Top 15 Islands to Chill Out At This Summer

Whooshing waves, soft, smooth sands and whistling coconut palms that hide you from the sun perfectly. Whether you want to party on the beach, indulge in water sports or just realx and do nothing, these 15 Islands are sure to make you fall in love and say ‘Let’s Go!’

  1. Amelia Island, USA

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    Are you looking to waddle your feet in the sand or set sail into the sunset? Are you wanting to feel insular, without feeling cut off from the rest of the world? Do you want to feel solitary, yet serene, knowing you can find a bit of beach to call your own, but also can converge into the crowd? Amelia is that kind of a place… a combination of the luxurious and the minimal. Whether it is to dine or to dive, the island’s diversity will leave you feeling either fulfilled, or restored or both.

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  2. Maui, Hawaii, USA

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    Maui is multi-faceted. This second largest of the Hawaiian Islands is in every bit exciting. Whether it’s a crater you want to peek into, or swim under a waterfall, Maui has it. It’s not just about the beaches. It’s about gushing greenery, fabulous fauna, sensual sunsets or just silence and spirituality. Just make sure you don’t miss out on wearing one of the bright tropical shirts as you explore the island, you’ll want to blend into the colors, scents and all other tropical treats your mind can conceive!

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  3. Maldives

    m_Maldives 1

    The former President of the Maldives once held an underwater cabinet meeting with his ministers. That just goes to show how unique the place is! Threatened by climate change, but determined to stay afloat, the Maldives are romance embodied. The islands are as perfect as typical tropical islands come, offering picture postcards such as: straw huts for dangling feet in water, supreme serenity of isolated islets, or just swaying sarongs under perched palms. What you’ll see there is definitely what you will not get anywhere else!

    m_Maldives 2

  4. Kiawah Island, USA

    m_Kiawah Island, USA 1

    Tipped off the coast of South Carolina, this island is all about golf greens and gorgeous sand strips. These are sometimes picketed with white wooden fences, brushed by tall grass behind which hides the Atlantic. Nature is definitely queen there, where you can catch a glimpse of some ‘gators’ or ‘birdies’, or just some stunning sunsets. If golfing at Osprey Point or Turtle Point isn’t what you’re into, then Night Heron Park may be place where you can get on a trail and get on to feeling the energy and vitality the island is blessed with.

    m_Kiawah Island, USA 2

  5. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    m_Bora Bora, French Polynesia

    Have you ever wondered if pictures of girls wearing raffia skirts, bearing hibiscus flowers in their hair and green garlands around their necks were real? They are in Bora Bora. This is the island of coconuts and straw huts, monoi flower crowns and necklaces and all the subtleties of a people and place held back in time. This is a tropical island per se, as writers throughout the ages would have depicted them. Eternity is of the essence on these shores of all things bright and beautiful.

  6. Oahu, Hawaii, USA

    m_Oahu, Hawaii, USA 1

    This is the island of sea turtles and superb surf. It is the island of volcanic cliffs and creeks. Whether you want to paddle out to sea in the traditional Hawaiian style or climb every mountain you can find, you are bound to be bedazzled by the breathtaking beauty of the place. Oahu also perfectly combines history and modernity. You will find lots of facts and feats to satisfy your curiosity, from war memorials to whale watching. Oahu definitely has more than one ‘wow’ factor!

    m_Oahu, Hawaii, USA 2

  7. Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia

    m_Great Barrier Reef Islands, Australia

    The Great Barrier Reef is one of the well-known wonders of the world, but its islands are perhaps less in the limelight. These are over 100 small islets… all laid out on the reef as specks of perfection. Names such as ‘Daydream Island’ are but a small indication of the nature there, which is brimful of aquatic beauty. If the Reef will leave you wide-eyes underwater, its islands are inclined to do so overland. So get your head above water.

