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    Scuba Diving at Corruption Rock 

    The landscape of the rocks beneath the sea is dazzling. Underneath lies a mesmerizing wonderland of gullies, channels , ridges and canyons. The lucky ones can also spot giant napoleons and eagle rays, huge snappers, schooling fusiliers, banner and unicorn fish. Dolphins, tuna and reef sharks have also been sighted here.

    How to get there

    By Air: Chennai/Calcutta to Port Blair by air. Drive to the club which is inside the city and then take a local transport or a ferry to Corruption Rock..

    By Sea: Regular passenger ship services ply between Port Blair and Chennai (1,190 km), Kolkata (1,255 km) and Vishakhapatnam.

    Nearest Town: Port Blair which is 57 km away.

    Distance: Chennai - Port Blair - 1190kms, Calcutta - Port Blair- 1255kms

    Best time to visit: October to May.

    Exact Location: Corruption Rock is located between Chidiyatapu and Rutland Island.


    • It is advisable to be registered with a scuba diving instructor from PADI or any such internationally recognized institutes. They offer proper training which includes academic sessions, dives in swimming pool and sea dives.
    • If you go scuba diving alone make sure you have permission to dive and are properly equipped.

    Other Information

    Remember there are no emergency services for miles, so make sure you go with an experienced dive instructor that knows the waters.

    You can even do Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in the water. Snorkeling equipment is available at the Reef. Cinque Island, Bala Reef, Fish Rock and Snake Island are few of the attractions in the nearby vicinity.

    Image Source: GparetJtkone_12

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