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    Chaska Valley Trek

    The untouched and picturesque Pangi Valley is located northeast of Chamba town, and is the remotest valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Pangi is a snowbound valley, and consists of five sub-valleys”Hudan, Sural, Parmar, Chasak, and Twan.

    It comprises of Murch, Chaska Valley trek and Chaska Bhatori villages. From Chaska Valley, the trekking leads you to Udaipur in Lahaul-Spiti across Gurdhar Pass through Mayar Valley of Lahaul.

    The landscape is spectacular if you are moving from Saichu to Chaska, however as you move towards Chaska Bhatori, you pass through barren lands. Chaska Bhatori is the highest located village in the valley.

    There are a number of camping sites available in Chaska Valley trek. You can pitch your camp at Chaska and enjoy a quiet retreat from the hustle-bustle of the city life in a tranquil set-up.

    Exact Location: Chaska Valley is located in Chamba district. Its part of Pangi Valley.

    Nearest Town: Killar

    How to Reach

    There are three approaches to Pangi valley. First: from Manali to Killar by road; second: from Jammu-Kistwar-Killar by road; and the third is from Chamba to Killar over Sach Pass.

    From Killar to Sach Gharat via Findroo, you follow the Sansari-Killar-Thirot (S.K.T) road upstream river Chenab. The road from Findroo to Sach Gharat is almost level. Sach Ghrat is linked with Sach by a well-defined trail that passes through dense forest. After the Parmar nallah, its an uphill trek that takes you to Sach village.

    And, from Sach village, along the Saichu nallah you trek to reach Saichu Valley via Hillaur, Sahli. Reaching Saichu, you need to cross the bridge over the Saichu nallah, and follow the steep route. The route takes you uphill and leads you through thick forest of deodar trees. On the other side of the forest land is Chaska.

    A 170 km road links Chamba to Killar via Saach-pass by road. Also known as Alwas-­Killar road, it is part of Ahju khara Mukh “ Chamba “ Tissa- Alwas- Killar road. From Chamba via Tissa Bairagarh and Satrundi, the road is motorable up to Bhatotu and from here to Killar, the road is suitable for jeep ride.

    The nearest railhead is at Pathankot in the state of Punjab, and the nearest airport is the Gaggal airport.

    Best Time to Visit: May to November

    Things to Carry

    • Walking stick
    • Hiking shoes
    • Woolen clothes
    • Water, juices, snacks
    • Electric torch
    • Medical kit
    • A good compass

    Other Attractions in the Vicinity

    Saichu Valley: This bowled shaped valley is surrounded by high rising mountains and comprises of three villages. The picturesque Saichu Valley is located at the confluence of three streams, which are Hillu Twan nallah, Chasak nallah, and Saichu nallah. The valley houses a forest rest house. There are many trekking trail that starts from Saichu, including Leo, Shoon.

    Sidh Mandir: It is a highly captivating destination that houses a small temple. The temple is bounded by thick grove. A Kiryuni nallah flow close by and meets River Chenab at this place. From here, a steep trail leads you to Kiryuni village.

    Image Source: Imageshack

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