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  8. Big Island, Hawaii, USA

    m_Big Island, Hawaii, USA

    This is the actual Hawaii Island, where romance, culture and adventure are can be indulged in as a whole or as separate entities. Big or Hawaii is the bold island, the one which knows no boundaries. The island is known for its frequent volcanic eruptions, resulting in stretches of black sands, reminiscent of Creation or just the Big Bang! If downtown Hawaii is all hustle and bustle, energy and excitement, the rest of the island does so more subtly. So go horse-ride through the country or swim with a giant stingray. Just make sure you do not give this island a miss!

  9. Bermuda


    Bermuda is a classy Carribean island, not only dotted with whitewashed shores but also church towers and lighthouses. If the aquatic attractions dominate, the rest of the island is not to be ignored. Lazy, tropical villages lie around the small territory, with names reminiscent of the old English countryside, but which are not to be confused with these origins. Bermuda is a kaleidoscope of colonial history and creole charm. This island of eternal summer should just be ceaselessly savoured!

  10. Tasmania, Australia

    m_Tasmania, Australia

    Sitting at the chin of the Australian mainland is this island known for its ‘devil’… undoubtedly one aspect of all its wild and wonderful character. It can be viewed as the Scotland of the southern hemisphere, where lakes scattered inland, rugged sceneries of snow-scattered hills or whispering waters. Tasmania is fanciful, in that it remains rather unexploited terrain but one that definitely asks to be revealed and reveled in. Do go through the trouble of taking yourself to Tasmania. No regrets guaranteed!

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  11. Vancouver Island, Canada

    m_Vancouver Island, Canada

    This is the place where you can fish, ski, kayak or canoe your way on white waters catch the sight of either orcas or bears or just wonder at the some of the biggest tree trunks you will ever set your eyes on. The island of the state of British Columbia is a haven of nature. It is untouched and unfettered… whether at the beach or in the forest. Lagoons and mountains come together in complete harmony in this island… and you can choose to either enjoy it peacefully or preposterously! So, is it action or apathy? Choice is yours and Vancouver Island is spoilt for that!

  12. Nevis


    This is a true tiny gem of an island almost a speck of paradise in the Carribean Sea. Barely of an area of 100 square kilometers, it is relatively unspoiled. Nevis is almost Neverland almost lost in the middle of the imaginary. Of course its beaches cannot be missed for their traditional tropical character but neither can the old ruins or mountains, golf courses or botanical gardens. So, behold the bougainvillea bushes, plush palms and just slip on to the soft sands of this sweet and spicy island!

  13. Lanai, Hawaii, USA

    m_Lanai, Hawaii, USA

    Lanai, or Pineapple Island as it is popularly known, is the 6th largest of the Hawaiian islands. One interesting fact is that it has an island-wide pineapple plantation therefore making it a true tropical delight of an island where you can indeed indulge in everything pineapple. But if fruit, or food, isn’t the only thing on your menu, then why not try an exclusive Luau? This traditional Polynesian show is as exotic and exhilarating as the lands from which they emerge.

  14. Nantucket, USA

    m_Nantucket, USA

    Nantucket lies off the coast of Massachusetts, the Gaelic junction of the North Eastern United States. Grey skies, windswept beaches and glassy waters are in harmony here. The shores are dotted with lighthouses, adding to the romantic feel spurred by the moors and boats that line them. A ‘clam chowder’ is likely to the signature dish, but a multitude of other non-gastronomic landmarks out to be earmarked for a visit. The Whaling Museum or Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museums, for example, are indicators of the island’s character. A deep sea culture, which demands to be experienced.

  15. Seychelles


    The Indian Ocean’s Seychelles archipelago needs little introduction. This is where the rich come to play whether on their private yachts or private islands. But Seychelles need not be an exclusive destination. The archipelago’s 115 islands are not equally accessible, but the main ones – Mahe, La Digue, St Anne and Praslin – are there to be enjoyed excessively. Their granitic monoliths spread on its most well depicted beaches are only some of the assets the islands enjoy. The rest are to be found in a kindly and hospitable people, exquisite cuisine and a bedazzling biodiversity. Not to be consumed in moderation!

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