Are you looking for a fun outing or a place with loads of activities for one and all – kids, family, friends then look no more. Bingo! We are about to unveil the ultimate sporting arena and a fun zone where you can eat, play and party for unlimited fun! Welcome to the ‘Mecca of Entertainment’, Welcome to Smaaash!
Smaaash  is where the action meets fun. Adrenaline is the spine of Smaaash,  you resurrect your lazy self into a gamer, sports person or an athlete. Packed with virtual reality games and simulative sports, Smaaash is a complete family outing space. Smaaash has entertainment for all age groups. Heat can’t bake you in here, rain can’t dampen your spirit – it’s an indoor centrally air-conditioned space. Come in as a gang of friends, come in as a family or come in for a date – you will have a memorable experience! This is a place where Family Become Friends & Friends Become Family! It’s time you woke up to unconventional entertainment, it’s time you woke up to Smaaash. Here’s a day spend by IPL T20 team RCB at our Smaaash Bangalore center –

1. Walk The Plank

Games like Walk The Plank introduce you to a whole new level of virtual reality entertainment. An Oculus based game, wherein you walk over a plank and experience an illusion of dizzying heights; this game will surely give you goose bumps. The feeling of being elevated to the 50th floor of a skyscraper and you walking between two astonishingly tall buildings to save your pet is extremely real and thrilling. You lose balance and your fall is broken safely by the belts tied across your hip and waist and you are left hanging safely with a cushion of soft foam beneath you. You need to experience the fall to take in the actual excitement of the game. To know more click here.

2. Create your own Roller Coaster

Have you ever imagined, what it would be like if you could create a roller coaster of your own? Imagine no more just do it at Smaaash, create your own roller coaster and ride in it. Yeah, sounds like a dream, but we make dreams come true at Smaaash. With Finger Coaster, you draw your roller coaster on a virtual screen, then see it come alive in 6D through the Oculus gear. You get the same track in the roller coaster, your seat awaying, you holding your seat belt real tight, screaming with every plunge and wind gushing aginast your face. When the kart comes to a halt and you take off you head gear is when the reality hits you – You never were 50 feet above the gound! You gotta experience it, to understand what we are talking about. To know more about this game, click here.

3. Sky-Karting

Sky Karting is an all new experience for the go-karting – the track is laid out on multiple levels, rather than a flat road. The G’s you experience are fantastic, because of this multilevel layout of the track. Another unique feature to Sky Karting is that the karts are fast as darts. The karts are battery powered electric karts, no emissions at all. The track has award winning safety standards. Pool in with your friends or family for a race. Let’s burn some rubber!
To know more about this game, click here.

4. Try Super Keeper

We have an exciting game for all the Soccess fans. We have a goal keeper that’s better than the best goalkeeper in the world. With a reaction time of 1/10th of a second, this Super Keeper saves goals from hardcore penalty shooters. Take a penalty against our Super Keeper and if you score, consider yourself a legend. To know more about Super Keeper click here

5. Smaaash Cricket

Smaaash Cricket is a smashing surprise –  you bat against legends like Shane Warne, Malinga & Brett Lee. Muralitharan’s Doosra, Shane Warne’s floater, Wasim Akram’s reverse swing, you’ll find them all here. The balls come at various pace with spin or swing exactly as per the legendary bowlers skill.  There are different levels you can bat at, from Beginner, to County to Professional. Then there’s the lovely, live cheering of the audience and running commentary and ticking score board. There are exciting prizes if you are able to hit a six or two. To know more about Smaaash Cricket click here.

6. Twilight Bowling

Twilight bowling under ultraviolet lights gives enthusiasts a wonderful ambience for tenpin bowling. You could enjoy a game of bowling with food and drinks by the side. You can order your exquisite food or finger food while you strike away with perfection. Bowling shoes are provided at the venue – make sure you carry a pair of socks. To know more about Twilight Bowling click here

7. The Tramopline Park

Jump, somersault, fly and defy gravity at Smaaash, at the trampoline park. Kids and adults alike could enjoy this space as they let go of their worries and engage in some light hearted fun.

8. Try Arcade Games

Arcade games at Smaaash are a thrilling experience and perfect getaway if you are looking for a fun outing place with kids. With vintage favourites like Pac-Man, Air Hockey, Deal or No Deal and Simpson’s Soccer, you’ll never want to leave our time capsule. And if you enjoy more conventional games, there is Connect 4 and Fruit Ninja. With over 50 classic and new games, you’ll have a whale of a time here. To know more about arcade games at Smaaash click here

9. The 9D Theatre

The 9D theatre would leave your hairs on end. You get to feel the snowfall, rain dripping, etc. as you take a ride in the simulator. Get ready to have your mind blown away by our meanest interactive theatre ever! Experience goosebumps on a roller coaster, chills of a haunted house and the thrills of an interactive shooting gallery at our State Of The Art XD Interactive theatre. To know more about our 9D theatre click here

10. Flymax

Flymax is a virtual reality game that will make you soar like a bird. You fun family outing would be incomplete without trying out this VR game. This hang glider simulator is an Oculus based game, wherein there are different scenarios you need to hover over. The wind blowing in your face and getting strapped to the hang glider as in a real life situation truly lifts your spirits. To know more about Flymax click here.

11. Food At Smaaash

The food at Smaaash is absolutely special. When you’re famished after playing a game or two, you could bite into scrumptious delicacies that’ll tantalize your taste buds. There are desserts to finish your meal on a sweet note, too. The Mighty Small restaurant at Smaaash is is popular for its carnival-like atmosphere that would lift anyone who enters that space.

12. The Kid Area

The new 6,300 SQ. ft. Smaaash Junior – Kids’ Play Area in Mumbai is a retreat for children, – they get to somersault, play, slide, swirl and have a gala time in an air-conditioned atmosphere. There’s a special food menu for children to refuel, too.

You could host your parties at Smaaash. Be it a corporate party, team outing,  birthday party or any other celebration, Smaaash is the place to go for unlimited fun at affordable prices.
Corporate events, team outings, offbeat client meets, etc. are often hosted at Smaaash. We believe ‘Teams That Play Together Stay Together’. And what better place to play & party than SMAAASH! Smaaash houses more than 50 Virtual Reality, Arcade and Simulation Games which are a mix of single and multi-player games. So skip the average venue and throw an epic event in your next Team Outing.. Top it up with customisable food and cocktail menu to fit your company outing budgets. To know more about corporate parties at Smaaash click here

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