Solo Trekking to Hampta Pass: Nikhil Did It, So Can You!

“Travelling makes you modest. You see a tiny place you occupy in the world,”

These words by Gustav Flaubert describe the challenges faced by Nikhil on his trek to Hampta Pass and the way he conquered them to feel humble.
Hailing from Sun-city Jodhpur, Nikhil Bohra is a techie by profession but a traveller at heart. Having gotten the opportunity to live in more than 12 cities and travel to over 30 cities in India for work, he credits his job which instigated the wanderlust soul in him to explore more. It was during this stint when he developed an interest in exploring different places and the culture.

Calling himself a traveller, Nikhil identifies himself as a mountain guy rather than a beach person. Now in his 30s, he started to go on treks which is much later in life but is now catching up and how! With his recent trip to Hampta Pass Trek, he broke free from all clutches to explore the mighty Himalayas and returns safely to tell his tale of adventure and unparalleled beauty of the mountains.

Nikhil likes to travel solo. In the pursuit of self-discovery in mother’s lap, he set off to Hampta Pass Trek in the first week of July for an immemorial trip. With a week off from work, the traveller in him insisted to utilise this time doing what he loves the most: Conquering the Mountains, and that was all the motivation he needed to set off!

Solo, but not Alone! Meet Nikhil’s Fellow Travellers

With a week off from work, Nikhil was up for a trek. After gathering information from Thrilliophilia, he booked a 5-day trek to Hampta Pass. Although he travelled solo, he was accompanied by 19 travellers from various corners of the country who were on the same front of conquering the mountains.

The fellow travellers with Nikhil belonged to all age groups between 16 and 30s and full of enthusiasm. The youngest of the lot, the 16-year-old girl, was the first to complete the 5-day trek, which impressed everyone to praise her mettle.

The Journey – An Inseparable Part of the Memories

After getting picked up from Manali, Nikhil was taken to Jorba, which was the starting point of the trek. The most exciting part about reaching Jorba was the route, full of blind curves and serene surroundings, hinting about the adventure that awaited him in the upcoming days. While Nikhil was extremely excited on his route to Jorba, the icing on the cake was meeting his fellow travellers there for the first time.

After a briefing from the trek leaders, the travellers were introduced to each other as they were going to make memorable moments which they will savour during the lifetime. With a 3-hour easy-level trek from Jorba, the first day set the tone well for the trekkers who enjoyed hiking under the overcast conditions. Reaching the campsite invited rejuvenating views as Nikhil unpacked in the tent and strolled outside as the sound of the nearby river calmed his soul before calling it a day.

Trekking Under the Rains: Not an Ordinary Trek, Yet!

Due to the overnight showers, the trekkers started late the next morning, yet managed to ascend almost 1000 feet under a continuous downpour, walking alongside waterfalls and a river. The day was thrilling for Nikhil as the trek involved crossing a gushing river with freezing-cold water. While the stunt managed to scare a few trekkers, the group leaders ensured that they were motivated to overcome their fear. After all, all the trouble was worth for the hot-noodle snack that awaited them!

Day 3 was the real test for the trekkers as they had to ascend 3000 feet under continuous rains. With temperatures dropping and no respite from rains, the day proved to be a bone-chilling hike for the trekkers, who challenged the conditions with equal might to reach the Hampta Pass summit. There it was! The snow-clad glacier was enthralling, and it was worth all the efforts of the trekkers who worked their way to the top despite unfavourable conditions.

The Scary Descend

The trekkers enjoyed their time as they clicked pictures with the backdrop of snow-clad glacier peeping from the clouds.  Nikhil and fellow trekkers prepared for the descend, and they knew that it was going to be a difficult task due to the wet, slippery surface. They somehow managed to return to their tents the same day and were delighted with the delicious food which was the perfect end to a tiring day.

The feeling of conquering the mountain and reaching to the top was not fading anytime soon. The next morning saw Nikhil and his fellow trekkers heading towards Chattru. More adventure awaited Nikhil as the trekkers were made to cross a freezing-cold stream. Despite having crossed a river before, the crossover sent chills down the spine of many trekkers, literally! However, the Sun shone bright and opened to a clear sky, allowing the warm sunlight to spread its gold everywhere on the surface. The campsite enchanted Nikhil as the clear skies in the night set the platform for a perfect star-gazing feast. Time stopped here, and the night was never ending as millions of stars smiled at the adventurous trekkers.
With finger-licking meal at the camp, the trekkers called it a day and proceeded to bed after sharing moments of joy, laughter and story-telling in the camp.
While the heavy downpour washed away the trekker’s plan of visiting Chandratal Lake, views of the mesmerising Rohtang pass en route to Manali compensated and quenched their travel-lust. The wet roads made the journey difficult but it was the same thrill which kept them engaged all the while.

It was an emotional moment for Nikhil and his fellow trekkers as they interacted with their dear ones for the first time in five days after reaching Manali. With a heavy heart, Nikhil ended the most exciting journey of his life with a promise to travel more. He now intends to visit Stok Kangri, Indrahar Pass, Spiti Valley Tour, Everest Base Camp, Ladakh and much more as he refuses to look back to an ordinary life.

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