Top 10 Reasons Why England Could be Your Fantasy Tour

England is undoubtedly one of the marvels to explore for a traveler. It boasts top-notch beaches, pleasing countryside, and some excellent getaways. The capital city, London is a renowned multicultural holidaying destination for all.
Some of the  best getaways in England include Brighton, Glasgow, Somerset, Yorkshire and others where one can experience the authentic English culture, taste their delicious food, and mingle with the hospitable locals. Tempting reasons to absolutely not miss exploring England are jotted below.

1. The Stunning Coastline of England

England is blessed with stunning coastlines which makes it an outstanding reason for beach lovers to explore England. Some of the most incredible coastlines include that of beaches of Cornwall as well as the unspoiled beaches of Northumberland.
There is quite a vibrant atmosphere at the various seaside towns where one can experience the exotic lifestyle of the locals. Some of the talked about towns include Brighton and Whitby.

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2. The Peaceful Countryside of England

England features large stretches of lush greenery where the landscapes are just to fall in love with. Ideal for getaways, the England countrysides are there to visit from north to south. The countryside is most easily accessible from the cities which make them quite ideal getaways.
The countryside destinations feature monuments, historical places, villages, memorials and so much more. Some of the countryside places that you may consider exploring include Cornwall, Dorset, the Lake District, The Cotswolds, Somerset, Devon, etc.
Some of the activities that one can indulge in while exploring these places include hiking, camping, etc.

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3. All the varying seasons are just awesome

England is not quite popular when it comes to the weather. But on the other hand, all the seasons are joyous and do complete justice. Summers are sunny and picnics are quite common.
Spring season witnesses blooming flowers all around making the place a pleasing one. The Autumn season features trees turning orangish and bright red. The landscapes look amazingly beautiful with the reddish tinge.
Winters, on the other hand, brings about snow, blazing bonfires, and cozy nights. Any season that you plan to explore England in turns out to be perfect.

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4. The Amazing Food

England is renowned for its amazing restaurants and no visit can ever be complete without enjoying a lavish English breakfast. Another tradition relating to food in England is the popular afternoon tea spread which includes cakes, tea, scones, delicious sandwiches, and above all fish and wafers.
The English menu mostly comprises of a variety of cuisines that are enjoyed nationwide. Pizzas are quite popular in England especially the margaritas.
Others that you might wish to try include delicacies like Shepherd’s pie, Thai green curry, Bangers and mash, Chinese stir-fry, Sweet and sour chicken, Bangers and mash, Spaghetti bolognese, Chicken tikka masala, and others.

5. Ancient History All Around

The ancient history of England is not too huge but is quite popular and is also celebrated throughout the country.
There are places here to explore which would take one down to the ancient history of the place. Be it the ancient castles left in ruins or magnificent Tower of London one would feel like traveling back in time.

6. The Party Scene in England

The English masses would never miss a reason to party. There are varying ways in which England parties. There are several street parties, musical festivals and grand celebrations for the Queen’s birthday.
The charming old school parties held at Henley Regatta are quite popular amongst both locals and tourists.
Another festivity celebrated vibrantly is the Notting Hill Carnival. The part scenes of England are lively and worth experiencing once in a lifetime.

7. The Wilderness of England

England is home to several species of animals in the world. Some of the animals that one can spot here include foxes, otters, hedgehogs, squirrels, badgers, and various others.
There are several tours available for tourists allowing one to witness animals dwelling in their natural habitat. Some of the national parks that you can visit include The Broads National Park, Peak District National Park, New Forest National Park, Yorkshire Dales National Park, North York Moors National Park, Dartmoor National Park, Lake District National Park, Northumberland National Park, South Downs National Park, and others.
There are several organized safaris that you can take to spot several animals within the parks.

8. The Peaceful Villages

The villages of England are peaceful and beautifully crafted featuring thatches roofs, cottages made up of stones, and cobbled streets. One would love the vibe in the villages.
Some of the villages worth exploring when in England includes the beautiful chocolate-box villages nestled in Cotswolds, North Yorkshire’s villages, the coastal villages of Norfolk and so many more.
The villages feature peace with some of the friendliest pubs, amazing food shops, and cozy restaurants where one can relax and experience the authentic English culture.
Some of the beautiful villages of England include Snowshill, Upper Swell, Broadway, Beesands, Mousehole, Stanton, Polperro, Castle Combe, Burford, Minster Lovell, Ombersley, and others.

9. Pubs of England

The English pubs are the ideal places for tourists to enjoy music, drinks, and interact with the locals. Each pub is unique on its own with a vibrant ambiance altogether.
Some pubs feature fireplaces to sit by during the winter evenings while others boast a charming beer garden to enjoy the summer nights. Some excellent pubs in England include The Grain Barge, Three Tuns Inn, The Sloop, Driftwood Spars, and various others.

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