recommend

a) Pemuteran homestay

Although located in the heart of Pemuteran village and 15 minutes walk from the beach, this homestay promises a peaceful holiday away from the hustle and bustle. It provides a list of amenities to make your stay more than comfortable.

Why we recommend

  • A wonderful escape from the buzz of tourist hotspots
  • Travelers who can’t leave their pets behind will love this place as pets are allowed
  • The homestay offers airport transfers

b) Beach Bungalow

Beach Bungalow

If you’re traveling in a group and prefer staying at the beach, this beach bungalow near Balangan beach will suit your needs just fine. The 2-storey accommodation can house 4 people and is 25 minutes by cab from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Why we recommend

  • The beachfront property provides direct access to the beach
  • It has a shared pool for you to cool off in
  • Rejuvenate yourself with the on-site spa service

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2) Deep water soloing in Thailand


Is rock climbing or bouldering too tame for you? How about if we throw in the sea as a bonus? If you’re in Thailand, you definitely need to include Railay beach in your itinerary because this is where the action happens. You free-climb your way up rocks and take a plunge into the water, which is the only way down.

Deep water soloing is fast becoming the adventure sport of choice for adrenaline junkies. With no safety equipment to rely on, it’s a challenge many are willing to meet and come out on top. Aside from Railay beach, you can also try it in Koh Yao Noi, Ao Nang, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Hong and Koh Lao Liang.

Homestays we recommend

a) Rustic homestay

Unplug yourself from the buzz of modern life with a stay at this rustic accommodation. You’ll be treated to beautiful views of fishermen going about their work and fireflies coming out to dance at night.

Why we recommend

The property sets itself apart for its is ideal for its rustic ambience and basic amenities. It’s perfect for travelers looking to get away from it all and feel closer to nature

b) Spacious apartment

This large apartment located in central Bangkok can accommodate as many as 5 people and is just a couple of hundred yards from Skytrain.

Why we recommend

  • The property features a shared pool that can be used freely
  • It has gym facilities so you never have to skip your workout
  • There is a hot tub to relax in
  • Frequent guests can avail of a storage facility to avoid having to travel with heavy baggage on each visit

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3) Shark Cage Diving in South Africa


Thrill seekers looking to up the ante in South Africa will find just what they’re looking for with shark cage diving. This is no ordinary feat and certainly not for the fainthearted.

You’ll come face-to-face with great whites and see them in their natural habitat. You’ll also learn about these apex predators from marine biologists and have a new appreciation for one of nature’s most incredible creatures.

Some of the best places to experience shark cage diving in South Africa are Cape Town, Gansbaai, Kleinbaai and Stellenbosch. Choose your destination and get set for the adventure of your life!

Homestays we recommend

1) Apartment with sea view

This 2-bedroom apartment is set in the lovely village of St James and offers great views of the sea. It accommodates 4 people and is close to several attractions in False Bay including the Constantia Wine Route.

Why we recommend

The property is strategically located and provides guests with easy access to tourist spots like Cape Point Nature Reserve, Boulder’s Beach and Simon’s Town

a) Fully Serviced Flatlet

Compact yet lacking in nothing, this 1-bedroom flat is perfect for couples and solo travelers. It features a private pool that you can use at your leisure.

Why we recommend

  • This beautifully designed property lets you indulge yourself at a private pool
  • Villa staff and a chef are available to meet all your requirements

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4) Deep sea diving in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka’s coastline offers numerous opportunities for deep sea diving. Almost 1600 kms of pure beauty invite you to explore marine creatures and fascinating sunken ships. The ships themselves have become home to coral and schooling fish, creating a wonderful world that’s just waiting to be explored.

With such a long coastline, there are plenty of places to dive in Sri Lanka. However, the top places are Barracuda Reef where you can witness lion fish and rays; Cargo Wreck with a depth of 295 feet and ideal for certified divers; and Goda Gala Diyamba, an underwater rock formation where you can find several large fish.

