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Take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life and get engrossed in the calmness and serenity of the Pondicherry beaches. Also, while in this holiday destination, you can embrace yourself with the divinity of the nature. The luxuriant sights of Pondicherry are the best healer of the minds struck with the agonies and pains of corporate life.

About the Resort :

Located between the striking Chunnambar River and the majestic Bay of Bengal, Le Pondy is one of the pristine resorts in Pondicherry. Reviving the past essence of the French colonies, this holiday destination echoes all the true colours and vibes of Pondicherry. The myriad list amenities and activities offered by Le Pondy makes it a paradise for corporate team outings. 

Pirates of the Deccan Theme:

Shiver me timbers! Welcome to the exciting world of pirates where for a day you will get to live the life of one. Set off on an adventurous quest to unravel hidden treasures. There are rumours running wild of a lost treasure. Your team’s aim is to be the first one to acquire it. As the obstacles get harder, more and more hope of finding the valuable objects builds up. Teams that complete the task and get most points win the treasure. However, there is a catch, only one fourth of the map is given to the teams. Also, you will have to stick to the pirate’s code – a set of rules for the whole event. The ideal location to engage in this activity would be the beach. 

Get into the zone of a pirate world with the props of bandana, eye patches and sword. There are different facets and steps to this fun filled game. Set sail to the high seas with the Raft Building exercise. The materials will be given to your team and you will have to make a raft out if it. With as many people that can be on it, this raft will be set across the water for a distance to see if it works. In another activity, you will also have to construct your secret lair by sand castle building. Along with the group, build a huge and strong sand castle.

Together, scout for the three pieces of maps with different clues that take you closer to your goal. Your group will be given metal detectors, with which you will have to find the key which is buried somewhere on the beach. As you and your team are ship wrecked, survive the jungle with fresh water and fruits. Over here, the entire group will have to act as if they have been stranded in a jungle and they have to look out for creative solutions to the problems faced.  

Judiciously, cross the lava lake with the acid bridge. In this activity, you cannot touch your feet on the ground and should get from one point to the other with the help of crates. And finally after crossing all the hurdles solve the puzzle to open the gates to the treasure cave. Behold! For out comes the Pandora’s Box. Cheer away with your team members as you bring back the booty of precious objects.


  • Day 1 -

    After all the members are picked up, we will start the journey to Pondicherry. The journey will be undertaken late night in order to reach Pondicherry by early morning. Upon arrival, we will check-in into the resort, where breakfast will be served.

    After having breakfast, the group members will assemble near the activity zone and the trip manager will divide the group into smaller teams. Themes for the activities will be set accordingly and the teams have to choose a wacky name to represent them; they also have to select their team’s theme song and dance. Activities like human fuse ball, beach volley ball, breaking the ice, acid bridge and great egg drop will keep the team members immersed all throughout the day.

    Post these activities, we will take a lunch break followed by a short sightseeing tour of Pondicherry. Within this tour, we will visit the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry Musuem, Chunnambar Water Sports Complex, Matrimandir at Auroville and the Anglo-French Textiles.

    Upon returning to the resort, the group members can retreat themselves with the amenities of the resort; a blissful session in the swimming pool will refresh the team members. Post this, everyone can relax around the campfire followed by a scrumptious dinner.

  • Day 2 -

    Once all the group members are awake, breakfast will be served. Post this, we will continue with the remaining activities followed by a series of water based activities like sea kayaking, beach kiting, beach castle, human football and several others.

    By the time it gets noon, we will wind up all the activities and take a lunch break. Post lunch, we will pack our bags and start our journey back to Bangalore. 

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