Great Places to Stay in Portland, Oregon

The hip city in Oregon enjoys over 26million overnight stays in the city in a year! From tiny house to funky hotels, here are some truly amazing places to stay in Portland.

Here are the great places to stay in Portland, Oregon:

1. Tiny Digs Hotel

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There are many incredible hotels in Portland but this makes a fantastic alternative! The tiny house concept has taken over and what better way to see Portland, Oregon than in your very own tiny rental home. The Tiny Digs Hotel offers a more unique and adventurous place to stay with a total of 7 tiny home units situated around what used to be a car lot.

Tiny Digs Hotel is certainly not a part of your everyday chain establishment, but the people of Portland, Oregon are known for stepping out of the ordinary. Although you may think you would be roughing it in one of these small, 150 square ft. abodes, you would be mistaken. Each unit features a queen bed, kitchen, air conditioning, heat, and complete bathroom, so you really are not missing out on anything.

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2. The Society Hotel

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This is one hotel that the name does not say it all. The Society Hotel is not an upscale resort escape, but a renovated boarding house from 1881. For the single traveler, who does not mind sharing some space, the hotel features a hostel like sleeping arrangement with triple bunks with access to shared baths. On the upper floor of the establishment, basic private hotels rooms still share a bathroom but offer a bit more privacy along with another 12 suites for those who must have their own bathroom all to themselves.

What is the draw to sharing so much within the Society Hotel? Location location location! The hotel is centrally located close the Amtrak train station for convenience and is within walking distance of some of Portland’s iconic tourist spots such as VooDoo Doughnut, Darcell’s, and Lan Su Chinese Gargen. For those that prefer an affordable and minimalist sleeping arrangement with an excellent location, The Society Hotel clicks all the boxes.

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3. McMenamins Kennedy School

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A standard hotel room is fine if you want a standard experience, but when in Portland, why not try something a bit out of the ordinary. McMenamins Kennedy School is perfect for those looking to go back to school, but not wishing to actually enroll in one.

This boutique style hotel is made out of an actual elementary school built in 1915. Rooms feature a quintessential classroom feel with some featuring unique literary themes. If you are a bookworm or just love the atmosphere of a classroom, McMenamins Kennedy School might be your perfect solution for where to stay in Portland, Oregon.

4. The Ace Hotel

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Artists are everywhere in Portland, Oregon and if you are looking for an artistically minded rest for the night, The Ace Hotel is ideal. The hotel features artistically styled rooms by creator and artist Jordon Hufnagel.

Within this hotel you will enjoy plenty of communal spaces that encourage community and locally sourced drink and food offerings from their in house restaurant, Clyde Common. Located in a historic building directly in downtown Portland, you will be close to everything while enjoying a very cool sleeping environment.

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5. Jupiter Hotel

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For the traveler who wants a hotel that is a little out of the ordinary, but maintains an ultra-chic persona, the Jupiter Hotel is the place to go. The hotel’s location is just 5 minutes outside the downtown area, but is tucked within the up and coming, hip Burnside area.

Each room is decorated with classic American 1950’s décor and is a local hot spot for artists from all genres. Although the Jupiter Hotel is designed for the ultra cool, prices remain average and guests enjoy all the modern amenities expected and in a more relaxed atmosphere.

6. McMenamins Crystal

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Finding a unique hotel in Portland, Oregon is not difficult at all. Downtown if full of them and one of the best is McMenamins Chrystal. Much love and devotion has gone into the building, originally built in 1911. The overall theme of McMenamins Crystal is rock and roll.

Bands from various rock and roll eras line the walls throughout each space along with a rock and roll themed museum and bar venue for the enjoyment of guests. Each room is unique and is based in the style of individual musicians, so you can rest assured you will have a great time in this fun, yet luxuriously styled hotel.

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7. Sentinel Hotel

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Traveling is a lot of fun, but more clientele today is seeking accommodations that have the environment in mind. At the Sentinel Hotel, the environmental friendly mindset and high-end luxury walk hand in hand.

This hotel features 4 stars rated service but also keeps the environment well in mind with sustainable materials throughout each space and even honeybee hives situated on the roof. You can learn about the need for honeybees while you relax in pure luxury, situated conveniently downtown at one of the city’s famous streetcar stops.

8. The Lion and The Rose

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A visit to Portland, Oregon would not be complete without a stay in one of the many guesthouses offered throughout the city. A guesthouse offers a more intimate style of stay for those that prefer to immerse themselves in local city life rather than stay in a position above it all at one of the high rise hotels.
The Lion and The Rose is the ideal guesthouse for those looking to enjoy Portland as it once was. This Victorian-era mansion has been turned into a stunning guest house just minutes from the Avenue Max Station. Those that enjoy history will love The Lion and The Rose.

9. Hotel Deluxe

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Hollywood may be a significant drive from Portland, Oregon, but at Hotel Deluxe, you will feel like a movie star straight out of the 1930s. The entire hotel is lovingly dedicated to golden age of Hollywood with movie posters throughout the hotel.

Its central downtown location is a bonus for Hotel Deluxe as well. While staying here, you will enjoy mid-century Parisian luxury, all while having all modern amenities right at your fingertips. Hotel Deluxe has an additional bonus for guests as Afternoon Tea is served in its over the top lobby. Feel like the movie star you have always dreamt of in Hotel Deluxe.

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