15 Tips While Traveling to Ladakh

The touring season at Ladakh has started with the onset of summer. Click here for details including cheap airfare, comfortable hotel accommodation, sight-seeing and excursions. The following tips will guide you in getting around the beautiful land of mountains and passes.

1. Tourism is comparatively new in Leh and Ladakh as having a bike trip in  this region of north-western India is politically quite sensitive and volatile. Hence special permits are required for visiting the Inner Line region. These permits can be easily available from the local Ladakh authorities.

2. Trekking in Ladakh is one of the major attractions for the tourists. Tourists should remember that weather in Ladakh is normally quite cold even in the summer ; hence they must be properly equipped with heavy woollens at all times. Because of its high altitude initially tourists might face some breathing difficulties. So, it’s better to acclimatize with the weather for a day or two before embarking upon trekking.

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3. Trekkers should always keep enough stock of drinking water in their back-packs as dehydration at high altitudes causes serious problems. Also, tourists are advised to carry first-aid box, medicines and, of course, heavy woollen garments.

4. Also mandatory requirements for trekking are body moisturisers, sunscreen lotions and sunglasses.

5. While undertaking a trekking excursion or on a safari trip by jeep or hiking trip please remember that every visitor has a moral responsibility towards conservation of serenity of the environment. One should try to help protecting the pristine environment by using papers in place of plastics and refrain from littering disposables everywhere. Also, try to avoid creating noise pollution and thus disturb the peace of the surroundings.

6. All modern basic amenities are available at Leh, the capital of Ladakh City. Facilities for long-distance STD calls are also available though the booths shut down by 10 P.M.


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7. Ladakh being politically sensitive photography is restricted in selected places. So, before taking snaps please look for signboards which warn you of such restrictions.

8. Ladakh is indeed a very beautiful place with its majestic snow-capped mountains against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. The natural beauty of the place is simply divine and a feast for eyes. So, never get tired of clicking such precious scenes with your camera. If it’s a digital one, be prepared with some spare memory cards.

9. While moving in Ladakh carry adequate Indian currency as credit cards are not accepted at the shops and eateries.

10. Leh, the capital city of Ladakh, is connected with internet facilities. Nowhere else in Ladakh you can access the internet. So, before proceeding further you should complete your internet requirements at Leh.

11. Banking facilities are available only in Leh and Kargil. Remote areas of Ladakh do not have such facilities.

12. Regarding medical facilities there are some hospitals in Leh. There is one district hospital at Kargil having some good doctors and modern medical equipments. Besides, there are also dispensaries at Sankoo, Mulbek, Trespone, Padum and Panikher which offer health facilities.


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13. There is a national park at Leh which is a decent place to watch wildlife during trekking but the animals should not be disturbed anyway or the natural ambiance of the place should not be spoilt by littering, noise pollution et.al.

14. Water is quite polluted throughout Ladakh. So, you will be well-advised to carry bottled drinking water or water-purification pills during your tour.

15. Last but not least, please behave responsibly towards the local people. They are quite mild-natured and peace-loving. Try to strike a friendship with them, they can offer you a lot of information about the place.

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