Festivals of sikkim

Festivals of Sikkim: Explore The Culture, Art And Tradition

1. HEE Bermiok Tourism Festival

Hee Bermiok Tourism Festival is an annual celebration of Hee Bermoik city which is located very near to Gangtok. Thousands of tourists’ from everywhere come to see this massive carnival every year since 2005. This is the most important once a year affair celebrates in the month of May during summers in Hee Bermiok.

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2. Pang Lhabsol

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Pang Lhabsol is special occasion of Sikkim celebrated with huge festivity and celebrations. The festival is distinguished on the 15th July of the Tibetan calendar every year. The party continues for 3 days with a lot of dance and music.

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3. Rabongla Discovered

Rabongla is a peaceful place in Sikkim. It is one of the most scenic and picturesque tourist locations of Sikkim. Rabongla is situated at the elevation 7000 feet between the edges of Maenam and Tendong Hill. The huge and magnificent views of Greater Himalayas can be obviously seen from Rabongla. The attractiveness of Rabongla consists of various landscapes, foggy clouds and hazy fragrances. This pretty location in Sikkim is among the most admired destination of nature lovers and holidaymakers. During April Rabongla offers grand celebrations of traditions and culture known as crafts festival of Rabongla.

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4. Losar Festival

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Losar is a festival of Sikkim which is known for the New Year celebrations performs every year in the month of February. The merriment takes around a week with loads of cultural occurrences and performances in Sikkim and Darjeeling.

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5. Tharpu Monsoon Festival

Tharpu Monsoon festival is being organized in during monsoon season in Sikkim. August is the major month for the festivity at Tharpu in Western region of Sikkim. Tharpu festival attracts thousands of vacationers and even localities due to the special arrangements here. One can see various kinds of traditional stuff and arts in the festival.

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6. Lhabab Duchen

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Lhabab Duchen is one of the major Buddhist festivals according to Tibetan rituals. Lhabab Duchen happens on the 22nd date of the 9th month on the calendar of Tibet.

7. Gangtok Winter Festival

The annual Gangtok Winter festival is the grand event of the Sikkim, this small festival is performed up to 4 days. Dec 9 to Jan 11 is the appropriate dates for the festival every year in Sikkim

8. Namchi Mahotsav

Namchi Mahotsav

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Namchi Mahotsav is the colorful and vibrant festival of beautiful Sikkim. It is the cultural ceremony which last for a week. Cultural programs, dances and music are the assets of Namchi Mahotsav which everyone enjoys every year.

9. Mangan Music Festival

Mangan Music Festival is all about musical events detained in Sikkim in December every year. The whole ambience of Mangan Music Festival is quite interesting that includes cool weather, loud traditional music and scenic views for visitors.

10. Namsoong Festival

Namsoong Festival

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Namsoong Festival is famous event of Sikkim which is performed up to 7 days of time. Namsoong festivals start on the 1st day of the month of December or January every year. Sikkim attracts thousands of tourist every year and to vist this beautiful place go through budget-friendly tour packages.

11. Khangchendzonga Tourism Festival

Khangchendzonga Festival begins from 24 December to 26 December at west Sikkim in Pelling every year.  Lots of fun activities like white-water rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking are offered in the festival for visitors.

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