12 Best Quiet Travelling Locations for Writers

Either you are a paper writer, a journalist, or a famous author, we know how hard it is to find a quiet and secluded location for traveling where you can combine work with pleasure and recreation.

All the attractive and attention-grabbing headlines of the famous holiday destinations are tempting but turn out to be too loud, bustling, and crowded with tourists. Finding a snug, comfortable, picturesque, and a quiet location is not that easy.

We prepared a list of incredible holiday destinations where you can either work enjoying a mind-blowing view, or just relax and distract from writing for a while. You just have to choose. 

1. Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata lurks in Spain, in the eastern part of Almeria. Cabo de Gata can boast of deserted and secluded beaches washed by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, hidden between capes and high volcanic rocks.

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2. Delimara

You can spend a secluded holiday in the Maltese peninsula of Delimara. There are several golden sandy beaches hidden between steep cliffs, ideal for sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

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3. Kartause Ittingen

Just 40 kilometers from Zurich, among the hills overgrown with orchards, is a former Carthusian monastery. Now it is a complex consisting of a hotel and a farm, combining monastic tranquility and modern comfort. It’s an excellent location to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation, admiring the beautiful Swiss nature. 

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4. Banyuls-sur-Mer 

The secluded village of Banyuls, famous for its winemaking, is situated on the Vermeille coast of France. Here you can relax on the small pebble beaches and enjoy snorkeling for free. Moreover, no one canceled the tasting of local wines. 

5. Isle of Raasay

Stunning mountain views, endless fields, medieval castles — this island offers all of this in abundance. The local islands are especially picturesque — in particular, all the islands in the Archipelago of the Inner Hebrides in the west of the country.

The best place to seek harmony and hide from the hustle and bustle is on the Isle of Raasay. According to the latest census, there are only 161 inhabitants there.

If you suddenly want a noisy company, you can take the first ferry to the neighboring Isle of Sky. But, of course, the most important luxury to follow here is the serenity in every breath.

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6. Luštica

Source : Tripadvisor

The Montenegrin peninsula of Luštica is rich in clean beaches, located in a chain along the southern coast. Nature there amazes with the splendid combination of the green mountains and azure water. And the red-roofed houses resemble Lisbon.

If you get tired of this location, you can always get by boat to Dobreč, which is famous for its crystal clear water.

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7. Kabak

Turkish resort known as Kabak is a favorite place for fans of secluded holidays, in the bosom of untouched nature. A beautiful and deserted beach lurks between high rocks in Kabak. It’s even hard to believe that you are in Turkey — the views and nature are astonishing!

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8. Gökçeada

The island of Gökçeada, owned by Turkey, is washed by the Aegean Sea. The main attractions of the island are the breathtaking nature and magnificent beaches, which treat their guests to some privacy and are little explored by tourists.

9. Cap de Favaritx

The Cap de Favartix is located in the north of Menorca, on the edge of the Parc Natural de s’Albufera de Mallorca. Here you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the rocks, against which the raging waters of the sea beat, as well as the lunar landscape of black shale. There are several deserted sandy beaches in the south of the cape.

10. Thingvellir

Boundless fields, mountains, waterfalls, and fresh winds — Iceland is more like a picture taken from the pages of fairy tales. If you’ve always dreamed of fishing, looking in a saucer of a clear lake, go to the Thingvellir fairytale.

What can you do besides fishing? Of course, you should head and explore one of the most beautiful national parks on the UNESCO World Heritage List, admire the majestic plains, and dive into the whirlwinds of the Northern Lights. Iceland is an incredible place to get inspired. 

11. Lofoten

Like the fjords crashing into the land, Lofoten extends into the open sea in the shape of a hand. Hidden among the mountain peaks, like the spires of churches, are traditional villages inhabited by fishermen and artists.

Come here to try traditional dishes made of fish and seafood, wander the white sand beaches and visit Lofotr Viking Museum to review its unique artifacts. You may also head to the mainland, the coastal region of Helgeland and the UNESCO-listed Vega Archipelago.

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12. Byron Bay 

In a small resort town in Australia, locals love to watch the sunrises and sunsets. That’s because Byron Bay has excellent panoramas. They magnify what nature has done and try to keep it as it is. You can rent a small house by the water and breathe in the serenity of the surrounding countryside.

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