8 Reasons to Make Turkey Your Next Vacation Destination

Turkey is a country with a rich history, fascinating culture, and awesome natural beauty. You might not have ever considered it a place to go on vacation. But once you get to know more about this transcontinental jewel, you’ll waste no time planning your trip. 

Whether you’re into adventure, watersports, the great outdoors, historical sites, or just good food you’ll find everything you’re looking for here. So join us as we look at the top reasons to make Turkey your next vacation destination. 

1. Beautiful Bays & Beaches 

One of the best ways to explore the wonder that is Turkey is to sail there by yacht. And it is really easy to arrange an affordable yacht charter in Turkey online. This offers the best way to explore the beautiful coves, bays, and independent islands of the Turkish Aegean coastline. 

See natural wonders that can only be explored by boat. And discover secluded gems like Cunda Adasi, a secluded island on the Ayvalik archipelago situated between Turkey and Greece. And of course, you can moor your yacht and spend a relaxing day on the peaceful golden sands of Turkey’s many beaches.

But if you want a taste of the nightlife after your day in the sun, head to Konyaaltı Beach. Nestled between the  Beydağları Mountains and the Aqualand waterpark,  it’s a stone’s throw from some of the best nightclubs and top-notch resorts

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2. Magnificent Cave Hotels

While most hotels are pretty standard in their offerings, here in Turkey you will discover hotels with a difference. Several of Turkey’s ancient cave dwellings have been converted into luxurious hotel accommodations. 

But the award-winning Urgup Evi is probably one of the best cave hotels on offer. It is located within walking distance of the central city. And the hotel offers you the full range of services that you have come to expect from top accommodation. 

There are 12 rooms, as well as a terrace area where you can relax and enjoy the view or have a good meal. The Terrace Restaurant offers a critically-acclaimed menu of local Turkish delicacies.

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3. Exhilarating Hot Air Baloon Rides

Once you’ve seen enough of Turkey on the ground, take it to the next level and see it from the sky. You won’t soon forget the thrill of floating up, up, and away in a beautiful balloon. Turkey is known for its hot air balloon rides. And we can see why, with such beauty to gaze down on from on high. 

There are several hot air balloon ride facilities available, and with each one, you will see a different landscape beneath. In Goreme in Cappadocia, the rocky terrain is dotted with rock castles and more than 200 cave hotels.
And if you’re traveling with the one you love, what could be more romantic than floating through the sky at sunrise?  A hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you need to include on your travel bucket list.

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4. Delicious Cuisine

Turkish cuisine can best be described as a fusion of Mediterranean and Central Asian foods with cuisines from around the world. Most meals are rich in vegetables, herbs, and fish, and regional specialties are often named after the places they originated. Meals are often accompanied by fruit. 

Turkey also produces many varieties of cheese from sheep’s milk. Both savory and sweet pastries feature strongly in their traditional cuisine. Most Turks drink black tea throughout the day, but there’s nothing quite like freshly ground, fragrant Turkish coffee. It is akin to an espresso that has been spiced with cardamom.

Although Turkey is officially a Muslim country, most alcoholic beverages are widely available. In fact, there are several locally made lagers and craft beers for sale, as well as a variety of locally produced wines. 

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5. Exotic Bazaars & Markets 

Why buy your travel souvenirs at duty-free shops or in mainstream stores when you can search for them in an exotic Turkish bazaar? There are many covered bazaars as well as outdoor stalls with colorful arrays of locally produced products. 

But Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar stands out among the rest. Built in 1461, it has delighted visitors for centuries. Here you can buy gorgeous lamps, traditional rugs, pretty teapots, and handmade shawls. Or treat yourself to an assortment of local sweets. There are just so many gorgeous local wares on sale. 

But while their prices are reasonable, bargaining is advised and welcomed. So think out of the box, and purchase something that is truly distinctive and will spark joy whenever you look at it back home. 

6. Authentic Turkish Baths

The term “Turkish bath” first appeared in the English-speaking world in 1644. By now, most people will have heard of a Turkish bath. But on a trip to Turkey, you can experience the real thing, which is also referred to as a hammam. 

A Turkish bath is basically a type of steam bath or public spa bath. It is a very prominent feature in the Islamic world, inherited from the ancient Romans. 

On a trip to Turkey you, too, can experience the joy of an authentic Turkish bath. For a blissful end to a long day of sightseeing, treat yourself to a Turkish bath in Antalya, followed by a relaxing massage. 

7. Fascinating History & Culture

For some of you, this may actually be the most compelling reason to travel to this Eurasian gem. Turkey not only boasts many ancient landmarks and historical sites, but it also has more than you’d find in Greece and Rome. 

This may come as a surprise, but the reason is largely due to its location. As a crossroads between East and West, Turkey was occupied by various empires through the ages. And these cultures, particularly the Greeks and Romans,  built their own temples, monuments, and cities. 

Many of these structures still stand today. And you may find it impossible to visit them all, as they are so numerous. But certain historical sites are worth trying to visit. Notable mentions are the Hierapolis in Pamukkale, and the ruins of Aphrodisias, Ephesus, and Pergamon.

8. Healing Hot Springs

A vacation is good for the mind and soul, but a trip here is good for the body too. Turkey has more than 1000 hot springs all around the country for you to enjoy, but perhaps one of the best known is Cleopatra’s Pools. 
These thermal springs deep-cleanse, tone and soothe parched skin. And they have therapeutic properties, as they are rich in healing antioxidants and minerals. Much research has been done into the effects of thermal springs, and there is mounting evidence to support its healing claims.

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