10 Indian Local Destinations That Will Make You Forget Their Global Twins

We all have our own bucket list of dream destinations. For some it may be a night in Vegas while for other it may be a day in Africa! It’s, however, more fun to add items to your bucket list and much difficult to cross them out.

So instead of waiting for a Harry Potter wand to fulfill your dream, how about wandering somewhere closer to your home? We bring you places – activities that are just similar to their international counterparts. Yes, we are your genie today… your dream is knocking on the door. Pick it-wrap it and just let go!

1. Skiing is a dance and the mountain always leads

Alps in Switzerland and Auli in Uttrakhand

Just a postcard image of the mighty Alps is enough for anyone to sigh. It’s certainly a heaven on earth and a dream of every adventure enthusiast. But if there is something holding you from fulfilling your dream of skiing on the Alps, then stop grumbling!

Head straight to Auli, a skiing resort tucked in the Garhwal Himalayas.The snow-clad slopes here are perfect to give any international ski resort a run for its money. The picturesque setting of Auli in the lap of Himalayas further provide skiers with various options like cross country, slalom and down–hill. So, brush up your ski skills in Auli before you plan to fly to Switzerland!

Enjoy snow skiing at Auli, the ski destination of Uttarakhand. Book this tour package and experience the thrill and excitement of this amazing winter sport.

2. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

Tomorrow land in Belgium and Sunburn in Goa

Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike…If you have heard these names then you know what we are talking about! Tomorrow land is a dream that every 20+ dreams right from his college days. The goosebumps that you get while watching  ‘After-movies’ can be felt Live, while your favourite DJ’s perform.

Sunburn, the biggest music festival of India is gradually making its place in the ‘Best Music festivals around the world’. Three days pumped with mind-blowing tracks from World’s Best DJ’s on beautiful beaches of Goa is certainly a ‘must-have’ experience while in you are in the ‘bachelor’ period of your life.

3. Not all those who wander are lost

Backpacking in Europe and North East India

A backpacking trip in Europe is a dream for someone, who can go for days in just one T-shirt and a jean. Strolling through the streets of Paris and long- busting greenery of Spain gets a monstrous travel itch in every youngster.

North Eastern India has some marvellous off-beat destinations that can be best enjoyed on foot with your whole gang.Backpack through beautiful root bridges of Meghalaya, trek in Dzukou valley, captivate with the breathtaking sunrise view at Tiger hills in Darjeeling.  Stop fearing and pack your bags!

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4. Coffee is always a good idea

Brazil and Coorg

Not everybody who visits Brazil has the same motive of shaking a leg in the carnival. There are some other too, who are ready to spend hefty amounts for just that perfect cup of coffee. There is nothing in the world that can beat Brazilian Coffee.

Coorg ‘Coffee Cup of India’ is known worldwide for its finest coffee. For a coffee lover, this is the perfect place to witness how your morning magic is cultivated, processed and packed to reach your homes. And if while all this you feel a little lethargic, then don’t worry we have the best coffee for you – ‘Filter Kaapi’.Enjoy!

5. A camel ride in desert is just another beginning of an adventure

The Sahara Desert and the Thar Desert

If Alchemist, gave you a beautiful imagery of the Sahara and since reading the book you too are captivated by the idea of a journey in Sahara Desert, then we have a surprise for you!

An enthralling ride on colorful camels awaits for you in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan.Amazing sand dunes with trails of camels being led by saffron turbaned locals, breathtaking sunset and warm locals …there is no better way to enjoy an exotic Camel Safari than in Thar. Get mesmerized with colors of this beautiful state of ‘Rajasthan’.

6. In the Jungle the mighty Jungle, the lion sleeps tonight

Kenya Wildlife Reserve and Ranthambore National Park

‘Welcome, welcome welcome’, thanks to Blended movie for re-escalating Africa in our bucket-lists. Kenya is best known worldwide for its magnificent wildlife safaris and Masai tribes. Just the reference of this place is enough to bring the images of ‘Lion King’ in our mind.

With more than 99 national parks, 40 tiger reserves and 450 wildlife sanctuaries, India is certainly best place to have some close encounters with wildlife in their natural habitat. Begin your exploration with Ranthambore National Park, where the majestic tiger roams free in his kingdom wild boars remind you of Pumba.

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7. Dive into the world of blue

Thailand and Lakshadweep

Numerous islands scattered on the crystal blue waters, Thailand, is a favourite destination for ocean lovers. With its amazing location and shimmering coastline this place is an ideal spot for marine enthusiasts.

Lakshadweep, a paradise in the Indian Ocean is certainly not to be taken lightly.There is whole world beneath the water waiting for you! Indulge in mind-blowing water adventures, dive in the turquoise waters, feel the coral reefs…as this little island is a treasure of aquatic wonders.

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8. Astounding blend of cascading water with the silent land

Niagara Falls, Canada and Athirapilly Falls

Kerala Once a honeymoon destination, Niagra Falls has slowly evolved as a favorite family holiday spot. Sailing under these gigantic falls is certainly known for giving spine chilling thrills to all those who visit this beautiful place.

Athirapilly in Kerala has earned the name of ‘Niagara Falls’ of India and we truly agree with this title! To believe it you have to see it, sprawling across 330 ft with beautiful lush green trees on both sides give this place a perfect vacation outlook. Drenching in Niagara can wait…as you know have the perfect substitute for it, right next! However, you can enjoy skiing in india along with their family and friends.

9. A romantic ride under the moon at night

Yatch Ride, Florida and Mumbai

If you are exhausted with seeing amazing pictures of people enjoying Yacht parties in Florida on Instagram, then hold your sobs! We are here for your rescue. There is no second opinion, about mind-blowing Yacht parties in seductive beaches of US.

There is some amazing trips that you can plan in Mumbai, rent a Yacht and live your dream of late night party, booze and un-ending fun. Pack your bags, plan your gang and get dancing as “Tic-Tac on the clock, But the party don’t stop”.

10. Fill your guns, it’s a water fight

Songkran Water Festival and Holi

If International Music festivals are the only events that attract Indians, Bazingaa! There are some more too. Songkran Water Festival, a 3-day water festivals marks the Thai’s New Year. Street fights between family and friends with water pistols is something that marks this event.

There is certainly nothing that can beat Indian Holi! Creepy faces smashed in rainbow colors and streams of water being sprayed from almost every direction is something that makes it much more than a festival. We Indians are certainly lucky enough to be born in a land where every festival is a reason for yet another celebration!

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