20 Best Islands in South-East Asia

Crystal Clear water, White beaches, Palm trees, Green hills, Incredible underwater, Surfing, scuba diving – All of these would have impressed you a lot on the web, but now you can enjoy seeing and indulging in all of these in real life if you take up an Island touring. Southeast Asia offers a ton of opportunities for the tourists to enjoy their Island holidaying, from endless coastlines to numerous beaches, Southeast Asia is blessed in abundance. Islands are great to explore and mainly if you are searching for some best Islands in the world, you should know that there are some best Islands in Southasia that will fit into your budget and expectations. We have given you an overview of some of the stunning Islands of the South East Asia and now it’s time for you to explore these South Asian Islands and feel close to heaven:


  1. Similan Islands, Thailand

Pic Credit: Thailand Adventure Guide
Pic Credit: Thailand Adventure Guide

Why to go – Protected well by the Thai Government this Similan Island in Thailand consists of a group of nine archipelagos. This stunning islet with its crystal clear water and great marine nature is a retreat for the tired soul. This is also an ideal spot to watch some gorgeous corals, tropical fishes and imposing boulders

Best time to visit – The magical Island is best during October to May

What to do – Row in the boats of this Island for a couple of hours, head to the elephant head rock, climb to the top of the mountain and grab a photoshoot of the whole Island.

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Where to stay – Some of the nearby hotels are Palm Galleria hotel, Khaolak South sea and Apsara Beachfront Resort

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  1. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Pic Credit: Original Travel
Pic Credit: Original Travel

Why to go – The Raja Ampat Islands at Indonesia is a cluster of 1000 Islands just off Sorong, tourists would love to enjoy this sparsely populated Island and get to see some of the best jungles, sublime sceneries’, scorching white sand beaches and more.

Best time to visit – Dry months from October to April will be great to visit

What to do – The luminous turquoise waters of this Island is fun to explore; the 4000 km stretched Island gives opportunity for adventurous active tourists. Snorkeling and diving are the limelight that shouldn’t be missed out. Apart from these you can also head to Biodiversity resort and spend some time at Pasir Timbul beach.

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Where to stay – Raja Ampat Kordiris homestay and Marley dive resort are some awesome stay places here.

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  1. Baros Islands, Maldives

Pic Credit: Destination Luxury
Pic Credit: Destination Luxury

Why to go – Baros Island is the home to capital Male and is also a part of North Male Atoll. A part of paradise is brought into Maldives in the form of Baros Islands; the serene, peaceful stunning beaches pull tourists from all across the world.

Best time to visit – The best time is from May to November

What to do – Tourists can enjoy in the lap of this Island by relaxing and sunbathing, and then jump into the beaches for diving and various other water sports. And when you are tired, Baros Islands provide you with the best spa treatment relax and rejuvenate for sometime in these Spa centers.

Where to stayExperience the best of your trip by staying at Baros Maldives

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  1. Pom Pom Islands, Malaysia

Pic Credit: Croatian Islands
Pic Credit: Croatian Islands

Why to go – Literally a no populated Island is located on the Semporna archipelago of Earth coast Malaysia, the Island is well surrounded by turquoise waters, stunning coral reefs, numerous fish species and white sand land.

Best time to visit – Ideal visiting time is from May to August

What to do – A perfect place for divers and non divers so you can easily go for scuba diving or kayaking, or play beach foot ball or take up biking ride to visit nearby places. Explore the Island on foot to captivate the speck of white sand land, and try to spot the giant green, hawksbill turtles in the Island.

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Where to stay – Pom Pom Island resort and spa provides a rustic stay in this paradise Island

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  1. Nha Trang, Vietnam

Pic Credit: Crossing Travel
Pic Credit: Crossing Travel

Why to go – Among various other Vietnamese Islands, the Nha Trang is a treasure to the city, it terms of popularity and budget this is one of the best Islands in Southasia worthy of a visit. Scuba diving lovers can get the best diving experience on the reefs of Nha Trang

Best time to visit – February till April is superb in Vietnam

What to do – Vietnam may not be so famous for massages or spa, but still there are some best Vietnamese massages that will work out wonderfully and remove your stress, bargained shopping at the hawker markets, drink and buy some best coffee (Vietnam is famous for coffee production) and have a cocktail at sunset, enjoy the dive into the Nha Trang’s beach or sit and relax beside with a glass of iced coffee or enjoy eating hot –hot Pho bowl at the backstreet.

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Where to stay – An Lam Ninh van Bay Villas and Intercontinental Nha Trang provide comfortable stay

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  1. Lakshwadeep, India

Pic Credit: Welcome NRI
Pic Credit: Welcome NRI

Why to go –If you want to catch a glance of the best Islands in Southasia, then head straight to Lakshwadeep, the blue sea with unspoiled beaches will pull your attention and make you fall in love with it. The Island is blessed with some of the exotic and beautiful beaches in the whole of India.

