How Chanderkhani Pass wooed Pasha: A Break to Trek!

We all need a bit of life between our restless bustles of work, appointments, schedules, noise, chaos, and hustle that keeps us hitting hard and we keep jabbing back. Once we start settling into the destructive rhythm of the systematic chaos that is urban living, we find ourselves unable to make a way out and that is why you should always take a break.

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in an office or mowing the lawn.
Climb that goddamn mountain!
– Jack Kerouac

When you take a break, even a small one, from the usual way of living, you invite the opportunity to try something different. Maybe you want to chill, maybe you want to ride or maybe, just maybe if you are the adventurous kind, you might want to trek.
The same is the story of Parth Shah or lovingly known as Pasha!
Parth Shah a.k.a. Pasha also had this itch to take a break and wind up somewhere to cool off. He and two of his close friends searched a lot to explore the options before finalizing one.I’m an ordinary Software Engineer with some extraordinary dreams. I love to go on adventurous treks more importantly with friends., he quotes.

Pasha and his friends chose the Chanderkhani Pass Trek for their short trip, and as Pasha recalls, “it was a fabulous decision”. Upon asking about what pushed them to take up the trek, he says, “As we were a beginner, we were looking for trips with average difficulty. Taking a chance in the unknown, we went ahead to book the Chanderkhani Pass from Thrillophilia”.

A Little about the Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Picturesque sights and gorgeous environs of Himachal Pradesh define the Chanderkhani Pass trek. This trek begins at Naggar and after crossing the Chanderkhani Pass at 3600m, the trail heads to the Malana village, famous for its distinct social culture.
On the trek, one can find themselves lost between the bunch of beautiful alpine pastures offering gorgeous views of snow covered peaks and open valleys. Along the trail, trekkers find themselves in love with the flora of Blue Pine, Deodar, Walnut, Golden Oak and Wild Cherry. Trekkers can witness Bara Bangal range towering high in the west while the Pir Panjal ranges falling in the north and Parvati in the east.

This 5-star rated trek on Thrillophilia is a 5-day long gig where trekkers start their journey from Naggar and conclude on day five at Jari. The trek takes you through  Naggar – Rumsu (2150m) – Stelling (1,350m) – Chiklani Basecamp (3,450m) – Chanderkhani Pass (3,650m) – Nagrani Thach (2,800m) – Malana (2600m) – Jari.
You spend around 22 hours to 27 hours in trekking through the region and basking in all the nature love

When Pasha took the Trek

Pasha chose the group trek with Thrillophilia where along with his friends, he met amazing people who later became friends. Quoting on the same he says “It was great to see people from different parts of India come together. I strongly believe that networking is one thing that helps an individual grow. Throughout the trip, I was involved in connecting with a lot of people. I ended up making friends from Telangana as well as from Gujarat. Such diversity!”.

Besides the actual trek, Pasha and the gang also did some rappelling and acclimatization walk. “The scenic beauty of the base camp was superb as we could see the mountains covered with the snow.”, he says.
The group was briefed on day one about the trek and the upcoming three days. This is where the team lead and his experience comes in, as the group soaks the entire experience of the lead and applies it on the trek.

Here are 5 of the best treks of Himachal Pradesh:

  1. A stunning crossover trek: Hampta Pass Trek
  2. Spiti Valley Trek Via Pin Parvati Pass
  3. Trek the Himalayas through: Bhrigu Lake Trek
  4. Witness the Trekking to heaven: Chanderkhani Pass Trek
  5. Check out the Beas Kund Trek Glacier trek 

In his own excerpts:

We started for the Chanderkhani Pass on the day two. As we were marching towards the Naya Tapru camp, we saw a lot of natural scenery including green hills, snowy mountains, and small waterfalls. Upon reaching, we had our dinner and a bonfire to end the day”.
Day three marked our marching towards the Chaklani Camp which was our last stop. From Chaklani we marched towards the Chanderkhani Pass which was uphill on snow. After an hour of ascending in the snow, we finally reached the peak of Chanderkhani. The view from this point was incomparable and totally worth watching
For descending, we did snow slides with the help of the guides which was a different fun all together. Taking the memories of these moments, we went back to the Chaklani camp. On Day four, we started to descend back to the base camp which was a journey of 4 hours”.
The view from the peak of the Chanderkhani was such an outstanding sight that Pasha recalls it as “…it made me remember a famous quote – The best view comes after the hardest climb!”.

As the trek is over we asked Pasha on what he missed the most and he adorably replies, “the snow rides”. He adds, “I miss the excitement of getting up early and ascending each day to reach the pinnacle. The bond I shared with few of the trekkers was something I’ll remember for a very long time.”.

The word of caution for the Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Upon asking about any suggestions for the people taking the trek in future, he mentions:

  • Be aware of the temperature during your visit
  • You should ask what meals are part of the package
  • Depending on the length of the trip, you should decide on how many pairs of shirts, trousers, socks, etc. you’ll need,
  • Medicines for vomiting and cold should be carried
  • Carry a windcheater
  • Good quality shoes with apt grip for the trek

He adds, “There were few people who had no clue about the kind of clothes and shoes to carry during the trek. Few people didn’t have thermals to wear while few of them had got sports shoes to wear, which is not recommended. Awareness is very important”.
Whilst conversation, Summing up his travel experiences so far, Pasha says, “Every time I have traveled to various treks, I’ve been satisfied with what I’ve achieved. Be it making friends, singing songs from different languages or maybe even just enjoying the serene view, I’ve created few memories which will stay forever with me. I have a very simple explanation for travel – Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer.”.
He even had a message to all our readers, “If you are on a short break, this is the best trek to take!”

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