Run. Take Off. Fly! Parul’s Take On Life & Paragliding!

“Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

A true travel soul by heart, with the most sudden trips to make, Parul Jain’s ambition to feel the skies, took her to one of the best paragliding spots in India- Kamshet! A passionate nature lover and trek enthusiast by heart, Parul feels that she might obviously be a Mumbaikar but she profoundly lost her heart to the ever-elating treks of the Himalayas.
All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware, and she found it in the pristine peaks of the Brahmatal Trek. From there returned a soul, with an undying longing to experience the best of nature’s creation.
Accompanied with paragliding, our ardent traveler also took a short trek and camp at the Pawna Lake with us. Truly a wanderer!
Welcome to the travelogue of Parul Jain

Good Times On The Road

Along with paragliding, a last-minute booking to Pawna Lake activity marked the onset of her biggest life adventure, and Parul along with two of her friends chose the traveler’s way of getting close to her intent. Few phone calls, messed backpacks and a hasty start, and moments later they were speeding through the way to Lonavala.
The journey, not the arrival matters and this little group did the same. Having fun while plucking mangoes off the trees, tasting the sweet earthen water from handpumps and taking sudden stops to enjoy road side delights, they had just decided to make the day the best in long times to come!

En Route Kamshet

En route Kamshet, Parul and her friends decided best to rest in hammocks hung near the pristine Lake Pawna. A short trek away was their nature campsite. With a magnificent view of three ancient citadels – Tikona, Lohagad, and Tunga, in her words-
“Loved the experience of lying under the shade of trees during peak afternoon! Even though calm, I felt goose bumps whenever the wind blew past!”
Enjoying Pawna lake-waters to the fullest with the best of nature’s embrace, the group head on towards their adventure destination – Kamshet!
Kamshet & The Fly There!
With the scenic beauty of sun setting in the backdrop, Parul describes her moments of fly in Kamshet as the best thing ever experienced!
“Flying high while the sun went down” is all that she has to put in words the inexplicable flight that she’ll never forget.

Points She Never Wants You To Miss While Paragliding In Kamshet

  • Always use a sunscreen.
  • Take the early morning or the evening batch.
  • Carry a Go Pro or selfie stick to capture the moments.

Calling It Curtains

With a few great trips taken with Thrillophilia already, Parul shares her bucket list for the next adventure she desires for-

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