Homestays we recommend

a) Contemporary Bungalow

Nest Wood is set in a tea plantation and spice garden with wonderful views of lush greenery. It’s ideal for families and groups and has several natural attractions to explore such as caves, a natural stream and a natural swimming pool.

Why we recommend

  • Guests who are traveling with children will find that Nest Wood is the perfect place for little ones as there’s nature to explore and plenty of space to play
  • It has a private pool that you can use at your leisure


b) Colonial-style Villa

If you want to live in style, this historic villa set in a cinnamon plantation is it. The refurbished building features 4 luxurious bedrooms and a new swimming pool.

Why we recommend

  • Each bedroom is luxuriously furnished with great care given to attention to detail
  • The refurbished property features a 45-foot swimming pool
  • Guests can request excursions to be organized to local attractions
  • The property is rentable by room basis too

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5) Get F1 Crazy at Singapore


Commandeering a luxury sports car is only for the rich. At least, that’s what we’ve been led to believe. And while it’s true for the most part, Singapore lets you experience the thrill of being on the race track.

Head to Suntec City or Marine Bay Sands and you can feel what your favourite F1 racer feels. You’ll be driven by a professional driver around the street circuit in the car of your choice. You can opt for a powerful Lamborghini or go for a Ferrari – whichever suits your mood. If you’re confident to take the wheel, you can even choose to drive.

The street circuit goes through important landmarks of the area so you can take in the sights as you whizz past them. Depending on the road conditions, you have a whole 15 minutes to  60 minutes to enjoy the ride.

Homestays we recommend

a) Detached house

If you want to have a house all to yourself, this detached 2-storey property in Novena is perfect. It’s close to Orchard Road, Singapore’s shopping district, and is just 5 minutes from MRT. With 3 bedrooms and direct access to a pool, the house is ideal for families and groups.

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Why we recommend

  • Private pool
  • Strategic location

b) Luxury Serviced Accommodation

Travelers who prefer the comfort and convenience of serviced accommodation will love this luxurious property that features suites and a penthouse. First class amenities are provided to all guests

Why we recommend

  • This serviced accommodation features a swimming pool for guests who can’t do without a dip
  • Tennis aficionados can make use of the tennis court
  • It also has a gym fitted with modern equipment
  • In addition to the standard pool, there are 3 cascading infinity pools
  • There is also a playground that kids will enjoying using

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6) Skydiving Over Dubai


Skydiving may not be a unique experience but it sure comes very close when done in Dubai. The City of Gold has known the world over for its spectacular manmade structures and artificial islands. Skydiving over them and seeing them in their entirety is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Imagine witnessing the stunning Palm Jumeirah below you with its palm-shaped design. Or the Arabian Desert rushing up to greet you. At Skydive Dubai, you can appreciate the city in all its beauty.

The diving company has several drop zones that you can choose from. Experienced instructors make sure that everything goes like clockwork while a cameraman documents your journey through space so you never forget your experience.

Homestays we Recommend

a) Fully Equipped Apartment

This neat 1-bedroom apartment is a great choice for couples and solo travelers. It has a fully equipped kitchen and boasts contemporary decor. It also has a health club and a swimming pool as well as a soft bar and a restaurant.

Why we recommend

  • The property has a health club where guests can get their daily dose of exercise
  • It has a swimming pool to cool off in after a day of sightseeing
  • There is a soft bar and a restaurant that offer choice dining options
  • A 24-hour coffee shop provides the perfect chill-out place
  • Lotus Spa offers a list of rejuvenating treatment programs


b) Luxury Apartment

Situated in JBR, this luxury apartment is close to a metro station and is just minutes from the beach. It features 2 bedrooms, a shared pool and a gym. We recommend it for families and groups of friends.

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Why we recommend

  • This luxury beachfront apartment is located at the hugely popular JBR
  • It has a swimming pool, perfect for combating the Dubai heat
  • It also features a gym with all the latest equipment

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7) Go cliff-jumping in Australia


Plunging down to earth from atop a cliff is one of the most adventurous things you can do in Australia. With so many cliff jumping spots to choose from, you really won’t run out of locations no matter which part of the country you’re in.