Best time to visit – Lakshwadeep is best during mid may till September

What to do – Island hopping is the first best thing to do here, head to the nearby Islands like Agatti Islands, Minicoy Islands, Kavaratti Islands. Taste some traditional local foods or try your hands at the international cuisine like Chinese, Thai, Indian and Korean. There are many Islands that promote diving and water sports too.

Where to stay – Coral beach resort, Island holiday home and some beach resorts are best for tourists.

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  1. Phi Phi Islands, Thailand


Why to go – This Island group of south East Asia is one of the loveliest Island in Thailand. A 45 minute drive from Phuket and you are into this wonderful Island that is studded with turquoise waters and colorful marine life.

Best time to visit –The weather is best from November till March

What to do – This group of six Islands has many things to offer to tourists, Swim in the Koh Phi Phi Leh and Maya Bay, view the Islands from Phi Phi view point, day trip to bamboo Island, dive into the phi phi Islands, rest for some time at Viking caves and end your day by sitting near Moo Dee Bay

Where to stay – Zeavola resort and Phi Phi Island village beach resort are fantastic here

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  1. Macleod Islands, Myanmar

Pic Credit: Backyard Travel
Pic Credit: Backyard Travel

Why to go – Located in Myanmar in the Mergui archipelago, this Island is untouched, natural and gives a simple and serene atmosphere for tourists. This Island is one of the best Islands in Southasia and is an ideal place for nature lovers.

Best time to visit – This nature’s paradise is ideal to visit during the months of October to January

What to do –Relax in the serenity of this paradise, enjoy the isolated Island by indulging in some incredible diving spots or swim in the pristine beaches.

Where to stay – If you are here, the only best resort that has to be considered without any second thought is The Myanmar Andaman Resort.

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  1. Sinhanoukville, Cambodia

Pic Credit: Sokha Hotels
Pic Credit: Sokha Hotels

Why to go – Sinhanoukville is a small province of southwest Cambodia that is famous for its tropical Islands, mangrove jungles, beaches and Ream National Park.  If you want to taste some delicious sea foods or want a late night drink, then probably this Island is a sure try.

Best time to visit – Travellers prefer to visit during May to early October

What to do – party at the beach side, taste the best sea foods, late night drinks at the bars, beach hopping, visit to the Kbal chhay cascades and Wat Leu should be in your to do list.

Where to stay – Holiday Villa Nataya, Sinhanoukville plaza hotels and Grand Sihanouk hotels are best


  1. Tioman Islands, Malaysia

Pic Credit: Go Travelaz
Pic Credit: Go Travelaz

Why to go – Located 32 kms from Malaysia this Island is a mukin. This Island of Rompin district has less commercial Islands like Sibu Island and is the best place for ferrying. Cascading waterfalls, rigorous jungle hikes, laid back villages and evergreen canopy makes this Island as one of the best Islands in Southasia

Best time to go – This is an year round destination

What to do – Relax at the Paya beach, dive in the RM1000, enjoy the nature at Tioman Islands, watch the splendid sunset at Berjaya, taste the Tioman cuisine at Tioman Islands, buy some gifts for your family, and end your trip by sightseeing.

Where to stay – Berjaya Tioman resort and Minang cove resort are good

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  1. Koh Rong, Cambodia

Pic Credit: Thousand Wonders
Pic Credit: Thousand Wonders

Why to go– This Island is located 25 kilometers from Sinhanoukville. It being second largest Island of Cambodia has an amazing mixture of flora and fauna. With Sandy beaches and a large coast, this is a lovely place to visit and spend time.

Best time to go – May to early October are the best seasons

What to do – This Island has many beaches, and since there are no roads walking is the only option, Camping on beaches with barbecue is a very good option to have fun here, and few boat trips which ferry you to nearby small Islands for petty amount

Where to stay – Island Boys and Monkey Island are excellent for tourists to stay


  1. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Pic Credit: Dronestagr
Pic Credit: Dronestagr

Why to go – Mentawai is one of the best Islands in south Asia, it is located in western coast of Sumatra Indonesia. The waves here are known to be very sharp.   Deep blue mesmerizing sea welcomes you with open waves for a deep sea dive.

Best time to go – April to October is the best time to go here

What to do – Surfing here is one of the biggest challenge and puts your experience to test, so surfing is a one of the best thing to do. Other things to do here are Driving a fast boat, deep sea diving. This is also a famous trekking and camping location for most of the tourists and there are many resorts to chill out too.

Where to stay – Macaronis resort, Kingfisher resort and HT’s Resort provide affordable stay

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  1. Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Pic Credit: Agoda
Pic Credit: Agoda

Why to go – Cat Ba is an amazing Island located in Vietnam which is well known for its blue sea water and lovely warm beaches. It also consists of a national park few caves and many more places of interest. Furthermore there is a small Island called Monkey Island which is at a small distance off the shore from here which is famous for its verity of monkey species.

Best time to visit – February to April being the spring time is ideal for the tourists

What to do – There are many things to do here, but what one must not miss are, the famous market which sells seafood which is at the north west end of the Island, Rock climbing, ferry rides and visit to the national park.