Kimberley Ranges in Western Australia boasts stunning gorges and red limestone cliffs while Cedar Creek Falls in Queensland features bushland and several waterholes. Head towards Melbourne and there’s Blairgowrie Jumping Rock and Trentham Falls waiting for you. With beautiful views as far as the eye can see, you’ll be rewarded with both scenery and several rocks to jump from.

Homestays we Recommend

a) The Beach Shack

Located on Trinity Beach, The Beach Shack boasts waterfront views, 3 bedrooms and balconies overlooking the sea. It also has a fully equipped kitchen and a shared pool. Opt for this great apartment if you’re traveling with the family or friends.

Why we recommend

  • The Beach Shack is located right at the beach and offers wonderful sea views
  • It’s kid-friendly so you can travel with young ones without worry
  • It boasts a swimming pool that you can use before making your way to the sea

b) Princes Villa 67

One of twin properties, Princes Villa 67 is a tastefully furnished property in the quiet suburb of Guildford. Being close to Sydney, it’s ideal for travelers looking to explore the capital of NSW. It features 4 bedrooms, an outdoor entertainment area and a fully equipped kitchen.

Why we recommend

  • This large village is incredibly spacious and perfect for families
  • Kids have plenty of room to play in
  • There’s a neat outdoor entertainment area where you can relax with a drink

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8) Hiking in Hong Kong


Yes, you heard that right. While hiking may not be the first thing you think of in this urban center, the region boasts many terrific hiking locations that are waiting to be explored.

Newbies can start with Dragon’s Back Ridge, a simple trail that takes just a couple of hours to complete. Lamma Island is another easy trail. It and has paved paths and offers scenic views of villages and beaches.

Experienced hikers will love walking the 100-km MacLehose trail that runs through the New Territories. There are 10 hiking stages that vary in length and difficulty. If you can’t fit 100 kms into your schedule, you can hike the first and second stages spanning 10.6 kms and 13.5 kms respectively.

Homestays we Recommend

a) American vintage style apartment

This trendy studio apartment is perfect for couples although it can house up to 3 people. It’s filled with pop culture references and even a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It’s close to several train stations and is also kid-friendly.

Why we recommend

  • The property is strategically located and several train stations can be easily accessed
  • Guests looking to stay connected to the internet can avail pocket Wi-Fi rental service on request

b) French Style Cottage

Book a stay at this charming French style cottage with 4 bedrooms and a kitchen. It’s located close to the metro and offer internet connectivity and a washer/dryer.

Why we recommend

  • The property is situated to the metro station so traveling around is easier

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9) Swimming with piranhas in Brazil


What does a piranha bring to mind? Flesh-eating fish to be feared that can strip animals and humans to bone in minutes? Well, while that’s more exaggeration than truth, you can see them up close in Brazil. That’s right, you can go swimming with these underwater creatures and may even be able to witness them during a feeding frenzy. If fishing is more your sport, you can fish for them too.

The Pantanal, Brazil’s massive tropical wetlands is the place to go to see piranha in action. It’s filled with caiman and jaguar too along with numerous species of birds.

Homestays we recommend

a) Sea-view apartment


Head towards southern Brazil and you’ll come upon Canasvieiras, a lovely neighborhood and beach that’s the perfect vacation spot. One of the best accommodation options here is this apartment that faces the beach. It’s ideal for families and groups, boasting 2 bedrooms and 5 beds.

Why we recommend

  • The property is situated at Canasvieiras Beach and offers direct access to the same
  • It’s child-friendly with plenty of space for kids to play in

a) Elegant House

Travelers who prefer having an entire house to themselves during their holiday can opt for this tastefully decorated house in Gavea. It can accommodates as many as 14 people in its 4 bedrooms with 12 beds. It has a sauna, swimming pool and a gym as well as a fully equipped kitchen.

Why we recommend

  • Travelers who can’t leave their furry friends behind can bring their pets
  • The property can accommodate as many as 14 guests
  • It has a private pool, a sauna and a gym – everything you need to rejuvenate yourself

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