Where to stay – My Ngoc, Hotel Phu Thanh and Sunflower One Hotel are excellent hotels here


  1. Palawan, Philippines

Pic Credit: CN Traveler
Pic Credit: CN Traveler

Why to go – This famous green Island of Philippines needs no introduction as it is one of the best Islands in Southasia. This Island is covered with greeneries throughout the year, and the blue sea gives an amazing picturesque sight which has to be on travel dairies, to add up to these there is very famous water fall here.

Best time to visit – November to April is great here

What to do – Hiking is one of the very famous activity done here at the peak of the hill, there are few lovely caves to visit like The Tabon Cave which is said to be 22000 years old. Having a shower at the falls is also a must once you are at this place.

Where to stay – Sheridan Beach Resort and EL Nido Resorts Lagen Island.


  1. Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Pic Credit: Kilroy
Pic Credit: Kilroy

Why to go – This Island is a combination of 2 Island one small and another larger, being not much far from Thailand this is famous spot for both Malaysians and Thais. The calm seas are famous for swimming and boat rides.

Best time to visit – The best time to visit is during March to October as the tides are low and ideal to swim.

What to do – The foremost thing to do here is scuba diving at different spots and play with the fishes, Jungle Trekking, Turtle conservation volunteering where you get to play and feed many turtles which have their nests in this region.

Where to stay – Moonlight Chalets, Bubu Long Beach Resort, Oh La La’s and Panorama Chalet & Restaurant.


  1. Krabi Island, Thailand

Pic Credit: Tourist Expedition
Pic Credit: Tourist Expedition

Why to go – It is a very famous province of South Thailand, It’s a rocky Island filled with tress bushes and beaches. Since this is a famous province it is easy to reach here from any part of Thailand. The Island consists of Huay Toh Waterfall, Emerald Pool and has many amazing beaches.

Best time to go – November to early April

What to do – Deep Sea Diving is most important activity here and has many agencies which provide them with boats and other needed equipments, Rock climbing too is a must at this Island and there are many Boats trips which can take you around the Island and off it too.

Where to stay – Grand Tower Hotel, Vieng Thong Hotel and A Mansion Hotel are ideal for budgeted stay

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  1. Cebu Islands, the Philippines

Pic Credit: Philippine Picture
Pic Credit: Philippine Picture

Why to go – The Cebu Island is located at the Visayas region and is known for its beautiful, narrow and long Islands that offers stunning view of the seas and mountains adjacent to it. Tourists will be blessed to see the 167 surrounding islets from this Island

Best time to go – Dry seasons from November to April are ideal

What to do –This is the best Island for adventure seekers, there is plenty to do here like- fishing at the nearby villages, or you can enjoy trailing to explore the outstanding natural scenic beauty or opt to trail to the mountains or sit and relax at the resorts.

Where to stay – some of the high end resorts over here are best for tourists like the camotes, Badian and Malapascua.


  1. Gili Islands, Indonesia


Why to go – The Gilli Island comprises of three small Islands inside it, this is located in the north west of Indonesia providing tourists an ample view of Lombok coast. If you want a break from your hurry burry life and are searching for best Islands in Southasia then this is it.

Best time to go – April to October are best for tourists

What to do – There is a restriction for car drive here, so enjoy going back to the ancient times by taking a horse carriage or carriages. Cycling will not only help you to keep your body fit, but you can enjoy the chill weather falling on your face as your cycle to explore this Island. This Island is best for snorkelers and divers too.

Where to stay – Aston sunset beach resort, Pinkcoco Gili Trawagan and Manta Dive Gili air resort are some best places in Gili.


  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Pic Credit: Mankiyatra
Pic Credit: Mankiyatra

Why to goAndaman and Nicobar Islands is a very big Island that comprises of more than 600 Islands is situated in India. Even though it was badly hit during Tsunami, this Island became a hot spot among tourists who search for fun and entertainment in Islands.

Best time to go – Mid January to Mid May are the best weather conditions here and divers can enjoy during this time

Andaman is also a famous honeymoon spot. Check out here some amazing packages

What to do – As this is a large archipelago, you can roam around the various Islands, take helicopter shuttles, passenger ferries, or hire a catamaran. Scuba diving at Havelock Islands is a must try, Visit the Mahatma Gandhi National park, Snorkeling, surfing and volcanic diving is also possible here.

Where to stay – Subramanyam are good for camping, and Havelock hotels are priceless over here


  1. Jeju Islands, South Korea


Why to go – The Jeju Islands are the Hawaii of South Korea, this favourite tourist spot is the best Islands in Southasia and is a great place for honeymooners too. The limelight of this Island is the Iho beach which gives a good combination of grey and yellow sand.

Best time to go – The ideal beach time runs from July to September

What to do – The shallow waters of the Iho beach makes it ideal for a good swim, Downtown of Jeju is the best hangout place to taste some of the finest beers. This Island of the gods is Famous for its Manjanggul lava tube and seogsan IIchubong – famous for women divers, apart from this you can also enjoy the folk villages.

Where to stay – Minbak guest house situated at Jeju for budget stay and Lotte Jeju Resort Art villa for the luxury stay

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